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  1. OSRS Firecape Services

    <,,< added pets, and nopray capes
  2. OSRS Firecape Services

    I have an Artist making me a design at the moment, thank you for your concern
  3. OSRS Firecape Services 40 def, 70 range cape.
  4. OSRS Firecape Services

  5. OSRS Firecape Services

    this service is for those who don't have the time, or failed a few attempts. price 7M per cape or $4 BTC/PP can be negotiated as well
  6. OSRS Firecape Services

    bump can now provide my own supplies todo capes.
  7. OSRS Firecape Services

    bump, i can provide the gear todo it as well.
  8. OSRS Firecape Services

    Still doing this for people, hmu.
  9. OSRS Maxed Staker + Starter Main

    Got a $140 offer on the staker BTW
  10. OSRS Maxed Staker + Starter Main

    Bump staker is still for sale, forgot the password to this account unfortunately lol
  11. OSRS Firecape Services

    Pures 10M per cape, 350M for a pet guaranteed(these capes will also be traded in, add another 100m if you wanna keep capes) Zerks 7M per cape, 300M for a pet guaranteed Mains 5M per cape, 200M for a pet guaranteed No Prayer These ones are very click intensive, and long. One wrong move = no cape. 350M for a cape, you supply 5K purple sweets, I'll supply the gear / inventory ToS: 1) Everything Hand done guaranteed I will stream or video the whole thing for evidence so anything that happens after is on you. 2) if I tell you DO NOT login, DO NOT login or I will cancel your order and not replace or refund (only apply to firecapes) this will only happen if i decide to take a break, and you login and manage to die, if you complete the wave and logout all will be fine and I'll continue the service if there's enough supplies (more than likely if you blew through alot i should be fine). 3) If your password looks like your main password I will decline and refund. The password needs to look like a throwaway. 4) Move all value to another account or have a bank pin is preferred 5) Your supplies is used unless its a nopray cape.
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