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  1. Update 2-10-2019

    Well done to everyone
  2. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Great, now I have a time conflict! Jk. Please bestow LDI though
  3. Mid to High Tier Sale

    Feel free to ask if I have an item [not listed] for sale if you seek any. This is not an exhaustive or complete list. The following items are for sale: - Pernix * set - Virtus * set - Swift Gloves - Tormented Bracelet - Avernic Defender - Primal Kite, Platelegs - Primal Maul, Battleaxe - Handcannon - Berserker Necklace - Imbued Zamorak Cape - Occult Necklace - Armadyl Helmet, Plateskirt - Arcane Spirit Shield - Staff of Light - Bandos Tasset - Bandos Boots - AGS - SOL - Magic Fang - Eternal Gem x2 - Furies x8
  4. Aimed at PVMers

    There is a certain skill level, particularly with tri-bridding, that makes others much more efficient and effective as a PKer. I neither have these skills to make PKing enjoyable, nor do I have any intention on learning same. The reason for this is because I play this game as a relaxation (i.e., PVM, perhaps staking; though I play League more competitively), and minimally time-wise, because I prefer spending most of my free-time on things that advance my life: reading, coding, producing music, etc. Additionally, "clans" are just a horde of the ultra-rich ganging up on less wealthy and less skilled players [mind you, I have over 200B, so I say this to speak for players of less wealth].
  5. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Hi there. Loving the updates, but I have one tiny tiny request - could you please adjust the crystal key halves' drop roll? Hope Dev and Bulwark (specifically on ::rdi) drop crystal key halves. Apparently due to an alphabetic root causation, loop halves drop nearly 50x more frequently than teeth halves. Perhaps this is intentional. I do not know. Please clarify, thanks!
  6. Who is your favourite

    Whichever one of those scrub advisors spawns me the most items that day...
  7. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Well done, thanks
  8. Selling Thok Sword

    Pm me or post here.
  9. Construction Guide

  10. Buying 20 DPins for OSGP

    Please post here.
  11. Selling 39 pins for 07

    I'll take 20-25
  12. Buying Virtus Set

    Pm or post here please.
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