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  1. If i buy 5 pins rn what would you offer for it? I do take items (melee meta, mage meta, range meta, rares)
  2. S00per that wouldnt work, if they made pins a tradeable item ingame and you could just click it to activate it, thatd work great, but you cant put one id number for all pins because that leaves the program no way to differentiate between my pins your pins and chuck's pins.. making pins an ingame tradeable item with a right click -> claim option sounds do-able this would also save staff members a ton of time. I'd imagine the developers are more focused on rebirthing near reality though
  3. id be pissed tbh
  4. Thanks for the responses guys! Bringing back v13 is just a suggestion to build from there, I mean that version had 750 players online at any given time. Combat system was unique and well put together. A lot of the anticipated updates on this version were already incorporated and perfected on v13.
  5. Here's my suggestion, lets bring Near-Reality back to it's glory days! Bring back v13! We miss the old sara sword! The automatic Dclaws! Etc. Bring back v13 and build on that, or just bring back v13 and leave it alone really, that was NR at it's peak, you can't fix perfection. If you bring back v13, the only updates id suggest is adding raids, adding boss pets with bonuses ( I.G chaos ele jr. 1/1150 drop rate - bonus 5% drop rate and 10% damage (only on npc's), Tormented demon jr. -1/1150 drop rate - bonus 7% chance for a double drop, etc) Give reg donors +20% exp, Extended donors +50% exp, Respected donors +100% exp Add a shop that buys whips etc so the price doesn't crash.
  6. 5, all for 17b.
  7. HMU ingame or shoot me a pm on forums! 3.5B each! Dpins are cheap right now, stock up while you can! Prefer cash offers but also looking for: Vestas, lime whips, FSH, primal, blood neck, d kite, etc!
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