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  1. Ironman Armor Sets

    Could iron men armor sets be added into the game for the various types of iron men?
  2. Agility ShortCut

    Makes perfect sense... +1
  3. grim key guide

    Can’t wait for this, thanks for the clarification
  4. Growing Pains and Plans

    All sounds great, can’t wait
  5. grim key guide

    Few questions: 1. Do you have to remain in the wilderness with the key to loot it? Or can it be banked then brought out to loot the chest later? 2. Are the keys stackable? 3. Do we have a drop table for these yet?
  6. Game Updates | 3/21/2019

    Can’t even keep up with all these updates.. great work man
  7. Credits To The New Guy!! @Chaflie

    +1 I’ve never known updates to come this frequent
  8. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    I like the 2nd bis boots idea
  9. Really poor loot but nice to see the results
  10. NR`s Lime Whip

    I guess this is good in a way, should have a knock on effect to the other whips being used more frequently. also think the rates for these whips should be better and added to more wilderness monsters. lava for example is 1/750 and that’s killing a safe boss. elemental whip is 1/500 by killing chaos ele / chaos fanatic. Both classed as unsafe bosss.
  11. If you are going to fight WB

    Really thinking you’re being clever, you’re only making it worse for yourself. The more you annoy people at wb the less people will do it which makes it 1000x harder to finish.
  12. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Would it be possible to say what the updates to the monsters drop tables are? Lso the lime thing is terrible. This should be amenddd for pvp situations only? Not in general wilderness
  13. 100

  14. Suggestions all around

  15. March Events!

    What about the ironmen armor sets for example? The red hc Ironman, light and dark grey variants? Would provide rubbish bonuses but just purely cosmetic?
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