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  1. Integrity

    Not to mention literally every other staff member goes pvming with 20k hp but god for bid jelly picks up an elder maul in lms. lmao.
  2. 300B Stake

    anyone else see "ziger" and think of "liger" the old eco cleaner?? ;o anyways gz mate.
  3. thoughts?

    lemme know what you think
  4. uhm...

    also forgot to show 23b cash oops
  5. uhm...

    so 3 days ago i started staking with 100m... here's how it went. (only got 1 win screesnhotted) Yesterday was at duel arena and a friend of mine had told me to clean rytur (5b cash) well he streaked me 8 stakes in a row for the clean. OH well was fun. Grats @Rytur
  6. Player Spotlight! Ironguy12345

    one of the nicest guys in-game tbh. Much respect. grats man!
  7. Loot from 500....

    So i did this awhile ago and it had a positive turn out. Im gonna start it up again by starting off with loot from 500 Kalphite Queen. *Only posting noteable drops* **Red = Not completed, Yellow = In progress, Green = Completed** Kalphite Queen Dwarf remains is Jar of Sand (1/2000 rate) RIP. KBD Tormented Demon Called the d kite drop with @jeepers74 Bork Kree'Arra K'ril Tsutsaroth Commander Zilyana General Graardor
  8. Insane RNG?

    Think i got my 2016 RNG back...
  9. #Teamtorn wins the draft!

    Good work. #FerdaBoys
  10. Where my old timers at?

    oi oi
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