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    Sup people. I've been noticing how 90% of global drops i see on a daily basis are from LDI. As a wildy pvmer I've noticed the lac of drops i've been getting especially from revs (only obtaining one totem (50m) in the past 5 days and not getting a relic drop in way over 2 weeks) & that's with dr pin and row!. LDI's are making an easy 10-50b per day while just afking. I know some people are gonna read this and presume i'm jealous or something.. i'm not what so ever i just feel that wildy pvm needs a slight buff droprate wise because wildy pvmers like myself take the most risk while pvming. Every time I vent my frustrations about this subect in trade cc the ldi's just try to cause arguments about it so i'd appreciate it if an admin+ could please see it from a wildy pvmers point of view and atleast give the wildy a small drop increase or maybe a new wildy boss with lucrative drops. Thanks for your time guys. PS. ENCORP ETERNAL GLORIES INTO GAME!.
  2. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    I hate spots had to change clans cos he scammed everyone in his last clan (THK).
  3. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: Meat Head Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): I do Do you have any hybriding experience?: im not a very good brid, but im a half decent tber range tank XD Do you have any clan experience?:i was in a f2p clan on 07 lol Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: I have not Recruited by:It's Geo invited me Please lemme join i wanna help make I Hate Spots by dropping him daily with #RAIN
  4. Non yet sadly

    I can't stand i hate spots, and wanna drop him whenever i see him. Lemme join you guys XD
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