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  1. Time to find out what this feather does
  2. suggestions

    yes pls?
  3. LDI Yell timer

    Ye people starting to use yell instead of cc lol
  4. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    this needs to happen. multiple kills with close to max melee, doing a lot of the damage from the start of the kill and just not getting loot because someone ran in at the end and slapped it.

    Gz to all the winners!
  6. Update 2-10-2019

    awesome, great update!
  7. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    Idk man, I feel like safespots were never intended in the first place so it feels weird to add them on purpose. I wouldn't mind if they did add it because ::di has it but ye just the way I feel about it
  8. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    I actually afk them at RDI2 when I have a task. I just overload, walk to the middle of the room with auto retaliate and blood barrage on. Usually they don’t all die at the same time so a new one spawns and you’ll hit it with a blood barrage. All I have to do is drink from a pray pot sometimes because my arcane eats some of it.
  9. Goodbye for now.

    I hope things get better for you soon. Good luck and take care
  10. The Lottery II

    Traded in my items, goodluck to everyone participating
  11. The Lottery II

    "The drawings will take place on February 7th at 8 pm EST."
  12. Aimed at PVMers

    I have never had any interest to play any kind of PvP in games unless it’s a shooter. I’ve played RS since forever but not once did I try to learn how to PK as it’s just not something I enjoy. I like how I can just PvM, get a cool drop sometimes, make some money off of it. But with PKing the thing is that it requires some skill and I just don’t have that and a lot of people are already really good at it. I even stopped going for comp cape because of it. Even if I learned how to PK to get my comp it’d be just that, getting the cape and never touching it again.
  13. Who is your favourite

    Don't really have a favourite, most of them are pretty nice and chill. Least favourite goes to Luckybamf because he forces me to speak Dutch to him. Improvement would be no more Dutch but nah ly dude, I really just don't have any favs or staff members I don't really like, so that's a good thing I guess?
  14. Accuracy: Enhanced items

    Feel the same way. My thok hits 0's all the time, even my bp seems to hit more 0's after using kits on my pernix set. If anyone wants to compare dps or something hmu ingame
  15. First pet! :D

    Finally got one!
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