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  1. Revenants

    This is a fantastic Idea. Agree 100%.
  2. Integrity

    Jelly was the first person to take me under his wing and show me the ropes of how staff works. We had some great talks just chilling in discord, or him singing, pking with me even though I'm a noob. It's tough to see you go that's for sure. Hope to see you around. Personally I think the punishment was harsh, but it's not mine to make. Integrity (n) : the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. -Catwick12
  3. News Post 11-12-18

    Excited for the events!
  4. Content Poll: Enhancement kits!

    Pumped to see this added.
  5. WTF

    If you have an issue with something, pm the staff member directly. Locked.
  6. Looking forward to 2019

    I'm excited for the what the future holds, here at NR.
  7. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    I agree with some of your suggestions. As far as adding another item into the game, I don't think that will solely boost pvp. Near Reality as we see it today needs some fixing up before we look to add more customs. But down the road I could see it as a nice add. Vote tickets I 100% agree should be implemented. For said reasons, helps newcomers, gives people the ability to trade the...etc. Dice rank, that already exists...Dicing bag is 1000 Credits in the donation store.
  8. Requesting config stuck

    Assuming you're using windows. Move the client to your desktop, Right click on it and click open with and then select Java SE. As far as your AV it could be preventing you from downloading the cache. Make sure you delete the whole NR file, including the cache and redownload and try what I said. Also Run the program with Administrative privileges if you aren't already. Should fix your problem.
  9. Requesting config stuck

    We usually have about 80-100 Players online. As far as your issue, what operating system do you use? Do you have anti-virus? Let me know, so I can assist you.
  10. cant connect to the server

    If this is only happening when you try to Play NR theres a few possibilities. Either you're using a VPN that doesn't allow access to NR. Your firewall Isn't allowing you to connect, or finally your anti virus is blocking the connection.
  11. 300B Stake

    Danggggg, that's some loot.
  12. News Post 11-4-18

    Looking forward to these events!
  13. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

  14. FENDI'S Wins

    Jeez fendi, making bank m8.
  15. Zilvus Intro

    Welcome back, shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
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