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  1. Return of Artur

    Welcome back (again)! Are you OK?
  2. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

  3. Max Gear Guide

    Nice guide! ** bis ring for mage is RING OF FIRE (+12 mage / +3 magic dmg) (ultimate is 10/0)
  4. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    3x FFA winner is ...... ZIGER CONGRATS!
  5. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

  6. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

  7. Moving Forward | Important Information


    Tnx for skill suggestion. I think it's already in our plan for next updates! #1
  9. Update on the Updates

  10. Developer cape

  11. Small Bank Pic

    Nice. Where are rares?
  12. forum avatars

    Don't post so much, your next avatar is the same as Zander's
  13. Weekend events

    Thank you. Don't worry about it. I'm from EU, but still....i'm gonna host some events for USA players next weekend
  14. Weekend events

    Hello community, over this weekend, i'm gonna host FFA & LMS for slayer box sets & mbox sets between next times: UK/EST 3. May 2019 3pm to 6pm (UK) / 10am to 1pm (EST) 4pm/11am = START 2win ffa (MAX & DH) ...... PRIZE = DI PIN 5min after 2wins ffa = START WILDY HNS ..... PRIZE = DR PIN 4. May 2019 2pm to 3pm (UK) / 9am to 10am (EST) 2:40pm/9:40am = START 5x HNS, last one..... PRIZE = EKIT 5pm to 7pm (UK) / 12 to 2pm (EST) 6pm/1pm = START 2x win ffa (F2p/Mbox)..... PRIZE = DIE PIN 10pm to 2am(UK) / 5pm to 9pm (EST) midnight/7pm = START -100K HP EVENT -GREATER DEMONS- NO RULES- PRIZE: pernix body, pernix chaps, necklace of anguish, armadyl crossbow*, dkite, glaviens, gsh, ring of wealth, vesta set, lime whip, 1B ticket, 1000m Cash, 4slayer box sets, dclaws 5. May 2019 4pm to 8pm (UK) / 11am to 3pm (EST) 5:30pm/12:30pm = START 3x win FFA - LMS for PIN SET (di, die, DR) 1st with 2 wins = BSH 2nd with 2 wins= GSH 3rd with 2 wins = FSH *Irons CAN win FFA/LMS events for pins!* Greetings, Hippo422

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