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  1. Price guide-basic

    how much is elder maul
  2. Suggestions for a better NR

    forget what i said above. just get the money that these nerds donated and put into new adverts @Mod Jacmob. nothing makes players want to end it all like seeing an ad for a server saying "ACTIVE PVP" and "400+ONLINE AT ALL TIMES" and than logging in to see a playercount of 63 and 1 person afking at edge.
  3. Suggestions for a better NR

    quite honestly i say they just remove ldi and refund the donations or watever. i mean honestly what did adding ldi do for the game? the donations it brung in make no difference to nr other than paying chaflie. and it has just started a big argument over whether or not ldi's should have control over the eco or not. now u mite think im joking or am retarded. but think about it. what would actually happen if they removed ldi/nerfed it and never touched it again? people would stop donating for it, not like the donations affect nr anyway from what i can tell? the only bad thing is that the 5 or so people who actually donated for it would quit. and to that i say, u win some u lose some. feel free to flame me below idfc but i will not tolerate any ldi's criticism since most of them are gunna argue the opposite to what im saying and ask for ::spawnitem commands. ty 4 ur time but just know that im not actually asking for ldi to be removed but just saying that ldi was a useless addition that just enraged a bunch of nerds.
  4. Credits To The New Guy!! @Chaflie

    oof too far
  5. Announced Drop from KBD

    how bout no
  6. Loyalty Request

    do you actually get these items ingame just for having the postcount? if so please unban my main forums acc.
  7. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    nice, dont see why there is so much flame about you in cc
  8. Storm of Armadyl

    doesnt seem like what the game needs imo
  9. Retarded Lms Rules

    Im in a lms for like 20b. i have i full inv of food, lime, msb, gmaul, good range and melee armour and 2 full prayers pots in the top 5. imagine how much i wanted to kms when i see a team of 3 fuckwits run into the final area and just win the lms without any struggles whatsoever. this has been happening in lms's for ages and when someone complains the staff members say "teaming is 100% allowed in lms". wow great design there 10/10 on the retard scale.
  10. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    the steadfast/ragefire/glaivens boots combo would just be way to easy to get for an ultimate item. i alone have like 3 pairs of each and just think that it should be like all the other ultimate items, combining all the previous bis items to make a new one.
  11. me

    you just described every single staker on nr
  12. New emote/Change old emote

    i think it would help nr greatly
  13. Selling stuffs

    bump pls some1 buy
  14. Prayerbook arrangements

    +1 support but not if it will take too much time instead of other more important fixes
  15. Selling stuffs

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