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  1. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Would it be possible to say what the updates to the monsters drop tables are? Lso the lime thing is terrible. This should be amenddd for pvp situations only? Not in general wilderness
  2. 100

  3. Suggestions all around

  4. admin+ in the wilderness

    That shit would be so fun. Or killing a group of pikers who are picking on a pvmer
  5. admin+ in the wilderness

    This is just getting stupid now..
  6. March Events!

    What about the ironmen armor sets for example? The red hc Ironman, light and dark grey variants? Would provide rubbish bonuses but just purely cosmetic?
  7. admin+ in the wilderness

    I could see why you’d be mad with jungle, the other two we will just have to agree to disagree. The point you’re making is staff ‘pking’ but you mention forg33 who was pvming? The only way to completely remove this would be the admin+ can’t enter the wilderness unless hosting events. this removes any doubt for them to attack or be attacked
  8. anotha bandos avatar drop

    Lucky boy
  9. admin+ in the wilderness

    I can’t understand why this is even a thread.. Admin+ have never dropped items, that’s a known fact so why would you think otherwise? If you attacked him he turned round and 1 hit you and you lost your gear, yes I can understand, otherwise I don’t see why you’re getting so mad. I’ve never known any admin+ go out of their way to start fights with regular players in the wilderness. If they did using op gear with no risk I can also see why you would be mad. However if they are testing bugs etc. And you choose to attack them it’s your own fault. EDIT/: after rereading your initial post i agree with rushing in edge. This shouldn’t be allowed. The other two scenarios you mention however I don’t sympathise with
  10. March Events!

    Is there anyway of having Ironmen prizes alongside these? For example a mystery box set etc?
  11. Dragon arrows

    There are several ways to combat this imo. 1. Tbow no longer requires ammunition. 2. Lower the price of arrows 3. Have monsters drop arrowheads or arrows more frequently, in bulk amounts similar to rocktails
  12. Sneak Peek: Slash Bash

    That pet looks noice
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