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  1. Adios for now

    Sup fellas, it's come back around to that time again where I'll be deployed very soon, sadly it's the stay under water for a few months straight kind of deployment. Stay safe and play nice!
  2. Slayer

    i got a 90+ living rock bullshit task, so I haven't done slayer since (Over 4 months) so yes.

    I'd disagree, literally as soon as I spawned in i got hit 62 - 63. you may not get one hit, but you'll get hit twice at the same time.
  4. Swap Mbox names

    Just a minor suggestion: To swap the names of the legendary and the super mbox. Let's be honest here, the Legendary Mbox rewards are kinda just bland and comparatively not that great, It's definitely above the mbox, so could be considered a super mbox and the Super Mbox has the best rewards out of all of the m boxes. so it should be dubbed Legendary Mbox. So what do you say?
  5. Donor island PvM

    + support for more spawns, bear in mind, a few of the "no" voters probably do not have RDI, or LDI lol
  6. Team #Plankers

    Please fill in this application form if you´d like to join: Your name( main account which you can be contacted with): Zachshw2 If applying for hot shot speficially your most notable feat pvm or pk wise or something else: Pvm Fun/interesting fact about you: The millitary owns my life Would you reccomend someone to join this clan or did someone reccomend you: Yes
  7. Final LDI price

    Intro So there was a brief mention of a new donation rank coming soon to NR and that would be Legendary Donator However, there has not been much information released to the NR community about it, such as: Content, benefits, special offer/ reward for achieving the title, and most importantly, price. So the price that I was told by Torn, was to be ticketed at $1,500, which first and foremost, is a very steep price to set it at and here's my reason as to why. Brief history of RDI and general donations Before Pre-ECO reset, Rdi was priced at a total donated of $700. It was definitely not a normal rank to have especially if you're a basic player and over time with consistent donations, would take a while to achieve. However, after the reset, all items were deleted, and I believe excess pins that weren't used, also were deleted, and for those that put that money into the game, Didn't receive a full refund or even close to the promised 75% refund that was supposed to be given to the players. Then, some time last year, the total amount donation price for RDI was reduced further to $400, to which most players who were already RDI, were not aware of. So now RDI can be obtained by donating $400, making the gap between LDI and RDI a total of $1100. So I propose, with the community now informed on what the price of LDI is going to be, that we figure out what the best price for it will be. with a cheaper price, there are pros and cons to it. Pros and Cons Pros: It's a more realistic amount to reach, and more people would be more inclined to donate for it Cons: It's easier to achieve, so there will be a couple more people with it. Conclusion Personally, I think that we might just get this price situation figured out as a community, so those who donate $1,500 don't get fucked over by the priced being reduced later on down the line, just like the RDIs who donated $700 specifically for the purpose of having RDI got slightly screwed over by RDI's price being reduced. And I believe a $600-$700 gap is more reasonable than a $1,100 gap for the next tier of donator rank. Again, I would much appreciate community feedback on this one. I understand this will not affect a lot of the players, and mainly the one's who have donated hundreds of dollars to the server, but I do see a bit of unfairness to the people who play and pay the server.
  8. sell dpins 07

    I'm interested. 30+ bulk for 3m each, my fee
  9. The Lottery II

    How much total donated will LDI be once it is released?

    Buying 40 DPINS for 3m ea 07 or 16m ea RS3. to work out the trade, pm me. also, my fee.
  11. Numse sale-

    red slayer + pernix set + dkite* for sythe?

    It's not "needs of the players" it's "needs of the few" majority of the players aren't active in the wilderness, nor have any intention of doing so. It's the attempt of a few people trying to make the wilderness active and literally shutting out the majority's enjoyment/ play to attempt to revive something that isn't going to revive unless focus is shifted to needs of the server in PvE, Eco. Until that side is heavily reworked, the server isn't going to grow and it's not going to have a higher, steady, playerbase. And the "needs of the few" is to punish the majority in an attempt to get them to "be active in the wilderness", but what you don't realize is punishing PvE players, is literally just going to make them leave the server with no intention of coming back. Rework PvE, add minigames, add raids, rework voting shop/ voting rewards to make it worth voting for PvE players (which is the majority player base) and you'll get the growth you want, and you'll see the wilderness become more active just by population increase. New players don't have a chance to grow because there is no PvE for them to grow from. They're told to go do gano, but then you just have a clan in max gear stomping them before they even get a chance. ::barrows is their only chance at getting gear, and let's be honest. it's not that great. So they leave and write off the server. BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING TO DO. cut the bullshit with "needs of the players" if you listen to the players, most of them don't even want to go into the wilderness.
  13. Meet the UN Team

    Again, as I've said 100 of times, the server isn't going to grow if you only focus on the wilderness... there needs to be more PvE and eco updates to make the game worth a new player's interest. But you guys are set in your ways, and the server isn't going to grow with how the current mentality is, to the point where it's just laughable.

    Why are you punishing players that aren't interested in pking/ going into the wilderness? It's absolutely ridiculous. Let pvmers pvm in peace.

    or have a prize box that people can put items into to attend a ffa/ money into. and the winner gets what's in the box
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