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  1. Main account cmb 95

    How much 07 are you looking for? As im quite sure you cannot be given NR for it?
  2. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    I like the concept of your idea but for those prices to change that dramatically you then need to rework the pkp system. i mean whilst on a killstreaks you can get anywhere from 250-2k+ pkp in 1 kill. if on a incredible killstreaks I’m sure you can get 2-4K+ probably therefor garunteing you X amount of wealth a kill even for killing a no armourer
  3. PvM Poll

    Only thing I disagree with it’s the ROTA of NPCs on each island, i don’t see any benefit from this to the LDI OR RDI players but only a potential gain for DIE And DI members. the rest is okay for me
  4. Buying/renting/sharepay

    Are you going to be botting zulrah or killing it legit? im not looking to sell, how ever may be willing to rent it out since I’m not playing rs currently so what are your renting fees for a maxed comb -77 pray/95 mage
  5. Vote Shop / new currency? (small rant)

    There is already a 5% Fee to buy 1b tokens? Thats doing the exact same job you're suggesting. To buy a ticket is 1050m, To sell a ticket is 1000m
  6. Game Updates | 3/26/2019

    Nice update
  7. Vote Shop / new currency? (small rant)

    I agree 100% with a voting rework. however disagree with your reward tokens. They can be 3-5m but it’s noy going to change. What would you do with everyone currently holding the 1b tickets? eventually the economy’s going to raise passed that limit again and just like the original version of NR it’s will surpass 20-50b. youre naive to think otherwise. Seems like your thinking short term not long term
  8. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Rains closed guys, you can stop applying haha
  9. finallyyyyyyyyyy

    I got the pet but no feather/cape lol
  10. Pet Benefits

    Would be an interesting thing to see added, but with the updates that are to come I honestly wouldn’t see it happening in the near future. But great idea.
  11. finallyyyyyyyyyy

    Gratz, thought it was the pet tbh lol
  12. grim key guide

    Nice guide, Would be nice to know the best obtainable drop from the chest is. So far its T Bow, RSH & TSH
  13. Game Updates | 3/22/2019

    Love ya work, Make sure you stick around
  14. staking in 2011 nrpk

    The memories of when staking on NR was actually the best now the combat systems and PID etc is frustrating to say the least on here
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