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    REEEEEEE nice
  2. Donations and Other News

    REEEEEEEE I like it, wish i was still rich
  3. Speed up Lava and Lime in PVP

    I support this, doesn't feel like NR without it
  4. My 2 Year late Intro

    fucking loser, big flame or no flame. No in-between
  5. minor player review

    you don't know what they do behind the scenes tho
  6. Still da greatest vid

    Ye, this was Drax's NR, miss it big time
  7. Still da greatest vid

    Chaos realm was like 2014 though wasn't it? this vid was 2016
  8. Tiki bank sale

    Idk why you lads are replying to this thread, 3 months old and all these items are long gone haha
  9. its mafia

    familair name
  10. [PVP] Meet Spots!

    I'm gonna assume you miss typed cause your big nose got in the way of your eyes cause there's no way you would @ me like that right?
  11. Death Buyback Prices

    Ye do it, and also introduce individual buy backs. I've been in a situation where I've only have like 20m cash, really needed my barrows gloves back and it's given me a rune pouch instead meaning i can no longer afford the gloves.
  12. Hey there

    10/10 lmfao
  13. [PVP] Meet KGB Agent!

    Sounds good to me brother
  14. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    I like it brother, make it a poll
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