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    i can definitely support this idea! thank you for bringing this suggestion to our attention
  2. 1800Downed for Admin

    Wow guys I am absolutely shocked at everything y'all said! It's greatly appreciated and I am glad I have been able to help you guys so much.
  3. navigate to the "store" button at the top of the forums page and click it. you will arrive at the page below, click the RED circled area to move to the pin section after reaching that section you will arrive at the gifting and redemption section start by clicking redeem (encircled by the YELLOW box), next you will want to input the code for your pin. this can be found at the spot circled in RED, That code should be input inside the field circled in BLUE. once that is finished hit submit then logout of your ingame account and back in and the status should be applied!
  4. Developer cape

    100% agree with my boy here, i also think infernal comp is a good enough cape and if there is to be a better cape it kinda throws off the balance. NOW that being said... maybe further down the line doing an ult cape/ult comp cape would be an option albeit making it a big grind for yall to get at it. but thats purely speculation and a suggestion
  5. RDI QoL Suggestions

    well said
  6. RDI QoL Suggestions

    furnace without coal is already a feature of LDI so it will more than likely not be coming to RDI. KQs can be safespotted if you lure them to a doorway and range from a longer range. vet'ion should 1 be wilderness based regardless and 2. i believe being it has a certain mechanic CANNOT be moved outside the wildy anyways. everything else after this thread has received some attention and feedback i will refer to the powers that be, thank you for the suggestions!
  7. unable to log in

    fair enough, thank you for updating me on it being fixed. i am going to move this topic to the resolved section. if you have isues again please reach out and post another topic here and i will be happy to try to get it sorted for you buddy! Enjoy NR GLHF!
  8. Adios for now

    Hope all goes well bud!
  9. unable to log in

    so the J Hankyy account is currently unable to login? have you attempted to delete both the game cache located at C:\Users\(your computer username here). are you also running the latest client? that can be obtained here: near-reality.jar if you have followed the suggestions i have provided and the issue still persists please post a reply and i can get the issue looked into deeper. otherwise please let me know if your issue is resolved afterwards. Thank you and i apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. Game Updates | 24th April, 2019

    always quality work from you and chaflie, thanks dread!

    1. 1800downed



  12. Worldboss Strat

    hey y'all should be happy we patch crap quickly so no one gets a massive advantage over other.
  13. Donations and Other News

    i like these changes and i know they have been asked for some time, glad to see it being implemented.
  14. Speed up Lava and Lime in PVP

    Very valid point. i will make a note of that
  15. Game Updates | 16th April, 2019

    Time to camp vet'ion! great work dread

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