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  1. not too bad.(updated)

    Nice bank! But where you been tho? PM me ingame!
  2. Jeremiah’s Introduction

    Oh hey I didn't know you were Merch 2 Good, I remember you from way back. Thanks for making an intro!
  3. Staff commands

    These are some great ideas and you've done a great job presenting the ideas as well. 10/10.
  4. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Awesome update! Any update on getting an antifire timer tho?
  5. New beginings!

    Nice have fun!
  6. Selling occult

    Take 750m buddy?
  7. Zulrah Droplog

    its a good start!
  8. Max E-Kits Incoming

    dang thats a lot of cash money gone, sorry! xD.

    cool cool
  10. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    Holy cow thank you so much for all of this, you sir are amazing. I don't think you understand how much we appreciate this stuff, thank you for getting active. Side note, can we possibly get an antifire potion timer?
  11. Content Poll: Enhancement kits!

    Very good stuff.
  12. Requesting config stuck

    Try this. Uninstall current Java. Delete everything you've downloaded from NR. Reinstall Java. Redownload Near Reality. Open gamepack.jar Post results please.
  13. Looking forward to 2019

    Looking forward to this, thank you for the update!
  14. wtf is this

    I remember the good old days when your prayer would reset on a relog. That was tight.
  15. woot unbanned

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