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  1. Mute for?:D

    U ok?
  2. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    Holy fuck ur so obsessed with rain l0l
  3. Bank Sale

    Ez money for the staff team
  4. THK Continue Devouring Rain...............

    Lmao imagine bragging about ur 5 man single team on a 50 playerbased server with the most disgusting combat system out there. I feel for u men
  5. Advertisements

    Why advertise if u can buy mcflurries - will
  6. Advertisements

    Why advertise if u can buy mcflurries - will
  7. Donation points

    Scammed gf
  8. #THK Daily Slaps On #Rain...

    Server to shit to even have skills in nhing plus its laggy asf. Dont know why ur so proud but gz i guess
  9. Looking forward to 2019

    I guess will needs a new car. Donate up bois kappa
  10. cant connect to the server

    BUMP. STILL LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION. Im using a free vpn rn but its slow asf and bout to run out of usage. If there is no one who can help me out i have no other choice then switch to another server so please help me @staff
  11. [S] 3rd age mage wand

  12. [S] 3rd age mage wand

    Title says it all. Selling 3rd age mage wand.
  13. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: iron donikk (iron) and donikk ( normie) Do you have discord?(mandatory): Yes Do you have any hybriding experience?: Yes, im mostly used to pure nhing but i can main nh a bit. Do you have any clan experience?: yes over 2 years on 07 ( pure clans tho) Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: tm/the hatred Recruited by: digi
  14. cant connect to the server

    ok: Whenever i open up the NR client, it loads up. If i try to login it just says error connecting to server. I tried: 1. update java 2. delete cache, redownload client and cache 3. restart pc and router. 4. put firewall off 5. whitelist ip in firewall ( tip from digi)
  15. cant connect to the server

    @Espire anyway u could help me out further?
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