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  1. Its nice to see you over moderate me for bumping b4 2days, but when other people here do it they dont get punished. Nice  moderation.

    1. Soulcist


      You're welcome to report it, I'm not able to catch everything. And I deal with it once I find it.

  2. Buying DPins - NRGP

    u wont get a single pin from me for 3.5b sorry, 4b firm
  3. Buying DPins - NRGP

    u still need?
  4. Selling d pins 07gp

    i have 75 di pins pm me
  5. pins for thok?

  6. Buying DPins - NRGP

    100 di pins here lmk
  7. Huge Bank sale

    @ween 25 di pins @ thok
  8. Selling 100 dpins, 25 minimum at a time

    400b cash
  9. Selling 100 dpins, 25 minimum at a time

    Heads up if no1 buy these pins in the next couple of days they will either be donated to lottery or converted to 07.
  10. Buying all dpins via nrgp

    100 di pins here pm me
  11. Selling 100 dpins, 25 minimum at a time

    Bump I'm still selling all 100 dpins
  12. As the title says im selling 100 di pins. I will only sell 25-100 of them at a time. No trades smaller than 25 will be made.
  13. DELETE

    Bump still selling
  14. DELETE

    with pins 529-579b left
  15. DELETE

    it will im taking a break from this server good thing i have thing i have these pins