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  1. Scorch's Introduction

    Gravedigging own post, poor Scorch
  2. Cosmetic Sale

    Can I get back my afro which I lost due to edge rushers? Pretty please
  3. black partyhat

    /sold black partyhat
  4. Buying stuff

    Buying ragefire boots, arcane stream necklace and morrigan top and bottom (regular). Pm me if im ingame or leave your offer here so we could negotiate the price
  5. black partyhat

  6. black partyhat

    Selling black partyhat. Please leave your offers here or pm me ingame. Selling it around 4-6b, but you are welcome to name your offer aswell.
  7. Buying lime and serp

    Buying regular lime whip and regular serpentine helmet. Paying 4,5b for lime whip and 1,5b for serpentine. /serpentine helmet bought and lime whip bought.
  8. Buying dpin, die and drop rate

    Still buying die pin, but in nrgp now.
  9. Team #Plankers

  10. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Way too many RDi-s popped out of nowhere and we will probably get more of them before the draw, but thanks for the update
  11. Thank you

    Thank you, to whoever fixed yesterday's client breakdown and forum webpage with such a short notice
  12. Team #Plankers

    First event "Socialism" this Friday, lets get ready to rumble!
  13. Global - Introduction

    Hello Global, welcome to Near-Reality, where legends and plankers alike go when RS got shit
  14. Team #Plankers

    Accepted and gratz on the 1st forum post
  15. Buying dpin, die and drop rate

    /dpin and drop rate pin bought, still looking for die, paying in osrs gp
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