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  1. Donations and Other News

    I know this doesn't affect you and only Will but could that lead to a loss in revenue as less people are donating to try and become RDI/LDI as well as getting their donator points? Slight worry that this will be lost in the new model due to rich players being able to purchase themselves the high tier donator status'. Hopefully you find a way to avoid this and still have donators being rewarded. Having said the above I think it's a good idea given the right balance, hopefully will clear some pins from the game given the option to trade in for donator points. When will that begin?
  2. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    Advisor was a rank then? There just weren't any advisors at the time of me posting it. Shame it never gets updated though to be fair
  3. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    Torn, Pagan both made admins by me. Cayleb was a fine staff member. Think IKU was also made admin by me at one point?
  4. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    Makes no sense? I brought the below into the team... Torn, Slim, Forg, Imma, Luckybamf, Pagan... All the people you rated well?
  5. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    True, haven't had my dick sucked in a while.
  6. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    Sucking chodes of the higher ups, rip the mods. Ps... @luckybamf + @imma kill u 4 owners
  7. minor player review

  8. Still da greatest vid

    What a shit video..
  9. Mithril's Resignation

    Thanks for everything Mith, Enjoyed the time we spent on team together and happy I brought you into the team all that time ago.
  10. Selling OSRSgp!


    The PKP stores are pointless pretty much. I fail to see how this would really help.
  12. [PVP] Meet KGB Agent!

    Nice little guide, a drop in price is definitely required in this store, not worth the items in current PKP costs. I think all of the PKP stores need a fresh overhaul to be honest, new items and new prices need to be worked out.
  13. Middle Man Service

  14. QoL Poll

    Pet question is an evil one to those already with pets. Those without pets will vote for them to be wiped lol.
  15. PvM Poll

    Can't believe number 1 is even a question LOL ffs. If you want to better understand mindset of players you should widen question 9, currently players are locked to choosing between 2 answers when they may want a mixture of the 2.
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