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  2. Donations and Other News

    With this change and everything an eco reset along would be nice , The pets could be resetted the new reward could be introduced to pking and much more, wasnt there an adv camgpain soon to come?
  3. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    theses prices are too low i would rather like double the price of the new suggested items but what we need is new items to the the shop exclusive to pking. not the same old boring shitty reward at a lower price. We need - justiciar set- kodai wand- avernic- grims key- ancesralt keys added to the reward. even with theses suggestions the rewards are still terrible. we need real rewards, every server who's pvp thrived understood that here we just get med tier reward for pking
  4. PvP Poll

    back then we could risk dh since it had a monetary value but now with that drop rate barrows are worth shts, main activity was dh pking /risking, What is the point of pking when dh is worth sht before it used to be worth 80m. And also Only one account per ip should be able to attack another player in the wilderness
  5. Pet Benefits

    This really need to be added it gives a new end game content !
  6. Farewell

    you got smited irl
  7. The NR Veteran

    same lmao i didnt read
  8. Upcoming Projects

    lol alright lol
  9. Relaunch Day!

  10. The Future

    but @Mod Jacmob Many iron mens will just die to their alt account or people will transfer their items to an iron man account and then kill them or either stake to have their items back
  11. Poll 20/03/2018

    im not playing but if you close the server your will loose all seriousness (NR closing down another time and re-booting) Yes that strategy could have worked in the past but now the player pool of rsps players is limited. Yes eco reset is needed , this time disable the stupid m boxes reward and thoses being mass handed ( i did the statistic ages ago when i was playing on how much lots of things like m boxes and etc was affecting the eco drastically. Let the economy grow on itself and do not at all host stupidly huge DP or things of the sort there are other ways to rewards players. Too many giveaways in the start is terrible for an healty eco. And force the economy reset is 50/50 your the leader lead your server in a place where you can make constant $$ once again. Atleast this time you did put in the work lately grtz. Ps. refund rank only and not token don't break the economy since day 1 and remove the op donar zones by others perks that make every players interact with others. my 2 cents
  12. Poll 20/03/2018

    polling the economy reset isn't the brightest move( people will always be entitled to their current pixel even if the game is dying). This was needed over such a long time (even tho im not playing anymore). Where are the people that voted no before they are all gone for the most. Many times people countered the downside of having an eco reset with real facts. It seems like Nr is reaching the last resort. It's time for the economy reset it has the potential to bring back old players
  13. Forum Theme Poll

    @Rytur you care too much for nothing just chill and leave. Go invest that energy were you get results for yourself you are not even making any profit from NR yet you be putting so much work into something that yields little to nothing ROI. We got it you might be salty at jacmob or w/e many people did but in the end trying to prove him wrong or the staff team is a waste of time. idk what you do of your days but it feels like you are addicted to NR. don't let that nostalgia concept fool you or theses flashy pixel rank give you some sort of pride in a pixel game lol... go and strive for greater things
  14. Game Updates | 01/04/2018

    okay we need Flameburst defender 7k (ship ticket) give it a real place occult necklace in the shop like 2k ship tickets Cerberus boots for (100k-150k ) pkp Ea shouldnt only be pvming excluse but hard to get by pking ancestral robes 75k (pkp per pieces) Tormented bracelet and other zenyte item ( 120k) pkp ea and it would be nice if that team cape x etc wasn't only a cosmetic item but actually a cape /equal to Bloodlust prize kept on death and tradeable
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