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  1. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    what are fury sharks?
  2. Update

    "we will start updating the game weekly"
  3. Boss tokens

    Alright, so honestly in this game, I see a feature that is more than less desirable. - Only being able to do certain bosses via slayer task. Alright, well for starters, it's a shitty concept. so my idea that I propose is the concept of boss tokens. Instead of having to wait for the 100th slayer task just to get a 5 boss task of the one you wanted, instead have specific NPC's drop tokens for specific bosses that enable you to teleport for a single instance based kill.
  4. Donation Refunds

    Name: Zachshw2 Total Donated (Since April 2017): $700 I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No): YES
  5. Daily Credits Post

  6. ~~PRICE GUIDE~~ Updated daily.

    primordial and pegisean boots?
  7. Update Notes- 05/27/2018

    There needs to be a fix on NPC accuracy formula, they hit way too high way too often making most npcs Hard to kill, especially cerb. Literally got three hit through prayer by plane freezer with max gear, make prayer actually work to where they can't hit through or hit very little?
  8. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    The biggest issue and of what i have said, is the game is modeled for 400+ people when we realistically only have 150 a day. There just needs to be more of a player base and less drops from pvp and higher pkp prices in shops. Personally I think pkp should be replaced with blood money. Pvming isn't the issue. I've also been around since 2010 - 2011
  9. New slayer helmet?

    or just have prereqs as in "Must have crafter fsh" Must have crafted "insert specific slayer helm" etc.
  10. Buff Crystal Bow Speed

    Absolutely not. Unless the range strength is reduced to 80. It's current strength is 150 compared to the godbow's 100.
  11. Multi zone in ::di

    They could just add more kqs? your logic really doesn't apply here.
  12. Multi zone in ::di

    Suggestion is to remove the multi zone in ::di Reason? Unfair advantage to those barraging because they're farming both Kalphite queens at the same time, preventing other players from getting any drops. Also, gives them the ability to continuously farm or in other words AFK farm kalphite queens as long as one between the two stays alive. Solution? Remove the multi zone, or put one of the two kalphite queens in a different area of ::di
  13. Stuck in 2014

    This post is completely my opinion on the state of NR and how I feel we could draw in more players from other servers. To start, I feel like NR is still stuck in 2014, and where we say we're improving, it just seems to be one step forward and two steps back. And the general mindset and focus is in the wrong areas. For starters, the main focus shouldn't be on Pking, take a step back and look at other servers for example. There's so much potential that we are not taking advantage of, so much different things that could be added that is obviously not. A lot of those other servers, their high focus is on pvming and general world aspects of the game. Such as Bossing, raiding, even slayer is more interesting and less bland, better minigames, GAMBLING W/ Dicing and flower poker ect. To where a vast majority of players are focused on that and honestly, doesn't give two shits about pking. Why was pking so big on old NR compared to nowadays? Because to make it simple, it was the outrage of Runescape taking away pking that caused a mass influx of players to come to private servers. Now that times have changed, pking isn't as big as it used to be. Why am I bringing all of this up? Because from what I've noticed of the higher ups, wanting all these updates for the wilderness, to draw people there. the issue is, most players don't want to. So all these man hours and time is going to all of the 12 people that actually pk. Why is this an issue? because instead of focusing on points that will absolutely draw more people to NR. it's just being pushed off to the side as side projects... Three things that will make people want to come. Raiding - group raiding that friends can do together, fun and interactive and creative aspect to the game that most people can look forward to. Gambling - flower poker and dicing, for some reason people have gambling addictions and love to go to juicy servers with gambling Customs - Unique items that can only be obtained through certain activites, IE: new unique minigames, Raiding, new bosses (that aren't only in the wilderness) because being honest, that's a huge turnoff. There needs to be more unique bosses not in the wilderness. because as it turns out, they're not utilized. why? because one of those 12 people that like to pk like to camp and just kill people, and as I've stated before: The playerbase isn't giving a shit about pking right now. In summary: Let's focus on different aspects of the game that will draw more people in, get that player count up by adding different things for the different people. More areas = more variety in player base = more players on regularly. Then those who are solely focused on pking aspect of the game will see more people in the wilderness. Will see more players dueling. ect. I know NR was based off of pking. but back in the OG days, PvMing was what brought me to the game, and because so many like minded individuals were brought for the same reasons there was such a higher player base that either got us curious or made us try new things. It's a new time, new server. Time to focus on new things. I want to see Near reality succeed, and I want to see Near reality back on top of every rsps toplist. But to do that, there needs to be new things and new variety of gameplay. Change sucks, and New things can be scary. But the only way to improve is to take the chance.
  14. Respected Donator Island

    There's a lot of perks that they can add that I think that they should. for instance, OGNR had unlimited prayer for RDs, the island is bland and honestly, content wise sucks. is it worth $600? Not in the slightest. what could be changed? Adding a couple special bosses that drop items only rdi's could get, maybe a boss that drops super mboxes and occasionally rares at a really fucking low droprate. obviously nothing game breaking. adding the perk for the ability to change spell books and prayers adding the unlimited prayer perk outside of RD island custom cosmetics or custom bosses that drop a different variety of items. Take away barrel chest and bork. adding better shops and a special RDI cape. Shit, we've paid over 600 for the game, atleast give us a cape that matches completionist cape or some shit.
  15. Super Mboxes

    thanks, i feel dumb now lol
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