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  1. Vet rank LOC

    i want vet rank too i am 2014 ok, who cares about before that
  2. evil kid | GFX Artist Returns

    The sig you made for me way back when Good to see ya!
  3. Donations and Other News

    Torn I love you very very much, but you gotta work on that post formatting (keep doing this!!! Although I think this is a good idea that should be implemented one way or another, I also worry about donations to the server because the meta has been "drop $600 or $1k and you get rank". (Never thought I would say that about NR)
  4. NR`s Lime Whip

    Thok* is also good pvm dps if you got the kahunas
  5. Buying Transfer Device and Drop rate increase

  6. Buying Transfer Device + drop rate increase - cash - PM me on forums or ingame!
  7. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Chaflie? more like BAEflie am i right???
  8. Middle Man Service

    I would trust this man with my infant child. 100% vouch
  9. Owning PVM

    Dont know for sure but check and see if using those staff icons as your ranks in clan is against the rules.. could confuse some people if they are skimming through this post.
  10. Buying 07 GP for irl $$

    PM me your stock
  11. xxx

    hello its me, your brother
  12. Buying dpins - 3.5m ea 07

    can buy up to 17
  13. Buying dpins - 3.5m ea 07

    PM me in game, on forums, or reply to this thread

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