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    Love pure fights, super excited for this one!
  2. Donation Refunds

    PM me your donation receipts please.
  3. Buying ::di pins, nice price, pm me in game :)

    Please leave 24 hours between forums bumps going forward.
  4. Donation Refunds Cut Off

    Hello Members of the Near-Reality Community. As of Sunday the 15th of July at 23:59 EST we will be processing no more refund requests for the second 25% of donations. This is being done due to the consistent work load. If you have already requested your donation it is still on its way and will be done, I will be in contact if I need any further information. Thanks for all of your patience. Jbaikie.
  5. Staff Update [13/07/18]

    Hello Members of the Near-Reality Community, All Good news from the staff team today! Ticket has been promoted to Server Support Iron Bar has been promoted to Server Support Both guys are very active and helpful members of the community with a GMT time zone. As our players from this time are well aware we often struggle to fill gaps here and I have no doubt that the addition of these guys will be great for the server and the team! Sabrina has been promoted to Moderator Sabrina has been a member of the NR staff team multiple times in the past and we had no doubt that he would be able to display the knowledge we know he posses' and get back up to a moderator position. We look forward to him broadening his contributions and proving what he can do. Congratulations to all! Thanks, Jbaikie Near-Reality Manager
  6. Footballs Coming Home!

    Switch sides and not even get to enjoy the world cup? I'm good
  7. Footballs Coming Home!

    Technically not yet! Still got a pointless friendly for 3rd place on Saturday haha. Heartbroken.. Watch this though, should have been an easy goal for 2-0..
  8. Footballs Coming Home!

    How are the Holland team doing in this world cup? Oh Yeh.. Oops
  9. Footballs Coming Home!

    This is amazing.
  10. Footballs Coming Home!

    Best of luck bro Well I wouldn't be able to do anything with those pins anyway! Seems like an unfair bet!
  11. Footballs Coming Home!

    So after one of the most tense 2 hours of my whole life England have won there first Penalty shootout ever at a world cup and their first knockout game at a major tournament for 12 years! It is well and truly coming home and the country is buzzing! Hope all my fellow Englishmen are enjoying themselves and the heads aren't too sore today!
  12. Donation Refunds

  13. Donation Refunds

    50% is the correct amount, Read my thread we have been refunding in 25% increments.
  14. Donation Refunds

    We are looking for donation amounts here.. Not credit amounts
  15. deg vesta (new)

    The way it is currently is the way it always was on OG NR. Having said that I would be up for a discussion on how we can make it a little more worthwhile than it currently is. Something like this could work.
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