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  1. NR`s Lime Whip

    Its good for pvp but I agree pvm is pretty slow compared to how it was, i guess that was the goal though
  2. Announced Drop from KBD

    i mean if vissage is announced scroll should be too
  3. If you are going to fight WB

    time to troll wb
  4. Game Updates | 3/18/2019

  5. Loyalty Rewards

    i want a frying pan
  6. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    making nr great again, chalfie 2020
  7. Storm of Armadyl

    good suggestion but its a no from me dawg
  8. Retarded Lms Rules

    lmao @ staff replies
  9. Suggestions

    +1 world map for clues and such +1 pking drop tables, 100% ep to get a dark bow as of now +1 pathing, as of now spam clicking minimap runs you in circles +1 forums and abby sire
  10. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Thankyou for adopting us
  11. Hi

  12. Teleporting out of wild

    no tele unless stuck, if dc should be kicked instead
  13. Welcome Chaflie!

    oo welcome chalfie
  14. wb

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