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  1. Top RNG!
  2. 1. Players. We need players and to get players we need to advertise. Sure you could bump a post on sythe but why not do 1 better and ensure we gain people. This server is at the point where its not the staffs duty, its everyone duty. We all love NR and we want it to grow so lets do just that? TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Maybe we introduce incentives but for now we all want more activity! If you tell your friends and help them get started. We all gain. We ALL benefit. Share it on social media or among school circles. Incentives for retweeting or something might be worked out later. I like this Breadly, the more everyone does their bit to vote/advertise the more the server grows and the more enjoyable it becomes for you all. 2. PVP. At this point half the server is simply too poor to go pking. Yes there will always be a wealth gap, but this early on we should try to help out the little guys (including me smh). This can be done by flooding the server with voting events, pking events, and forum events. A DROP PARTY is a good thing at the start of servers. Drop pk gear and watch as people think " hey I have these claws, Lets see what I can do" and go into the wildy. Juan has been working very hard to ensure we have smooth ticks and transitions with pking. I am 0 for 2 when it comes to pking so ill root from afar. You guys need to be understanding in the fact that we dont have enough players. Dont expect there to be 10 people to brid against when you enter the wildy. Work alongside the staff team and ADVERTISE. We can definately work on lessening the gap between the rich and the poor, I agree that the wildy is not a great place currently for those who cannot afford the "High-Tier" gear. Regarding the general PVP aspect we have been working closely with Juan recently to try and ensure a better feel to pking overall, I have some ideas for how we can get it right. When we host these Wilderness events please dont think "I'm not going because nobody else will" if everyone thought that then you are correct, if everyone made the effort to come and PK the wildy would be full in no time. 3. Highscores This is currently being worked on so hooray for the pvmers. Correct, we are almost finished with this. 4. Wiki Im currently slaving away at this daily. USE IT. If something wrong. TELL ME. Im happy to change or add anything you guys want. I love this game. Please continue the work you are doing breadly its impressive and greatly appreciated. 5. Owner Activity. Will is an absolutely amazing guy and hes suuper cool and understanding, But hes busy. Thats totally understandable, but you should appoint someone who you trust to the point where people can go to that person for issues like RD status and whatnot. We need the power to be distributed. Ultimate say? sure you can have that. But Delegate bro, Delegate. I have the ability to deal with these issues, please all remember I am here. Anything I cannot do I will do my best to push towards Mod Jacmob or maybe even look for the access myself in the future. 6. PVP incentives. Currently pking isnt worth it to many people. Increase chances of getting statuettes or gear drops. Cut pvp store item prices in half. We have an idea for a new incentive that I will share with you all soon. 7. Donator Islands. If we still have blueprints of the previous NR doner islands, lets begin to remake those. Ive seen complaints that there is no spec restore at ::di. Many people remember di having it and assumed it was part of the deal. The flip side to this is the people who have upgraded themselves to ::DIE in order to access the alter. 8. Crystal key chest I Agree that the crystal key chest is pretty awful at the moment, not a top priority but it does need to be changed in the future. 9. Staff Not enough staff members are active. There should always be a staff member on. As long as theres a player on, you need a staffer on. I live in California and I see way too many moments when we are staffless, NOT GOOD considering ive heard staff say the USA is our primary player base. Personally I believe that the majority of our staff deal is active. The issue we have is we are not so spread out over all of the different time zones, which is largely due to the player base being as you mentioned all USA based. In my eyes it would be great to see some Active and Helpful players from other parts of the world to apply for the staff team.
  3. Bump, please remember to vote
  4. Great work Mithril well done
  5. @Zackary Korasi has a 67 cap on it, if anything it needs a buff not a nerf
  6. What a brilliant idea, thanks to both of you!
  7. Seriously detailed idea woods, cant see any real reason why it would't work. Will definitely add this onto my list for discussion within the staff team and UN.
  8. Like a scary dream.
  9. @wtf 69 Thanks for that! Korasi having boosted damage from Melee stats is 100% not a bug, the special attack is "Magic Based Melee" sort of how Bloodvelds work in runescape, you need magic defense gear to lower their hits but at the same time need Melee pray to block them entirety.
  10. Hello members of the Near-Reality community! A few more updates within the staff team today starting off with good news! posinlord Has been promoted to Administrator posinlord is the longest standing staff member on the team and was promoted to moderator on the 24th of April, he has stuck through his position throughout everything we have been through and has never pushed for a promotion showing his maturity and patience. Due to the length of time he has been a major part of the server he has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which showed during the most recent staff test where he scored a near perfect result. I'm sure the rest of the staff team would agree that he is an approachable person who has the ability to excel in a position within the admin+. I hope that the community will join me in congratulating posin on this promotion! Imma kill u has been promoted to Moderator Imma kill u has been a member of the Near-Reality staff team for the longest of all the server supports, originally joining the team on the 22nd of June. His promotion to Moderator has greatly been haltered by the issues that we previously faced and a short time where he had to reduce his activity. He stuck by the server through the hard times that we faced and showed his drive to improve the server, particularly from a PVP point of view. He is a smart and mature staff member who I'm sure will excel in his new role. Zackary has been promoted to Moderator Mithril has been promoted to Moderator Both Zackary and Mithril haven't been in the team for anywhere near as long but during their time in the team they have more than proved their worth by scoring amazingly well in the Staff tests that I conducted. The in game knowledge that these guys have is unbelievable and they have continued to show this during their time in the trail rank server support position. I have no doubt they will continue to impress in their improved roles in the team. Congratulations! However there has unfortunately been some sad news within the team Jetpack has resigned from his position as Administrator As previously mentioned in the last staff update thread Jetpack is struggling to find the necessary time needed to fulfill a position within the staff team, he has become a very close friend of mine during our time working together and I am very disappointed that he has made the decision to resign. Hopefully he will one day find the time to return and continue the great work that he has contributed during his time as a staff member. On behalf of the rest of the management team I would like to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication. Tylurr has resigned from his position as Server Support Tylurr is another who has unfortunately lost the time to be a part of the staff team due to his real life commitments. I would like to thank him for the work he put in during his time on the staff team and hope that he will return to the server in time when he finds the time to do so. That's all for today! Thanks, Jbaikie Near-Reality Management Team
  11. Enjoyable watch Yuh good job. Some really nice clips in there and I really do hope you return and continue making these. Favourite Clip - Killing @imma kill u at the end
  12. Please all remember to have all of this done to protect your account!
  13. Still looking for some more applications!
  14. Miss you Stef Posin has really upped his game since our re-opening and was deserving of his promotion in my eyes also
  15. Good Work Breadly, Keep it up!
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