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  1. #freegodlix

    Down syndrome XD
  2. The Return

  3. LDI Yell timer

    lmao how you gonna disrespect him like that XD. Support though there should be a cool down on their yells
  4. FFA countdown

    Ye man would be pretty sweet
  5. FFA countdown

    Could we get some regularly scheduled FFAs that are guaranteed? If so could we additionally get a timer on the forums that will let those viewing the homepage know when it will go down? It just means those who can't spend all there time on the game can plan ahead so they have time to make it to these fun events. thoughts?
  6. Update 2-10-2019

    Noice, big man torn tings
  7. Final One Claimed

    Can't tell if you genuinely believe what you're saying and forgot what really happened or if you're just point blank lying cause of your ego. You got repeatedly smoked, we wiped your team 3 times without banking.
  8. Final One Claimed

    Let me explain then. In a multi war a team wins by killing all the members if the opposing team. Which we did, hence the statement. You got the loot but you still lost the war. Weird I have to explain this to multi pkers.
  9. Final One Claimed

    HAHAHAHAH fam do you remember what happened at all? your DPSer died 20+ times during the event, we knew he was going to get it so just decided to focus on clearing you, which we did. On top of that you didn't "escort" him to the safe zone. He teled up with no items, looted 4 things and died with protect item and did this a few times to get part of the loot. Don't get it twisted hun.
  10. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Torn up to his old tricks again
  11. Fire Capes

    Spicy memes
  12. Final One Claimed

    "Explicit mixed with other members" Nope, that was just explicit and a few alt accounts. Blacknans are a different team and we were fighting them as well (before they left anyways). True, you got the loot because you had accounts focusing it, but then again your team was wiped from GDZ during that event multiple times. Pretty clear who won. And as for your first point, like I've said numerous times before we are a SINGLES Team and are therefore obviously going to pk in singles where we excel. The same you you pk in multi because you are a MULTI team. Additionally, Trash talk is part of the pking experience. You and all your members do it so don't so high and mighty.
  13. Final One Claimed

    Don't understand why you feel the need to call a singles team pussies for pking in singles Besides, we (explicit) went multi numerous times and smoked you despite being outnumbered simply by being better pkers Now I know your ego is going to stop you accepting that fact and you're welcome to dispute this but I know deep down you know it's true.
  14. Final One Claimed

    Eso and I are the only people from explicit that are still relatively active (couple hours a day at most while Eso finishes cashing out) so to say that it was a merge is pushing it a bit. In addition, you didn't clear us, it was actually quite the opposite. The only time the wilderness was ever active was when you idiots pulled up to gano every 30 minutes with a large amount of members. Now I'm not going to flame you for this, but we wanted to pk and there was literally NOBODY to kill. This is the reason the majority of my team left, not because you "cleared" us.
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