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  1. And the winner is hr iron congrats pm in game and youll recive the dpin thanks to all who particpated and all the happy bday wishes
  2. dang i missed this man congrats
  3. bump guys last day to enter goodluck to all whos entered
  4. +1 for me
  5. at the end of the day most of the community is more towards pvm its been looking like in the past couple weeks so i would think pvming will win but well see i think the wildy has enuff monster in there just ppl not doing them
  6. alright I would be down for raid if you made new items not just the 07 raid items think some custom items and or cosmetic rares thats exclusive to raids would be really dope but that just me wanna see how other people feel about it
  7. shit grats on the scratch off i never fucking win on them scratch off and use rsgoldpot they legit and fast af
  8. in highschool i wayed 185 benched 265 anybody can beat that?
  9. alright so imo this is the fastest way to get money and it is revs alright there a couple places to kill revenants but my favorite are: castle dragons teleport loc is in spell book under pking teleport run north and 3 revs will be there graveyard dragons teleport loc is also in spell book under pking teleport run east and west 1 rev will be on each side alright this is my inventory set up you can switch rocktails with monks or whatever food you could afford my gear setup is higher end setup alternate set up welfare setup alright now here are what revenant hellhounds drop And here is what the revenant demon drops Alright what to pray I pray soulsplit and turmoil and protect item :NOTE: YOU DO SKULL WHEN YOU ATTACK REVENANTS AND ALSO IT IS IN WILDY SO BEWARE OF PKERS BUT ITS 20 AND BELOW WILDY SO IF YOUR NOT TELEBLOCKED YOU CAN TELEPORT HOME. The statues you receive turn them in here at mandrith he located at home when you turn in your statues you will receive ship tickets you can spend your ship tickets here at king author located at home also or you can sell the ship tickets to people at ::trade or the trade cc Thank you for checking out my guide and good luck to you all
  10. not bad
  11. super 1-70
  12. no grain
  13. you rich sob
  14. my respons says it all
  15. i would love this bring back some memories and have wildy more active for best pker title Edit: that luckiest stakers mine if this happens to
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