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  1. Speed up Lava and Lime in PVP

    Only if we can add a 1/100 chance for the Lime whip to disintegrate when used in PvP scenarios.
  2. The following updates are now live (most of them were actually added in yesterday's planned maintenance) Sanguinesti Staff and Scythe of Vitur have had their heal mechanics added. Both the Scythe and the Staff have a 1/6 chance to heal you for 50% of the damage dealt, and must be charged with Blood Runes. The staff cannot be used without charges, however the scythe can (though it won't proc it's heal effect). The Scythe requires 10 Blood Runes per charge with a maximum of 5,000 charges, and the Staff requires 5 Blood Runes per charge, with a maximum of 10,000 charges. Sanguinesti Staff has had it's protect value set to 15M, and the Scythe at 50M. Vet'ion has received a slight nerf. Some of the announcements for combining items have been cleaned up. Combining Completionist Capes now produces a global announcement. The internal login API has been reworked, meaning that logins will be processed faster, and players will still be able to login to the game if the website is down (this won't be active until next restart). Most of the work behind this update has gone into refactor and improving the game server backend rather than producing content, so apologies if it feels rather empty. Thank you for your patience! Dread, Charlie, and the Near-Reality Staff Team.
  3. Planned Maintenance | Monday, April 15th

    Server is back up and running, thank you for your patience.
  4. Pathing in LDI is broken.

    I'm closing this for the time being. I'm currently in the process of rewriting the pathfinding systems and how the game handled regions and objects.
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