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  1. Guide to PVM Arena

    Ty for this fatts!!
  2. deg vesta (new)

    +1 Its (deg) for a reason and I support this change. Pking is dead lets start making some appealing changes.
  3. Donation Refunds

    Name: Bradzin Total Donated (Since April 2017): $60 USD I received the first 25%. Other relevant information: Thank you for finally giving us some news. Can't wait to get rolling.
  4. Respected Donator Island

    Thank you for this post, I could not agree more.
  5. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    Just trying to be patient. Thank you for the update.
  6. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    I haven’t gotten my pts. But great overall post, brings up most player complaints.
  7. Limes

    Gzzz. Keep on grinding man looking good!
  8. Stuck in 2014

    Preach brother.
  9. Losing a 25b stake to a 1?

    idk why you would stake a thok
  10. Goodbye... my brown, round friends.
  11. Drop Table Update 2

    YESH! ty
  12. Fire capes

    This is a good idea. I’d be a fan of trading in capes for a chance at the pet. Should be fairly hard to obtain though. Nice post!
  13. Add a client option to view drops on ground

    Please. I’m all in
  14. United Nations and You

    Those are some sandy cheeks man
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