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  1. Accuracy: Enhanced items

    Feel the same way. My thok hits 0's all the time, even my bp seems to hit more 0's after using kits on my pernix set. If anyone wants to compare dps or something hmu ingame
  2. First pet! :D

    Finally got one!
  3. rdi

    if we remove the npcs from the room with scorpia, crazy arch and the other wildy dude, can we have those replaced with other npcs as well? Would be cool if we could get some NPCs that actually drop things that are worth farming for. Oh and can we please have Grotesques added to the game some day? But with better loot than osrs because osrs drops for them are worthless
  4. Rev Emblems and Wildy Slayer Poll

    just put my votes in. looks good
  5. Ironman Drop Log

    those are some sick drops, nice man
  6. was wondering where you had gone man, cya tomorrow
  7. Someone explain this...?

    Wish I was lucky
  8. Neal

    Hey everyone, thought I’d drop a post in here. I used to play Near Reality a lot from 2011-2012 (doubt anyone remembers me, think my name was Ludlium). I quit when they closed down. Recently saw the game pop up again so, now I’m back for some more. I will mainly be doing PvM and I’m always down to talk to people. I’m basically relearning everything about the game so please don’t judge me if I ask some obvious/stupid questions haha. Hope to see you all around sometime and remember to have fun
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