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  1. Looking forward to 2019

    I guess will needs a new car. Donate up bois kappa
  2. cant connect to the server

    BUMP. STILL LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION. Im using a free vpn rn but its slow asf and bout to run out of usage. If there is no one who can help me out i have no other choice then switch to another server so please help me @staff
  3. [S] 3rd age mage wand

  4. [S] 3rd age mage wand

    Title says it all. Selling 3rd age mage wand.
  5. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: iron donikk (iron) and donikk ( normie) Do you have discord?(mandatory): Yes Do you have any hybriding experience?: Yes, im mostly used to pure nhing but i can main nh a bit. Do you have any clan experience?: yes over 2 years on 07 ( pure clans tho) Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: tm/the hatred Recruited by: digi
  6. cant connect to the server

    ok: Whenever i open up the NR client, it loads up. If i try to login it just says error connecting to server. I tried: 1. update java 2. delete cache, redownload client and cache 3. restart pc and router. 4. put firewall off 5. whitelist ip in firewall ( tip from digi)
  7. cant connect to the server

    @Espire anyway u could help me out further?
  8. cant connect to the server

    tried to whitelist. still not working
  9. cant connect to the server

  10. cant connect to the server

    It isnt. i never have problems anywhere except here on this ONE server. I try that ! ty for the help tho
  11. cant connect to the server

    why? i paid for anti virus not gonna delete it
  12. cant connect to the server

    yes, but i can login on every other rsps except nr. so dont think thats the problem
  13. cant connect to the server

    I am on one of my accs
  14. cant connect to the server

  15. Hey!

    wb. Just for a notice: this isnt the same nr as back then ( other code)
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