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  1. NBA Season

    My prediction is a league-wide strike by the all-star break. Jk. Bulls in 7
  2. Player Spotlight! Ironguy12345

    Congrats man! Thanks for your dedication to the game!
  3. A small message for players

    Looking forward to it. I haven't been on much lately due to class and work but I'll be seeing you all soon!
  4. think i found my bank

    hmu bro lol k3
  5. Staff update - 14/08/18

    Congrats. Keep up the good work.
  6. Biggest downfall of the server

    NR as we think of it will never return. That's just the way it works. New ideas are what could lead this server to future success.
  7. New guy

    Welcome! Been seeing you around. Good luck on making progress and planking kids in the wild.
  8. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    Great to see. Good job and thanks for the hard work.
  9. Some suggestions

    I'd agree with the barrows suggestion, as I've killed over 300 dh today on my alt and gotten three sets
  10. Clear White The Legend

    Welcome back to NR. Hope to see you around!
  11. The NR Veteran

    Decided to take some time here and read this... Welcome to current NR. I most enjoyed where you talked about the Pros and Cons. I thought you were spot on with most, if not all, of your thoughts.
  12. capes

    I don't understand why this wouldn't be included. +1 great post
  13. b2b Dcapes (almost)

    This is a good meme
  14. Staff Update [23/07/18]

    I love you moneyblades
  15. Voting Incentive

    I'm fine with this. Good suggestion. The server needs better mechanics before this though lol
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