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  1. Selling Ring of Coins

    Staff can get a lot of items into the game. Players cant get it anymore therefore the amount going into the game is minimal
  2. Selling Ring of Coins

    it used to cost 7.5k rare frags, so id say in the 25-30b range
  3. Selling Ring of Coins

    Serious offers only! This is a discontinued cosmetic item that changes you into a pile of coins. Post here or PM in game
  4. Selling Ultimate Slayer Helm!

    50b cash!
  5. Selling Ultimate Slayer Helm!

    Add me in game or post offers here!

    Shit bank, Shit player
  7. Footballs Coming Home!

    You should get into hockey
  8. Items that Need Some Buffs

    I would include some new specs for godbows and possibly better stats for the ardougne cloak 4. costs 200 donor points and it isnt very good for anything. not best in slot just more useful
  9. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    If we wanted to play OSRS, we'd play it. Keep the game unique please. The stats were fine, some of the NR uniques like godbows and limes need a buff based on price and rarity i would say. maybe just a pvp restriction like with the divine? I have so many ideas haha
  10. Expand the slayer shop

    I would like to see this happen
  11. Bank Placeholders

    so dump half of everything into the market and crash prices?
  13. PVM Arena - [Everyone Comment]

    Agree it should be a chest that you buy keys for, these items are supposed to be rare!
  14. The bank thus far

    Crystal Chest/Clue Scroll tab PVM Droppings Skilling shit Potions and food Whip Collection THE BIG STUFF
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