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  1. Beta Testing

  2. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    I agree. I paid REAL money for some of my 07 gp and converted to pins..all gone. The past month or so of me grinding my account all that time wasted, I literally just maxed right before the reset lol
  3. F To Pay Respects

    Just reset delta. Eco fixed
  4. A Proper Near-Reality

    There goes all my time wasted. I’m a newer player and just maxed. Dumped a big chunk of my old school gold into pins. Donated $400. Gf
  5. Nice drop party sucks I had to work.
  6. 80 Billion GP FFA

    thanks for that event
  7. Return of Artur

    welcome back!
  8. 200 Sub Drop Party

    damn I have to work
  9. Imulsion’s Maxed Staker Rental

  10. nice. good to be in the video and thanks for the partyhat!
  11. Imulsion’s Maxed Staker Rental

    @Rytur @Rytur @Rytur
  12. Imulsion’s Maxed Staker Rental

    bump, lowered prices for now.
  13. Imulsion’s Maxed Staker Rental

    Thanks for the free bumps
  14. Imulsion’s Maxed Staker Rental

    You’re autistic

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