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  1. inventory sale cheap

    Pegasian boots: 12B Ballista: 1.8B Amulet of anguish (or): 2.5B Avernic defender: 15B Primal set: 3B Primordial boots: 12B Santa hat: 3B Sled: 4B Virtus* top and bottom: 9B Lime whip*: 6B Amulet of torture: 2.5B Saradomin blessed sword Cash only or pins only, Pm me in-game or on the forums if interested
  2. inventory sale cheap

  3. Game Updates | 01/19/2019

  4. Team-Explicit

  5. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    very cool
  6. BSS/Korasi

    korasi op, needs nerf
  7. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    a fok this was today smh
  8. New starters

  9. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    In-Game User: Digi22
  10. Protect value chaotics

    Suggestion is to change the protect values for all chaotics (Farseer, Staff, Crossbow, Maul, Rapier, Kite, Long, Eagle-Eye) to 900,001 gp to better match their value.
  11. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    When will i be getting my 3B>>?
  12. Protect value chaotics

    Haha yes. Haha L00lL.
  13. Thanks for the HP Event!

    as we do
  14. THK Continue Devouring Rain...............

  15. @Rain

    You are a god honestly. Please don't come back!
  16. Pkerman

    nice video weirdo
  17. xxx

  18. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

  19. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

  20. avoid

    good thread
  21. Fix wilderness?

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