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  1. My time has come

    Aka you realised the server has been going no where for the past couple of months like the rest of us
  2. A small message for players

    This server is dead as fuck now. Not long until a reset or some money grabbing method to take everyone's last pennies once again.
  3. Wave of monk

    15 People online currently says it all, we are all joining you. The server is a dead cause to be honest, though not everyone will want to admit it.
  4. Make a rule against quitting threads

    Nothing wrong with quitting threads. It's not the people's fault that the server is letting them down, forcing them to quit. They wouldn't be quitting if the owner actually cared, so why help him when he doesn't help us?
  5. Ammunition in M box FFA

    I mean, I get more frustrated when I get 45m in cash but hey ho.
  6. Huge Bank Sale

    Selling for pins or cash
  7. Instagram Accounts

    I can actually send fake followers at a price
  8. Instagram Accounts

    You wish it was that simple, otherwise everyone would be doing it. I can gain 100k + followers a month over all my accounts, not just 1. I get videos reaching 40k likes, not 100-200. If it was that easy I wouldn’t be making good cash from it
  9. Staff Update [23/07/18]

    You'll be missed
  10. 600 Zulrah KC and Tanzanite :)))))

    Make a dope helm at least
  11. 2 Month voting-ready for?

    Nice work
  12. Instagram Accounts

    Hello, This is a weird post as not many would understand the benefits of having Instagram accounts with a large amount of followers but if you know how to market/advertiser you can earn a lot of money back. I own multiple Instagram accounts, some with over 20k followers/2 million + weekly impressions and I sell them regularly on many different websites. If anyone is interested in any sort of niche/accounts I have for sale - Please message me on the forums and we can discuss prices. The prices aren't really cheap/expensive it all depends on the amount of followers/impressions as with 2 million weekly impressions you can easily make a lot of money and still have the account value. I can also start fresh accounts, in any niche for those that are wanting a specific account. I also offer services to grow Instagram accounts, by liking/following/commenting and can grow accounts at 2-4k followers per month. If you are interested in growing your personal account - Feel free to drop me a message, though I will need your details to get onto the account (Make a new pass etc). I asked a couple mods if I can post this, they said they think so - If I can't, please delete. Thank you.
  13. yay zenyte shard


    Gratz boi
  15. Voting Incentive

    Extra points, extra random reward given to any player for voting, something needs to be added that's for sure
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