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  1. xxx

    no ghostly partyhat = noob
  2. NEED SIG PAY $$

  3. i think rewarding cash ref your max cape post is a bad idea, i understand the reclaim being high but i really don't think hardly any body is going to take a cape if it has a 1b reclaim cost as that just isn't practical for the advantage compared to a max cape or imbued, economy is already over saturated after only 6 months of being life with billions and billions in gold, personally i'd be looking at ways to strip cash, one big thing i look for in servers is a good economy and joining and seeing "selling x for 60b" is just a huge turnoff. You say the only thing worth doing is wildy, i have probably an easy 100b+ and only 1 item was from the wildy, more than 75% of my bank between characters was via other means of PvM. The reason for enhanced items to have such a low protection value is due to how powerful they are. If a Thok* is given a high prot value people will use for pking and eventually become unstoppable, this shouldn't the case and should be more down to skill than wealth. (wealth should play a part although not a huge one. I guess what i'm trying to get at is we already have overpowered items, we do not need more. The gear balance is.....okay at the moment and if we're trying to improve the server we need to focus on what other successful ones have that we do not. I can assure you it's not a lack of incentivised PvP updates, NR has alot that other big servers have other than spawn. We lack hugely on PvM updates not focused on driving people to the wildy, with more PvM'ers will bring more PvP'ers. We're more likely to bring a greater number of players with raids/raids2 incorporated which in turn will inspire them PvM'ers to test out the wildy content. This increase also increases the chances of more PvP'ers due to the wildy being busier, in turn creating more teams, more clans. PvP is going to be hard to populate due to OSRS this is just a fact, PvM, however, is harder to get into on 07 causing people to look for servers or just simply not wanting to spend 300 hours+ making accounts. I can pretty much guarantee with good non wildy focused pvm updates such as raids etc along with fixing the current content will increase the wilderness population
  4. Server Changes?

    pvp events don't change wildy bosses roaming ai??? i know this has been done elsewhere and worked well. pvm side of things more content outside of wildy - raids???????????????????????
  5. Bank Sale

    price on bp's?
  6. Selling rs3gp for DPINs

    if current rate to 07 is like 2mil then it's maximum of 12m at best for rs3 per pin - save your money fool however if you want a faster sale use oakdice to swap it to 07
  7. oi

    why you bumping an out of date thread and quoting yourself you bean head
  8. Iron Xam

    Taken from Le iron wiki page Ironman can't change their ingame title even after redeeming it. Get barrows gloves from the PKP Reward Shop, as a drop from Barrows or from the shop on Donator Island Ironmen can Vote for double exp for 3 hours, and will gain access to the Vote Store Slayer is a great way to start your ironman journey. If you have a Draconic Visage, but not 90+ smithing, you can talk to Oziach in the small hut North-West of Edgeville and he will combine visage + anti dragon shield for you at the cost of 1.2M coins. Bork is a good starter boss as he drops Statius armor and you only need Protect from Melee Frost Dragon Bones are easily obtainable via clue scrolls. enjoy your journey, it's a fun one
  9. i found it !

    l000l, that in karamja also?>
  10. Staff Update [13/07/18]

    congrats guys
  11. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    update looks great, keep it up
  12. Update Notes- 06/23/2018

    great update tyvm
  13. Wiki Team Update

    we've already started, over 20 pages done so far.
  14. Wiki Team Update

    go team!
  15. Upcoming Projects

    thanks for the post, keep it up

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