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  1. Beta Testing

    Count me in sir, let's get that bread @Futurebetatesters Only requirement to apply is to have listened to the 10 hour version of crab rave btw
  2. So this happened

    Lol gz
  3. wut u going to do

    post count hehe
  4. Clan list from previous nr's

    Didnt even mention me or staryifly, danny cohen or that retard hefner. Oh and jimmer. I remember cache would spawn random shit to cammy campers from time to time, loved it. Best money maker in the game. And transylvania, his e-girl lmao, who got given hella shit. I dont remember much from the pvp scene, I was never involved with the clans at the time. I just edge pked 24/7, had like 1.8k kills lol.
  5. 2019 NBA Champions

    fuck off give me my postcount back
  6. 2019 NBA Champions

    basketball is trash thanks for pc ok
  7. Elo and Ranking System

    nice dwarf remains
  8. The Future - Near-Reality v13

    who r u
  9. wut u going to do

    nothing wbu
  10. Oh hey didn't see you there

  11. Blood Buns

    Wow that is fire, hit me up with more fam
  12. Blood Buns

    It's hard meeting you online when you're doing wildy slayer invisible all the time.
  13. Team-Explicit

  14. PVP Drops

    This game has always had that kind of pvp drop system.
  15. Raids and new content

    Fucking unreadable

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