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  1. BSS/Korasi

    Personally I think the Korasi is already pretty nasty. Bss could use a buff though.
  2. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    I'm not in Rain.
  3. You made some really good points in this post. Clearly you put a lot of thought and effort into this. I agree with a lot of your points, but disagree with others. As far as the thok* goes, It does seem to have shit accuracy. Thok and scythe aren't meant for pvp hence it's low prot value. Cerb boots being combined feels unnecessary to me. I'd love to hear all your idea's though, I'm very open minded and wouldn't mind listening to other things you want added. Feel free to message me in game or via pm on the forums.
  4. Iron Taylor MEME LORD

  5. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

    Gonna lock this, if you decide to sell again just pm me.
  6. Lets get rid of Xmas stuff

    Yikes....Santa claws??? Come on m8. But yes it's being removed.
  7. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    This is dope
  8. Farewell

    Damn I did hear this through the grapevine. You will be missed my guy. Feel free to drop me a pm whenever. I wish you the best of luck with the kid!
  9. Some Final opinions on 2018

    +1 this right here man.
  10. Game Update 12-26-2018

    Keep them updates rolling.
  11. omggg clue reward

    I want it, for elder maul plz.
  12. Wildy Slayer rework Sneak Peak

    Big things to come
  13. Completionist Cape Guide

    Stickied this. Well done, Zander.
  14. Looking for a few staff

    Good luck to those who apply!
  15. Unplanned Downtime

    +1 good content.
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