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  1. Game Updates | 02/02/2019

  2. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    Outside of that, great job!
  4. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    Game makes me extremely sad, i've go max melee kit but can't get comp 83k/ 500k loyality points... i won't even have the motivation to use it at this rate. Challenges done.
  5. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    Well my idea was kinda used i guess i hope it contributed a little, also said we should have multi types so good job!
  6. You honour me Torn! Rest assured i've thought of many ideas, looking forward too it.
  7. When i hear evidence once single none opinions piece of evidence to suggest thok(*) isn't junk and my biggest regret one use it has over normal scythe when scythe is better then thok, or when use it has over thok when thok is better then scythe (all wildy situations) Therfore it doesn't exist. #Rework thok(*) into non junk
  8. If there was a boss lik cerb and you NEEDED spectural to kill it, or we couldn't use bsh with melee, then YES thok(*) would be better then scythe in some situations. BUT THE FACT of the matter is THOK(*) is better in 0% of the time compared to scythe due to it's restrictions, this is undeniable. OR If there was some reason YOU HAD to use a shield but there isn't. 99% of thoks value resides in it's protection value. Giving it 1hp protection, it now needs a 300 str bonus to compensate. And even then, still kinda trash pref reg thok. Who cares to kill 2000 kbds instead of just 1600 when its all about respawn time not kill speed, you lituraklly cannot use it to farm inside the wild. Reg thok there are loads of reason you would want it, but with scythe in game thok(*) = junk item.
  9. Well i good sir would absolutely disagree with you and would love to debate otherwise. And the Thok is perfect, maybe even a little op not asking a change on that outside of maybe a nerf? The Thok(*) is garbage. there is no debate there but if you disagree would love to explain to you at some point. Thok/ Scythe, there is always a reason one or the other in many situations is better, namely Scythe is better for pvm both in and outside wildy is top. And thok is amazing due to the fact it's the best melee pk weapon/ best imo or atleast tied with scythe for wildy farming/ anti pking while pvming. So if i can calulate multi situations where Thok is better then Scythe and they all only exist in wildy ? How is thok(*) Not trash? I want my un kitted thok back keep the trash e kit. Thok(*) has 0 purpose ZERO If i had to take a blind guess and you presented to me THREE items and said heres one is the scythe , heres sword one (thok) and here is sword 2 (thok*) little stronger 1hp pro value Scythe $100 donation Best and pvm but isn't #1 kinda pvp weapon at same time Thok $350-400 best pvp item, best wildy pvm item or tied with scythe less damage far more pk resistance Thok(*) $40? What is this trash.... worse then scythe for pvm? and can't be used in wildy...... guessit will make a mid tier item SO BASICALLY IT HAS NO PURPOSE LATE GAME BECUASE YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PREF Scythe or reg thok. So thok(*) NEEDS a rework. Make thok(*) a trick and give negative -1 to the thok stats, and orginal protect value. thats how strongly i feel, it's trash its like a trash pvm only item not even as good as sccythe which can go wildy...... Torn i'm sorry but either thok(*) needs rework Or both thok and thok(*) need rework. But it upgrades into a piece of shit that is about 10% as good if even. you could buff thok stats by another 30%^ and with a 1gp pro value i want my old thok back. I and everybody else on the server can't be wrong. it has no purpose. Everything it can be used for scythe is better, has more uses and only reg thok is more useful in some situations.... Be reasonable....
  10. We seriously need d cape sink.
  11. The question on this is do we do Zammy, Guthix, Sara imbued+ 3x ekit+e gem+ comp and go Proto #1 +1 in All Accuracy , +1 in all str value (So 15 str 1 range 13 mage from 12?) and say+25(maybemore defence bones(45+ in total And make it so it is just awesome purple comp cape that has the SAME retrieve value! (Also like+20 prayer) Following ultimate style theme. Proto #2 SINK: Zammy, Guthy, Sara imbued, 3x e kits, egem, comp+ DEATH CAPE sink +10 to accuracy (doubled) +7 to str bonuses ( a massive 21 str 19 mage str, 8 range str (good nuff for bp) and ofc the high defence bonuses associated with ultimate gear (might wanna make it seriously high) +50? = 70 total Now this can work because althought we don't want the item to be risked, droppable or tradeable, and making it so comp attatchements dissappear is bland. Heres what we SHOULD do. When you die with Proto #2 Gods Tribunal you will be require to pay 1 billion coins to death instead of the 25m for REG comp. The killer of a player with the proto #2 TOTG will receive 700m coins for pk! Resulting in a nice 300m cash sink. Now this could be llowered to maybe 500-250m retreival and 400-200 respectively for pk. Resulting in a 100-50m sink. Obviously will be prone to change get the balance right to make this one not as desirable for wildy unless your boss moding. Personally Zander i believe the best way to introduce this cape would be both ideas! the option to create both. And i'm personally on the side of the pk op varient being a 1 billion retrieval and 700m earn. Would help seriously to balance the Overpowered nature..... We are in a server where claws can make hit 230- hit at 400% damage on spec? when you can protect bring(I),barrows gloves, str ammy, primordial boots prot ocver calaws, torso, fighter hat, its ridculas everything desireable is in multi wildy. The game SERIOUSLY requires better defence bonuses when claws can 1 shot primal defence so easily. Alternatively again tone down the high risk part of the cape lower offence higher defence.
  12. As i'm sure they are balanced and infact more balanced then the current game.
  13. Yes thats why i reserved loads of posts explaining it and i jsut explained how to make it balanced.... alot of explaining. Anyway if you would like to here my ideas that i have very throughly refined call me on discord and invite me to talk to the mods. As i won't be typing all of my stuff back up again after it was just deleted without reason.
  14. Why on earth did a mod touch my reserved posts.
  15. Waht the hell some mod deleted my fucking spare posts that i just edited and just deleted all of my fucking work. i jsut sat here for how fucking long typing.
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