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  1. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    I 100% agree with I Drop here, lvl 126 requirement to attack gano. People down leveling enough so that they can avoid pvp on gano is really silly in my opinion, because gano is a wildy event and it should be inherently dangerous for someone to participate in killing gano. For those PVMers that aren't going to be happy with that change and will say "but i want to kill gano without being attacked". you have bandos avatar now for high end world event drops!
  2. The Lottery II

  3. The Lottery II

  4. The planking of phinoy1

    He planked so hard he gave me a ancient statuette
  5. Fluxuations Comprehensive guide to Avatars and nomad

    Love the guides so far bud, i agree with Holaman. definitely make a series, hope to see more in the future!
  6. Wilderness things

    so you're saying this would be another staff run event? its a cool idea but i dont think it would work tbh.
  7. Wilderness things

    I agree with spank, Combat triangle needs some work for sure. IDK how i feel about the whole draft idea though, plus it would take much needed dev time away from other more important issues atm.
  8. New prayer

    The prayer update was a needed change and pvmers were spoiled for too long with the sluggishly slow drain. Its like what jellyman said just make super prayer pots, Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.
  9. 99 money burning

    after a little over 1.2k mahogany planks and almost 2k teak planks i now have 99 money burning aka construction
  10. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    first geeeez slim finally . thanks for the post
  11. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Good update, thanks @Slim Shaco and @Juan
  12. Advertisements

    +1 i totally agree.
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