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  1. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    Must quote in case its deleted... THIS!
  2. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    What the community here need to understand is the owner of the server is.. Well Useless. The staff team including management and especially Torn/Cayleb have tried extremely hard to keep the game going and IMO its a miracle that it even still exists. Nobody on the staff team receives any payment.. that includes Torn and Pagan in the Manager and CM positions respectively. Meaning they cannot pay for a developer. It is only the owner who would have the funds to do this. If you want to point the blame at someone get on Mod Jacmobs back. Not the staff teams.
  3. The Time Has Come

    Done some great work since taking over.. Well done for taking the plunge and resigning.
  4. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    can vouch
  5. buying 100-200m 07 gp

    What sort of price per m?
  6. cock sucker

  7. Changes To RD Status.

  8. Old school

    Oh My God. Discord me bby - Vision - JB#8369
  9. Swing the loot

    Communication with Will that bad you need to post on here??
  10. Imma Kill U's Resignation

    Another staff member who has put too much of his own time and effort for little reward goes down. Thanks for everything Imma, Catch up with you shortly
  11. Jbaikie Resignation.

  12. Jbaikie Resignation.

    Sorry but I just cannot continue here.
  13. Staff update - 01/08/2018

    Thanks Cayleb Ilu Rytur
  14. Divinate

    I want mine too
  15. Jbaikie Resignation.

    Things were supposed to be different this time..
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