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  1. Integrity

    Should delete the entire thread instead of the comments. The situation seemed to be handled very unprofessionally. Not sure why this guy got a public execution but mr Jacmob still has his pixel head attached to his pixel neck. Think he carried out worse crimes than jelloman6969
  2. Integrity

    I like this guy. God for bid some staff want to fuck around for a bit after giving hours of there time to helping the game. It's called a private message saying "hey shithead stop abusing bugs or ill beat your ass" ezpz And you should hear the stories some of us old nr staff have from the original. It was an orgy of staff abusing.
  3. Looking forward to 2019

    See you in another 4 months!
  4. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    You suck nerd
  5. Zilvus Intro

    Fake as fuck
  6. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    fake and gay
  7. Player Spotlight! Ironguy12345

    ban the cat lover
  8. A small message for players

    I know first hand how frustrating running a server is without the owner being active. Feel bad for you lot.
  9. Staff Update 10/2/2018

    when does rytur get owner
  10. Where my old timers at?

  11. Jellyman226 R.I.P green slayer

    Stfu u dumb brown donkey!!!
  12. S00per L00t and Sabrina

    sabrina is a guy my friend who cares if theyre not active.. this game is dead as fuck.
  13. Wiki Team Update

    thought something was missing :thinking:
  14. Forg33

    yikes hope he paid well for that sucky sucky
  15. Update Notes- 06/23/2018

    niggas getting some 10 second fixes and be thanking you like you're jesus himself nice game
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