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  1. Iron Penis Drop Log

  2. Scavenger Hunter NPC

    I would much rather see different content being developed, but hey - if people want, let em have it I would not like to participate in such event, also, what about iron men? Could they get the rewards?(doubt as it would be considered as item transfer from default acc to iron) so that's the small player base - addition minority of players QoL updates would fit more than adding any new content There are plenty things to fix, if developers keep adding more unfinished/buggy content it just triggers more people
  3. inventory sale cheap

    I have two very sexy rune platebodies, those for primordials perhaps? and I'm taking a serious risk right there

    Its just more prey in wildy which is not necessarily a good thing, if you lower the drop rates in wilderness means more items will be put into the game which is not good but fair in regards to suggestion of increasing the amount of players in the wilderness The way to resolve pking/wildy issue is not to push pvmers into wildy but rather to get more people involved in pking like : unique pking rewards buff the base pking rewards in general as in it definitely is faster to farm a boss rather than to pk in wilderness (even with potentially risking wealth) Base pking rewards would be the PKP and PvP drops staff hosting more events with top winners and all participant-reward (like a chance at a goodie bag + top winner/-s gets something) especially at the start when wilderness is not as active as people would like it to be, algorithm of players getting pkp from killing the same people should be modified; e.g. every second kill must be a different person && x amount of damage must be dealt to players to receive pkp/pvp drop from players + time delay between kills would cancel the every 2nd kill must be a different opponent (it's no where flawless suggestion but rather just basic idea on this issue) I infer mostly pvmers don't pk because they don't know how to, if they try to do so, they end up losing their banks Buffing wildy for pvming means at the end there will be clan/-s lurking in wilderenss all the time and killing pvmers 24/7 which is nothing but demotivation for pvmers especially if there is unique drop to a boss in the wilderness, one clan has full power over the item - price, ownership (generally speaking) I love pking, back in the days when I played the real NR I had 2k DH kills which in my estimation is a pretty large amount, so I am up for reviving pking I would do nothing but pk if it was more or as profitable as pvming. but that's not the case, why I rather make iron man and just pvm the few people doing risk fights are the ones pking for years and knowing how to pk perfectly, which is huge reason why people don't pk; if people don't get fair reward for pking - what's the point? just my few cents on this issue TL;DR - none
  5. Staking vs Rahim/Lewis20

    Share I tbed. Gz
  6. BSS/Korasi

    Korasi should be nerfed, I mean.., it's around same level as rune scimitar already.
  7. Team-Explicit

    eh. trash
  8. xxx

    So poor. I pity you.
  9. Farewell

    It's like staking, always know when to pull out.
  10. Preset

    'I don't like, don't add.' I don't pk - don't add pvp updates. I don't use range - don't modify and or extend range related content. You should give more than just your opinion, really, otherwise it's completely useless I see nothing bad with it, other than used time.
  11. Preset

    Depends : Pros : It's attractive for Pkers (for all sort of pking, for quick regearing after deaths) It's attractive for Pvmers (slayer most likely; pvm arena) Increases quality of life, like it really takes time to regear Cons : Every activity which requires changing gear would be more swift (hence like pvming would add slightly more drops to the game) Some problems with pking (instantly able to return to the spot where player has died, with potentially completely different gear) time taken to be coded (less content for other updates which some people value more) usually easy to exploit if coded from scratch (at least in servers which I have played) so have to be cautious and must test a lot Would be dope to have presets, no doubt about that. Don't want - don't use. TL;DR >If it's quick and easy - do it, if not - postpone it at least;
  12. Game Update 12/30/2018

    Sweet update!
  13. Why have one when you can have 2?

    it's really sexy pet though
  14. Owning PVM

    Looking sick already, gratz! Keep us updated!
  15. Maxed! again :D

    Nice! You can play the game now (partly) Get comp then you will be able to play the game completely.
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