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  1. Staff Update 1-14-19

    bruh rytur sucks had that guy as a mod for me and he made me want to end it all
  2. Old NR players

    1) wrong forum section 2) no
  3. Looking for a few staff

    pls give rytur staff
  4. Looking for a few staff

    They declined my application even though I put a lot of effort into it
  5. Staff Update 12-16-17

    Kinda a useless rank but nice!
  6. Weekly News

    Wow wicked cool!!
  7. Scorch's Introduction

    Just trollin doode
  8. [UPDATED]::Die Improvements

    Wow smart guy Zander i like all suggestions
  9. Fix shade robes

    Sure. 5 minutes to do?
  10. Glory charges

    Yes please. You're smart brain
  11. Wildy Slayer Changes

    Good idea
  12. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

  13. Integrity

    Should delete the entire thread instead of the comments. The situation seemed to be handled very unprofessionally. Not sure why this guy got a public execution but mr Jacmob still has his pixel head attached to his pixel neck. Think he carried out worse crimes than jelloman6969
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