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  1. Game Updates | 3/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Much love and thank you for your hard work
  2. Thanks a ton for your hard work. It is much appreciated. Can't wait to test everything out!!
  3. Near Reality: Road to Max Episode 1

    Im here if you need anything at all! Best of luck. Ill be looking forward to watching your videos and seeing our progress!
  4. Reeeeeeeee

    Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you ingame. Best of luck!
  5. DONATOR PIN GIVEAWAY - Pick a number

    It's my personal favorite
  6. An Introduction

    An extreme meme brother! Much love as always
  7. An Introduction

    Thanks! Hope to see you as well.
  8. An Introduction

    I think that could be arranged
  9. An Introduction

    Hello friends of past and present, I'm Bradzin. I've been playing Near Reality since it was born I feel like. My cousin introduced the game to me before the 6th grade and I'm now a Junior in college at Arizona State. Anyways, I am back! I've been back for a while but wanted to break the ice with some people that I haven't met yet. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to pm me in game or here on the forums. Happy grinding. Bradzin
  10. b2b lava lel

    Weak... Jk brotha congrats.
  11. Community Manager Introduction

    Cayleb, Glad to see you in this role. I'm looking forward to it! #SupportFastEatAss
  12. Vote events

    I love this idea. Regardless of what the awards are, there needs to be more incentive.
  13. Ghostface

    Welcome back. It's time to party.