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  1. 2019 NBA Champions

  2. wut u going to do

    u join me?
  3. wut u going to do

    i pk nobs
  4. Oh hey didn't see you there

    cool cool
  5. Blood Buns

  6. PVP Drops

    The one that's life rn has these. Not sure if they will still be there after launch doe...
  7. Raids and new content
  8. Elo and Ranking System

    @crucio #11 cool
  9. Rare Points vs Fragments

    Why not keep the frags like we have them and just have the pins reward the frags that are already in place?
  10. Revamp/redoing NR

    oh my this is great
  11. Rare Points vs Fragments

  12. To everyone complaining

  13. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    This seems reasonable
  14. Loot from ~5000 elite clues

    nice bank
  15. The Future - Near-Reality v13

    Big future
  16. Pin loss

    = To buying pins for in-game items. Both will be gone.
  17. PvP Tournaments

    Oehh i like those
  18. sucks youll lose torn
  19. F To Pay Respects

    ahwwwwwwwwww i feel for u
  20. :(

  21. my dear victims

    planks gonna plank
  22. 200 Sub Drop Party

    minecraft? anyone?
  23. Pest Control Guide

    nice guide
  24. Premium Donator Guide

    Cool cool. There is a wiki article about this as well.

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