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  1. Yeah...

    Ouch, i'd be mad lol
  2. Imma Kill U's Resignation

    Thanks for everything, wish you the best irl!
  3. can we have these bk

    +1 feels.
  4. Graphics Fixes

    I don't know how this would be fixed, but it would be nice to see my full armour again lol
  5. Selling rs3gp for DPINs

    Hey. I've sent you a Forums PM. Check it out
  6. Lucky

    Not bad, congrats bud
  7. Buying DPINS 07GP

    Still need pins guys. PM me or reply to post.
  8. Revs Improved

    +1, good changes made
  9. Buying DPINS 07GP

    After 24 hours, yes sure. You online now?
  10. Buying DPINS 07GP

    Hi all, Buying dpins 2.5m ea 07gp. Got a good amount of money to spend. Reply or PM me ingame.
  11. Not on anyone's team but I'd come watch this fight, sounds funny lol
  12. Update Notes - 08/16/2018

    Great update. Thanks for your input recently
  13. Biggest downfall of the server

    I agree. If pins are still being bought and sold, that means people are still pumping money into the game, because they wanna do good as they enjoy it. So there it is, people enjoy it and they play. I'm sure it'll come back alive one day.
  14. Good fights Torn67 Respect.

    Gfs in the chat. I sold you pins, now you have money and I created a monster
  15. I run the show.

    This sounds so innocent of him lol The question is did you let him go to revs?
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