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  1. Review Moder magic

    I know what you mean I get tele blocked with range tank gear while I have 150 magic defense plus mage pray and augury on this needs to be fixed same with barrage hits every time literally doesn't matter how much magic defense , pray mage or augury you have.. I don't go for magic defense since I recon it
  2. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: Daphne Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Yes Do you have any hybriding experience?: Yea but Mainly Range Tank /High End Zerker AGS to Gmaul from Osrs & Pure pk Do you have any clan experience?: Yes but long time ago from Osrs times Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: Nope Recruited by:
  3. No credits

    Yesterday I donated via paypal store credits.. 24h+ passed and i still did not get my credits Did a problem occur or smth? because last time i donated it was pretty much instant. Sincerely Daphne

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