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  1. an idea

    The majority of PKP farming would stop if you removed the 15 kill streak and 30 total kills achievements from the list to get comp cape
  2. Looking forward to 2019

  3. Worth the comeback

    oh kurb
  4. Imma Kill U's Resignation

    Hopefully will see you soon Imma Kill U. Always have been a great friend of mine
  5. Great day staking

    Thats good man, but double that would be cooler
  6. Good day staking

    Thats good, but what if you had double that?
  7. Make a rule against quitting threads

    Know what is also annoying? you PM'ing me in game about wanting to buy my rdi account since I am not playing anymore
  8. Wave of monk

    Seems like most of us RDI are pretty fed up. Rightfully so. Keep in touch man. Good luck with everything
  9. Farewell NR

    nice edit brother
  10. Farewell NR

    Yeah man ill be back as soon as we get some leadership back. Hoping we dont have to wait too long for that.
  11. Farewell NR

    As JB handed in his resignation today, I feel that we lost our only active "owner". I have tried to contact Will for months and have never gotten a reply. As much as I love Near Reality, I cant continue to support a server that lacks leadership and therefore I will also be leaving NR and looking for a new home. Want to give a big shoutout to the staff members, Mistereman, and JB. You guys have done a fantastic job under the circumstances that you are given. I will miss you guys! If you want to keep in contact with me i am on skype: gmancient1 and discord: JP Morgan#3011 JP Out
  12. Jbaikie Resignation.

    Thanks for everything you have done. You have been the help that NR has needed for a long time. Sad to see you go
  13. Staff update - 30/07/18

    Appreciate you sooper. Best wishes to your family
  14. What to do

    lime whip all the way, im at 250 vote points atm
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