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  1. Donations and Other News

    i like these changes and i know they have been asked for some time, glad to see it being implemented.
  2. Speed up Lava and Lime in PVP

    Very valid point. i will make a note of that
  3. Game Updates | 16th April, 2019

    Time to camp vet'ion! great work dread
  4. minor player review

    quality shitposting +1
  5. Mithril's Resignation

    sad to see you go buddy, was good times while we had you and hope to see you drop by on occasion K3
  6. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    wow, @DEVAST8 i never would have thought you of all people to do something like this. well it's a solid 10/10 from me bud, a nice well rounded evaluation with valid points and some things i will be taking into consideration myself. good work
  7. Hey there

    RIP torn
  8. Thok Giveaway Winner!

    gratz guy fieri!
  9. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    welcome to the team dread!
  10. Game & Client Updates | v1.4 released | 4/3/2019

    quality work as always chaflie
  11. congrats on mod my dude. love to see the growth!

    1. 1800downed


      thanks my man

  12. Slayer

    Back in the day there used to be a command that allowed you skip a task after x amount of time had past (i think it was 8 hours) as ::DIE, i could see allowing non-donors 1 free skip every 24 hours ::DI 16 hours and ::DIE every 8 or some other way of scaling between the donor levels.
  13. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    I 100% agree with I Drop here, lvl 126 requirement to attack gano. People down leveling enough so that they can avoid pvp on gano is really silly in my opinion, because gano is a wildy event and it should be inherently dangerous for someone to participate in killing gano. For those PVMers that aren't going to be happy with that change and will say "but i want to kill gano without being attacked". you have bandos avatar now for high end world event drops!
  14. The Lottery II

  15. The Lottery II

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