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  1. Game Updates | 12/14/2018

    okay start, still waiting for something to do before i show back up tho.
  2. Items that Need Some Buffs

    i did it to honor your great photo editing skills, full respect.
  3. Items that Need Some Buffs

    2 of 8 were fixed, still would like too see the others get some help.
  4. wilderness drop rate bonus

    not 25%, thats way too high to be stacking with row and drop rate pin. But a extra 5-10% would be nice. And might give people an incentive to pvm out there.

    why add a braindead method to spec. I don't think its needed. Just f5.
  6. Items that Need Some Buffs

    on godbows, they are not that bad atm, if anything they could mess with their specs, but we at least have blowpipe atm which is going to be better no matter what they do to godbow.
  7. Items that Need Some Buffs

    They did that earlier today, updated the top of the other thread i had on that. These are just items that never got buffed in the first place.
  8. Items that Need Some Buffs

    Some items are very weak for the difficulty to get them. These are the following items I think need some help. Kodai wand currently 15 magic damge, with celestial having 24, this should be raised to 25-30, just so it is best in slot. Twisted Bow I have not tested this item, but from what I heard, it is weak. This needs to have more consistent hits from the sounds of it. If it seems too strong give it a 1gp protect value or disable it in pvp. Ancestral Armor Give it 2-4 magic damage per piece on top of its current stats. (that being as long as its magic bonus is higher than all others atm, this should be best in slot) Abbysal Bludgeon Has fairly weak stats, very comparable to a normal whip. It needs a buff in damage and possibly have a special attack that does something neat. Would love too see what others would think the special would be. (even if its a pvm only spec like % dmg to the boss, so it would be good on bosses) Armadyl Crossbow It feels the same as a chaotic crossbow. Either give it higher max hits or give it more chance to proc bolts. Like a 10-20% chance to proc bolts better than other crossbows. Trident and Toxic Trident Neither work. They are suppose to have max hits depending on your magic level. (along with items with magic damage) On osrs trident hits 28 at 99 mage with no bonus gear and every 2-3 magic levels increases max hit by 1. Trident of the swamp maxes 2 higher than regular trident at all levels and applys toxin. Possibly let the version with magic fang added hold more charges to make it more wanted. Like let the normal one hold the 2.5k charges and toxic one hold up to 10k charges. (Note: both of these items cast 20% faster than normal spells) (fixed) Heavy Ballista I do not own this item and haven't tested it. People complain that it is weak. This should be a pretty decent pvp range weapon. I do not know how to go about doing this, my guess is either accuracy, damage, or a good special attack . (i don't know its max hits, att speed, or anything) Overloads and extreme magics Extreme magic pot raises magic level to 124, this was only suppose to go to 106 normally because magic levels past 99 use to increase your damage by like 1% per level past 99. Overloads currently put magic level to 106. Either make them both 106, but increase 1% damage per level past 99 or put both to 124 and leave it as is. (fixed) Please leave some feedback on what you think of these items, either if they need buffs or not. Or maybe even throw some better ideas on what the items should have.
  9. rip whoever told devs they wanted stats to be more like osrs.
  10. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    @Posin @Mistereman22 @Juan Check out all this negative feedback and please rollback the item nerfs, nobody wanted them, they were not needed. let the community vote on it if you don't beleive me.
  11. STOP reverting items stats back to osrs

    its more of a reason that there is under 10 primordial boots in game i bet and they really dont come into game often at all.
  12. All items have been reverted from that update. Thanks for all the feedback. Feel free to close this thread. Thread below is my thread on items that need buff after this revert. This isn't old school runescape and most of the items are a pain in the ass to get. On the 7/3 update the following were nerfed from what i've seen: (half of these items are too rare for people to pk with so why nerf?) Primodial boots from 15 strength back down to 6 strength. (only 1 strength over primal boots won't even give 1 dmg max hit) Eternal boots from 12 bonus magic dmg to 0, (think was like 15 magic bonus down to 8 also not 100% sure) Occult necklace from 18 magic damage to 10. (arcane steam is a more common neck with 15 magic dmg) Blowpipe has something nerfed, max hit with BiS range gear went from 60 to 40. back to how it was before bp read range strength Those are the items i've seen nerfed in the last update that i can visibly notice. The only understandable one might be blowpipe, even tho it makes it a lot weaker than it was, its still not the worst. Cerb boots on the other hand are very rare and deserve to have best in slot stats (they are way to hard to get to be shit tier boots) Other items with osrs stats that need a buff: Abbysal bludgeon- Prob the hardest weapon in game to obtain and it is very weak compared to most weapons. Maybe give it a special attack that does something or buff it. (be careful tho, its whip speed) Armadyl crossbow- +5 range over ccb? this make it basically the exact same as a ccb. Let it proc bolts more often or something. Trident and Toxic trident- neither of these even work atm. (not 100% on toxic trident, but normal trident cant hit over a 0) TWISTED BOW- heard it sucks by vorkath, just has low accuracy probably. where godbows and bps out dps it badly. (i havent tested this item, just heard it was bad) and on a side note, wrath spells are castable but do not work (guessing this hasn't been added yet tho) EDIT: Other nerfed items people are unhappy about: Inferno cape, Ganodermic, fighter hats, ranger hats, max cape(shits worse than fire capes now), plus just about anything that had its stats altered lower. TLDR; Primordials, eternals, blowpipe, occult nerfed.(unneeded nerfs, except maybe bp) Arma crossbow, abby bludgeon, trident are broken or very weak and need buffs or reworks.
  13. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    neat new ffas and lms sound great But NERFING shit back to osrs stats again????? This needs to be stopped.
  14. Gold Drops

  15. Wiki Team Update

    congrats on the ranks and goodluck repairing everything in that wiki. should be fun.
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