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  1. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    love the updates you're doing, But not a particular fan of this 1. All its done is kill imbued ring prices, and thrown alot of dead content items into the shop. But overall great job you're doing.
  2. Announced Drop from KBD

    Not really a drop to be announced such as the kid head or d kite, although at a 1:1000 drop table it possibly should
  3. If you are going to fight WB

    Doesn’t matter how much people rant, theres always going to be trolls at work boss. Eg: Iron Giant, Iron Taylor etc. ill come try it out when I finish work this afternoon
  4. Game Updates | 3/18/2019

    Getting it done in a short amount of time, love the work Chaf.
  5. yay feels g00d rdi 0pz

    Gratz, Slightly over the drop rate though providing you haven’t had 1 before Think it took me 259 kills for my first bgb then 1.6k for the second. they can Deffinately be a grind.

    Finally got that fang you were chasing haha
  7. March Events!

    Love the in-game events held by the staff team, but you’re also missing the other half of your player base when 80% if not more of the staff are in or around the same time zone. Some of these events should be spread out amongst all different variety of time zones. just an opinion I’ve had for a while.
  8. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    love the work
  9. Storm of Armadyl

    Hasnt got my support, They nerfed the speed of lavas etc purely because of NHing. Imagine what Storm of Armadyl will do, Might as well of just left lavas alone.
  10. Retarded Lms Rules

    It’s honestly not hard to beat people teaming in lms, especially if you said you had full food and pray lots along with lime, man and Gmaul. Learn to use what you have and when to switch and you’ll be fine
  11. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Welcome aboard, Hopefully its a smooth transition, Wont be an easy task. But im sure you will survive
  12. Teleporting out of wild

    Agree 100% providing the staff member in question tells there first to see if it’s safe to do so if not jail the player instead. for 1hitncya to ask for a TP out to save items confuses me a little seeing as he is probably one of the wealthiest. But a touch of misfortune for you, & I hope 1hitncya has been dealt punishment for his actions on his Ironman alt for what was done.
  13. wb

    Nice work. my ring there is horrid
  14. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    I believe torn has stated ultimate boots were coming into the game but at which point he didn’t say. i do like the suggestion for 2nd bis boots though
  15. Welcome Chaflie!

    Welcome mate, hopefully you’re not a planker like that Torn67 guy. best of luck, look forward to seeing the new updates get pushed through.
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