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  1. Double voting points

    great idea! It can be same as slayer points (every 10th voting = double point)
  2. BUYING - Bludgeon Claw

    @Divinate sell me spine when u see me online
  3. News Post 11-4-18

  4. The Time Has Come

    Noooo! i didnt had chance to talk with you many times. but what we talked, you helped me fast and effective. Do what you want, but please, dont forget us. Come back some times and remember all amazing things that you did for us (for NR) Thank you CAYLEB. Wish you all the best!
  5. The post I didn't want to make today

    Noooo! We lost great manager. i wish him a lot of fun and luck in future, whatever he'll do. And congrats to Pagy ♡
  6. Skiller

    Follow me, nerd.
  7. Skiller

    I dont like him.
  8. Skiller

    Hello guys! Maybe its a little late to make a topic about that, but anyway… Today i reach 30B total xp! (Espire is on 38.7B right now) and i just passed Divinate and Aesop few days ago. My goals: (2B xp ): ...6.11.... 1. HUNTER (200m) ...590m... 2. Woodcuting & firemaking (627m/621m) ...1.5b/1.5b... 3. Fishing (600m) … 1.3b... 4. Runecrafting (64m) ...100m... 5. Agility (53m) ...100m... 6. Farming (240m) ...240m... 7. Mining (180m) ….610m... 8. CONSTRUCTION *SLAYER (1.45B) - I'm doing slayer when my skilling motivation falls under 50% (so, it gonna be maxed somewhere between RC and AGILITY) - its only predict! BONUS* - 35B TOTAL XP- - 40B TOTAL XP- = DROP PARTY!! UPDATE! PETS: 21.10. 5.11.
  9. Newspost! 10-16-18

  10. Newspost! 10-16-18

    Don't quit. please!
  11. Newspost! 10-16-18

    nice event. good luck!
  12. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    +1 knight
  13. Newspost 10-8-18

    One prize per person! really? I'm so mad!
  14. Newspost 10-8-18

    nice event! i like to see ppl skilling. BIG UP! make more events like this.
  15. Daily tasks

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