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  1. Growing Pains and Plans

    TEAM RAIDS YES Thank you Torn\Charlie and Staff.
  2. me

    Welcome back! I remember your name! Lee and I were the first people to camp at the Camelot tele spot, we would noclip into the pillars and just sit for hours. Lee was on an alt by the name of "Depressions", I didn't know it was Lee until around the time the server was closing. I would just edit the Wiki and sit in Camelot for long periods of time and then eventually it became a hotspot. Another player was also with us, he only played way back then, he went by the name of "Morbid Str". I havent talked to him in about 8-9 years. But yeah welcome back! Blast from the past :p.
  3. Welcome Chaflie!

  4. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    I dont think you understood what he meant; creating Glacor Boots would make an item sink for Ragefire, Glaiven and Steadfast Boots. Which means those items would mostly leave the economy and become new items. I think this is a very realistic idea and if (when) Ultimate Boots get put into the server having a better 2nd BIS would be a good idea for everyone. That being said, these smaller boots would go up in price if these Glacor Boots came into existence so that would really be the only downside. Yeah it's inevitable that Ultimate Boots would be added to the game. Devs are doing some good work. With some advertisement we could build a pretty good playerbase.
  5. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Hey i've been seeing you around ingame, welcome!!! Thank you for blessing us with your presence!
  6. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    Yeah the fusion item monster can be tweaked a bit, just the first thing that came to mind.
  7. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    I'm sure this is already in the works, but just some ideas to shoot around.
  8. Random Nex Mass Ft Spank + Ticket

    shoot we should have another Nex event sometime today.
  9. Staff Update | 03/04/2019

    grats guys!
  10. Dragon arrows

    +1 easily.
  11. The new 4 Jad's mini game.

    Nice dude thanks!!
  12. Staff Update 2/18/19

    thanks for the update!
  13. Devyn's Drop Log

    well i wonder what that was about lmao. yeah same, mostly since i went about 2k dry lol.
  14. Owning PVM

    Username: Devyn Combat lvl: 126 Slayer lvl: 99 Have ::di or higher: ::die Drop pic (optional): ::thread 27182 for drop log Will you respect NR rules: Of course I will Do you have discord: Yes
  15. Devyn's Drop Log

    SORRY FOR THE LONG DELAY Update Log v3.24 2/16/19 Added pictures - I'm terribly sorry for the sizes, imgur isn't following through with resizing the images so I just cba right now at 2am. I will definitely update these in the future to be uniform, same size, centered, etc. Updated Tormented Demons killcount Updated drops from Tormented Demons Updated Zulrah killcount Updated drops from Zulrah Updated King Black Dragon killcount Updated Giant Mole killcount Updated Kalphite Queen killcount Updated drops from Kalphite Queen Updated Cerberus killcount Thanks for taking a look!
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