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  1. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Hi there. Loving the updates, but I have one tiny tiny request - could you please adjust the crystal key halves' drop roll? Hope Dev and Bulwark (specifically on ::rdi) drop crystal key halves. Apparently due to an alphabetic root causation, loop halves drop nearly 50x more frequently than teeth halves. Perhaps this is intentional. I do not know. Please clarify, thanks!
  2. Who is your favourite

    Whichever one of those scrub advisors spawns me the most items that day...
  3. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Well done, thanks
  4. Selling Thok Sword

    Pm me or post here.
  5. Construction Guide

  6. Buying 20 DPins for OSGP

    Please post here.
  7. Selling 39 pins for 07

    I'll take 20-25
  8. Buying Virtus Set

    Pm or post here please.
  9. Cerberus Guide

    I've tested both the movement method and the 'facetank' method (using near BIS range, with a ranging potion and rocktails), and 1000% the facetank method is more effective and efficient each and every time. tl;dr - stand directly infront of Cerebrus without moving and attack it
  10. Bank Place Holders

    Of the people who say "it is a lot of code" - do any of you actually know how to code? Just curious. Have you written a functioning program over... 30 lines? Or are you just regurgitating shit you hear? I highly doubt even one of you know how to code (whether you're correct or incorrect in your statement/assumption).
  11. Bank Place Holders

    Placeholders for bank slots please! (OCD as fuck here) And perhaps if possible have it such that when you're dragging an item from a tab into another tab at the top, your entire bank doesn't scroll upward.
  12. Title says. Pm or post please.
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