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  1. The post I didn't want to make today

    Sorry to see Cayleb go, hoping he sticks around at least in a sense of popping in to say hello once in a while, hope he does well wherever he goes
  2. Nice

  3. Amazing drop from the best monster ever.

    No, sociopath, mayonnaise is not an instrument, unless you are justin bieber.
  4. Amazing drop from the best monster ever.

    WHOA! Grats dude, that's a 1/1 drop sometimes though, depending on your play style!
  5. PVP TOURNEY 10/13

    This will be interesting! so it's a melee tournament only? I'll try to make it if I can!
  6. Ironman winners!

    Good battle boys!
  7. Newspost 10-8-18

    It's good that the shop will be revamped, Seeing "deals" that state 'Merry Christmas' is kind of confusing in October
  8. Limes

    Are those thoks or P2H's? Grats regardless!
  9. Player Spotlight! Ironguy12345

    Hey, old habits die hard hahah
  10. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    The ol' double promo switcheroo eh torn? Grats everyone on your upgrades!
  11. 10-1-18 News post!

    Grats people who won!
  12. Lottery for RD Status!

    I meant more, if people see it's 1 in 5 shot at rdi, people would do it, whereas if people *think* it's 1 in 30, they probably wouldn't advance past 10 points for kitty
  13. Lottery for RD Status!

    Is there any way that this could have all of the updated points for everyone? So we know whether or not it's worth it to dump items into the lottery?
  14. Signature Artist needed

    You got it!
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