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  1. Bump - 75m in stock
  2. Thanks all
  3. Hello Guys! I have noticed a few issues in the Black Market section with people complaining about Middle Men for trades as staff are not allowed to Middle Man an IRL cash to RSGP trade. Just wanted to let you all know that if around I am happy to Middle Man trades with a 5% take of the RSGP being traded similar to how pin trades work with the staff. Please drop me a PM via the forums to communicate or add me on discord below: Vision - JB#8369 If need be I am also more than happy to split trades up so that the risk factor is a lot less on both sides of the deal. Feel free to drop a vouch below if I have helped you or Brought/Sold OSRSgp with you Thanks, Jbaikie Current vouches - 10 Ticket I can vouch for JB. Hes been around for a long time and is an ex staff member he has more to lose then you do because of his reputation. He hooked me up and was happy with the rules that I set as a failsafe so 100% trustworthy in my eyes. Logic I may be a bit biased, but I 100% vouch for Jbaikie. He's by far one of the most trustworthy people I've met in the RSPS scene, and I wouldn't blink at the thought of having him be my middleman. Draco Malfoy Can also vouch of JB, happy to go with whatever you want in order to feel safe and avoid the ban hammer. Glad someone is now available to MM irl trades for GP! Wiley Vouch for JB Zachery I too, will vouch for the red man JB. One of the most trustworthy people on this planet! JP Morgan I vouch for this dude 100%. Great guy Juicy Ritch Vouch for Jbaikie. Cayleb Vouch for the big man himself S00per L00t If i done a trade i’d get you to MM any day trusted 100% I vouch for @Jbaikie Artur Big vouch for my homie JB. Known him / worked with him back in 2014 and i had the pleasure of working with him again on this NR. Very trustworthy guy and always makes sure everything goes smooth with Middlemaning
  4. @sir kraz Find me one selling for less then $0.95
  5. You emptied your Zulrah pet socio!
  6. Looking for $0.95 really
  7. @Soulcist Nice to see you around, do you still have me on skype? If not drop me a forums PM
  8. Ah no thanks
  9. 0.75 in what?
  10. Skype me Jungle, I'm selling OSRSgp at the moment
  11. nty
  12. @Vulkar Ah yeah they are $0.98.. Ok will edit.
  13. @Thomas Which sites sell for less? I can't find a single site selling for less than $1/m. Ballpark figure anyway if you are looking to buy 50m or more a different price can be agreed
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone Going to miss being part of this community
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