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  1. Selling 07 gp .88 cents a m

    Boglagold is 100% I have traded thousands over it with no issues. They are currently selling for $0.86/m
  2. Loyalty Request

    Username: Jbaikie Post Amount: 2382 Items you're requesting: Frying Pan, RuneFest Sheild, Black Cat, Super Mystery Box, White and Black Cat, Anti Panties, White Cat, White and Blue Cat, 15% Drop Rate Box, Gnome Child Hat, White and Brown Cat, Prop Sword, Hell Cat, DIE Pin.
  3. The Return

    Who dis?

    I'll give you a Rimjob for it
  5. The Lottery II

    When is draw
  6. Who is your favourite

    @Rytur .. Newbie wtf who even r u?
  7. Who is your favourite

    Who is your favourite staff member and for what reason? @Torn67 - Biggest Dick Who is your lease favourite staff member and for what reason? @imma kill u - Smallest Dick What Would you think would improve the staff member? Idk.. Surgery?
  8. New starters

    Agreed. Why stop at Dh and a Whip? Throw in an AGS/Claws and a max PVM set.
  9. Ornate Katana's and Completionist Cape changes are the way to fix economy. +1 total support.
  10. Looking for a few staff

  11. Looking for a few staff

    @Rytur @Fat Larry
  12. Fortnite Account

    @Rytur Is interested
  13. Where the staffers

    Nicely hidden insult in there somewhere
  14. Unplanned Downtime

    Your post count is still boosted. Don't even talk to me.
  15. Unplanned Downtime

    Cayleb gave me issues on the backend, Unlike you.
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