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  1. A Proper Near-Reality

    Okay finally someone realized its about time to keep PVM aside and focus on actually releasing something beneficial for the player base to grow. Kinda seems a bit too late but we'll see where this goes.
  2. The Future - Near-Reality v13

    ahh shit, here we go again
  3. my dear victims

    Shut the fuck up for once Kevin.
  4. #Luredbydoicarehappy2019

    m is lav it !
  5. Worldboss Strat

    thank mr.1800downed
  6. Worldboss Strat

    3...2...1 and PATCHED!
  7. Careful who you trust.

    Welcome to NRPK
  8. Avengers End Game

    There's already leaked clips up on the internet so you wouldn't be the first Tiki
  9. Donations and Other News

    Noice. Keep it coming.
  10. Death Buyback Prices

    Get this thing done already, its been talked about since ages and received maximum support.
  11. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    Very true cuz PKing is barely rewarding compared to camping a boss monster for a drop and this has been quite the reason for PK activity drop off. Nothing but full support to Spots' suggestion with some minor price/pkp corrections.
  12. Chaf!

    Obviously doing an amazing job as a dev. Server was going through a shit ton of DCs and he steps in to fix it all. Rolls back the server by 10 minutes or so and I end my losing an Ancient Relic drop (1.6b rev drop). He refunds me the relic instantly without any hesitation! Also, gave dev status to everyone for a brief few seconds which we all loved.
  13. small suggestion

    Yes and yes.
  14. QoL Poll

    People playing the games without a pet rn don't really use the forum that much x)
  15. PvP Poll

    Rename the server as NRPVM ty.

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