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  1. Fire Capes

    You got enough yet?????
  2. Global - Introduction

    Welcome to our game, Global!
  3. Final One Claimed

    Lmaooo gg
  4. Staff Update 2/2/19

    Give this man SS
  5. Team #Plankers

    Would you reccomend someone to join this clan or did someone reccomend you:I recommend @Torn67
  6. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

    Thanks for the update thread big man.
  7. thanks for helping

    Fluxuations really is a nice guy!
  8. notscorch v scorch

    Fake ass Dylan
  9. Settings not saving

    Moved this to the correct section for you.
  10. Final LDI price

    Voted to reduce to 1000$ The benefits received for being a LDI if it costs 1500$ needs to he insane, possibly benefits we dont even want people to have.
  11. :-)

    Yo uh... What?
  12. small suggestion

    I don't see why not, this should be doable. Should be a setting you can toggle in the setting tab ingame. Ty for posting this!
  13. New prayer

    I think the update was very much needed.
  14. 99 money burning

    Nothing smells as good as burned money in the morning
  15. worst nher "harp"

    But cheng... You're the worst nher.....?!?!?!?!??!
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