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  1. Staff Update 12-16-17

  2. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

  3. Game Update 12/30/2018

    thanks. minigame needed that ip fix
  4. Maxed! again :D

    hahaha. i agree. see you on the other side
  5. Maxed! again :D

    Maxed in 2018. what should I do now guys!?
  6. Some Final opinions on 2018

    Honestly i dont want to say TO much, but sense i dont post often... and my background playing this rsps and this is probably the right place for this anyways "smoked a lot bruh"....." I've played NR sense like early 2010's ish not that it matters, im happy to see the server doing well and player activity. Slayer was the way to go back then too at slayer tower btw. All i do is set goal to save enough gp for pin. i had the ::di back in the day. was located in the underground pass quest basement location. HUGE area. but thats what i mean i save enough gp, get up a tier and unlocked tons of content, i like tier base systems. i think its profitable to sell consumer items at low as well as higher tier stuff also but a gd balance. oh i also had a video "long removed from youtube for copyright material" on how to edit your client, the sprite img's luls in the client folder. doesnt use those methods now anyways lol. cant remember if i eventually got the red dollar sign. but there was green and red for sure. its pretty nostalgic continueing my experience here. i have even wanted to ask to help on the server in spare time somehow idk as a hobby i guess. i dig the computer realm. again i dont post alot. sorry. but anyways yes prayer could be faster drain cause was rlly a perk from the start. maybe a super high tier player could gain access to it though somehow. might an item. maybe temporary prayer drain rate decrease to prevent faster drain. to keep it ingame still. as a perk though. would like to see some more of these awesome minigames! pvp teams?? custom firecape for team color? idk. something not orginal. thats why i love this rsps. i got a dkite in 17 kc guys. thats ba in retrospect. custom items models hell yea maps, hell yea. wish i was a programmer lmfao. but i suck n need guidance. but always liked how stuff works. some bugs are funny too. like broken animations. not severe but goofy looking. its all apart of the experience good or bad i always choose NR. skill grinding is also pretty good. i like seeing highscores. the website the same ffs. so easy for me to come back and adapt. TYTYTYTY. lol. okay bye.
  7. Hello again

    Its good to be back on this server after so many years. i used to play NR back in the 2012 era. Lot's changed but this server has always been my fav I used to have donator and maxed stats so guess that's my goal again

    cant wait to try this boss, on my to do list
  9. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    id watch that stream
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