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  1. Just so you guys know we will be looking into Pkp/Ship ticket stores during staff meeting on Thursday along with some other Pkp rewards such as titles and Pker of the month type additions. Lots of stuff in the pipeline
  2. Great news! Keep it up guys
  3. Nice to see a clan giving it a go! Goodluck guys, hopefully some other clans will form to rival you
  4. Hey Guys, As you all know we recently made the 2 below big changes to the way Pking works and since it has been a week I would like to poll a few possibilities to gauge the general reaction of the community. Operatable Dragon Fire We made the change to Dragon Fire Shields and Dragon Kite Shields making the player able to operate them rather than the previous automatic and random nature of the dragon fire. Please answer the poll for one of these options: Revert Changes - This is exactly what it says on the tin, it will make them fully random and un-operatable as they used to be Delay the Dragon Fire - Currently its an instant hit on the dragon fire attack with no delay from the operate and also no delay on your next hit, ultimately meaning you can stack nearly 5 hits if you correctly use a Gmaul at the same time. This option would make it a little less easy to stack someone out in PvP using the dragon fire. Degraded Items This was a fairly controversial update and one that was made to try and balance the wilderness as it was fairly favorable to the rich and unfair to new players trying to get a handle on the wilderness. Please answer the poll for one of these options: Keep Changes - Exactly as stated, Deg Armour will be lost when equip and kept when in inventory as it is currently. Revert Changes But Increase Buy Back Costs - There was a cost to reclaim your deg items on death and the killer would get a % of this for the kill, if we were to revert the changes I would look to increase this cost in order to defer the use of Deg Items still but give them their purpose back. Keep Changes and slightly buff Deg Armour stats - This would mean that the Deg armour will be lost when equip and kept when in invent but it will have a slight stat boost to the standard Vesta Armour making it superior for Pvm but still deferring it from being camped in the wilderness all the time Thanks, Jbaikie Near-Reality Management Team
  5. Hello members of the Near-Reality community! Good news for today's update. Jase Has been promoted too Moderator Jase has done a great job as Server Support he is an extremely active and friendly member of the team and deserves the step up to Moderator to prove what he can achieve. A lot of you have been messaging me over the past weeks expressing how you feel he would suit a moderator position so i felt it time to give him a chance! Congratulations! Thanks, Jbaikie, Near-Reality Management Team
  6. Haha, goodluck making a PK video on that!
  7. Nice banes!
  8. This is a nice idea, definitely could look at implementing this along with the wilderness boss' dropping them too.
  9. Will leave this update for a week and then put up a poll to see how the whole community has received it, I will likely do the same with the degraded armour situation aswell. Thanks for the opinions guys, please do keep them coming
  10. We will see how this goes over the next week or so and then gauge the opinion of the community However i would like to mention this is how it works in Runescape and show in theory be the correct way
  11. @Tylurr 1) I would personally prefer to leave it for a little longer than 2 weeks to be honest but it will be rotated with frequency as it should have been going forward 2) I am collecting all feedback on the deg change and we will alter again if deemed neccassary 3) Glad you like it 4) The 2x xp boost is meant to be a weekend thing only apart from if voting for the extra 3 hours of course, once Cups has the correct access this will become a weekend only think as planned. 5) At the moment it just has the 5% boost to ranged damage. Any suggestions?
  12. Oh s00per that sucks man
  13. EDIT Added new stats of cerberus boots, thanks for reminding me @Fatts
  14. @Stephen This is something you see on the large majority of servers, quite often 10% mark ups too tbh. I'm not sure why this wasn't implemented from the start when we released the tickets as it probably should have been done.
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