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    USE MORE CAPITALS, IT MIGHT HELP US TO UNDERSTAND!! Ranks are not being removed at all so this won't be an issue, there will be an announcement about exactly how the refunds will work soon, plan will be for everyone to have something ready before the reset to go and spend, so don't worry.
  2. Funny Posts Thread

  3. Funny Posts Thread

    Joke of the year... Mod Jacmob
  4. Staff Applications

    There is no reset on who is under consideration at all, Without an open game and active community there is no need to promote any new server supports at this time. Those who have worked for a position are in the minds of the people that are part of the high staff team and when the server re-opens I will be asking those to provide me with suggestions. The staff team is or at least should be under consideration at all times under an active manager. So of course there is a chance changes will be made internally before release as well.
  5. Staff Applications

    Hello members of the Near-Reality community, I have made a decision to close Staff Applications until we re-launch on the 1st of May. This is largely due to the fact that my recent return means I haven't had the chance to meet a large bulk of the newer members in the community and therefore am unaware of those who may be suitable to fill a staff position. During this time you are welcome to apply for a role as a beta tester on the test server that we will be using to ensure that everything is ready for release. Please note that being a Beta tester and contributing to the successful re-release of the game will largely impact on you getting a position on the staff team as quickly as possible after release. You find the format to apply for a beta tester role here - Thanks, Jbaikie, Near-Reality Manager.
  6. Staff Update [04/04/2018]

    Hello members of the Near-Reality community, 2 Changes within our high staff team have gone unannounced and I would like to ensure that you are all aware and have the opportunity to share your views below. The good news! Posinlord has been promoted to Advisor posin has been a member of the Near-Reality staff team for a full year now and has slowly moved his way up through the ranks gaining a large amount of experience whilst doing so, because of this Mod Jacmob felt he was ready to take on a staff overseeing role and I believe he is a good fit for the job and will do well in guiding new staff members down the correct path. Please all congratulate Posin on his new role! The bad news Logic has left the staff team. It is with great sadness that I have to announce this staff update. I have worked with Logic for years and have actually never been part of a staff team looking after an active community without being alongside him. He is a great friend of mine and hopefully he will return one day so we can work together again but unfortunately he currently no longer has the drive necessary to fill a high staff position and began to feel obligated to login rather than willingly wanting to be online to help the community. I hope you all feel the same as I do when saying goodbye to Logic and wish him the best for the future. Thanks! Jbaikie Near-Reality Manager.
  7. The Future


    Wow that's crazy
  9. eco reset loc?

    update loc?
  10. Best in slot range cape.

    Isn't Death cape pretty OP for range?
  11. Evan's Resignation

    Good Choice. Now you have time to come sleep on my Sofa. Much love nerd.
  12. Cruz's resignation

    You are ugly
  13. Jaybee

    Jaybee is Clapped.. That is all.
  14. Much love @wtf 69 Wrong account
  15. pidzz is reforming.

    New Year.... Same Pidzz
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