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  1. My Thoughts

    All you spastic fucks saying the best money make should be in the wilderness are either rain members or fucking autistic. there should always be a balance so if a boss with god tier loot exists in the wildy there should always be a safe option otherwise you FUCK OWN THE ECO BY DOING UR SHITTY gano passes like you did back then. Stop being petty and just pk without need to kill wildy pvmers u spastic cunts. THATS ALL IT IS. call me whatever you want you know im right and anyone with a brain that isnt a selfish rain cunt knows im right. if you wanna pk try and get other pkers to join the server hence helping the player base by introducing other pkers to do simple dh fights while building the player base. THAT IS ALL AND KISS MY ASS.
  2. Dragon arrows

  3. The next step!

    @Torn67 I kinda don't understand your unequal view on pvm to pvp ratio as you always buffing pvp is on your mental, but doing this while nerfing pvm is kinda just blatant disregard one whole side of the server and listening to only the bitchers who are crying the wildy is dead. Maybe idk find ways to buff pvp without nerfing pvm like withdrawing things from worldboss or affecting things that people have paid for because of the certain promises you've already made. Just my thoughts on the process. Pvp is consistently getting new content and pvm has gotten one or two updates but the said updates are almost impossible for normal players, aka the ldi update but, now becomes irrelevant because you are removing one of the biggest reasons it was donated for. And the minigame which is only a CASH SINK lets be honest. All im asking for is equality my guy.
  4. Bulk PvP Sale

    how much for the chaotics/..

    For all those people who are complaining about how HARD this boss is.
  6. +1 i agree on all points, the people deciding against it obviously can tp there themselves or just dont go to the boss enough to realize why its necessary.
  7. Donor island PvM

    "broken the Eco enough" um all defenders eventually drop in price such as the flame-burst when it was the best in slot for the while. this just occurred due to the boss being moved to a safe zone. But i would like to see more avatars added to LDI because they have already dropped the prices by as much as it has so no point in stopping it now seeing as the price has been reduced as is. But to each their own.

    -1 I disagree because when a clan decides that they "own the wilderness" kinda makes them the so forth owners of the server hogging all the loot to themselves so maybe idk fuck off and try and balance the two not make Rain's so called territory the best especially when u guys get help from staff having them in ur ranks...
  9. LDI Yell timer

    genuinely i dont give a fuck, but if make people feel better idc even it goes back to a 30 second timer.
  10. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    +1 my mate.
  11. [QOL] ::WB

    +1 Hard agree. even though id just camp ldi i feel for the Normies.
  12. Owning PVM

    Username: Fbi Magz Combat lvl: 126 Slayer lvl: 434m xp (99) Have ::di or ::die : RDI/LDI Drop pic(Optional): None guess ill start saving em. Will u respect NR rules: Well i have been so far so i guess lol.
  13. Sneak Peek - Bandos Avatar

    same @Zander i hope we getting team ready for this tomorrow !!
  14. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    I Completely agree, because its actually so much easier, I also wouldn't shy away from a multi area at rdi either. +1
  15. The Lottery II

    POGGGERS bless rng to all my fellow participants.
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