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  1. Was a good run

    demacia, lil dick nigga
  2. Pet perks, and maybe collector's necklace

    Is it really bashful anytime I post anything? Just giving my thoughts on a fucking terrible suggestion.
  3. Pet perks, and maybe collector's necklace

    All this support on a possibly game breaking suggestion...
  4. Pet perks, and maybe collector's necklace

    Worst suggestions lmfao My man suggested a pet which allows you teleport from ANY LEVEL in the wilderness??? What kind of pussy ass shit is that? How the fuck is that another level of excitement?

    lmao @Rytur's dick is small
  6. The Future

    Exactly, he could always just shut down and not say anything then you guys won't be able to do anything about it.

    my man, your net worth in game was like 500m chill.
  8. Fuck this update

    lmao why u still here then
  9. Got this lil' cutie on my first kill

    I tried for that a while back, cool pet, gz
  10. Ironman Poll Results

    rip K Dot
  11. Was a good run

    I anticipated there would have been t bow and or ancestrals + kodai added to the shop and I would be the only to afford them. And besides nothing worth it in the shops except the defenders.
  12. Was a good run

    Was a good run 559k pkp Would be 750k if Turmwhale Madd didn't avoid 24/7 lmao shitter was ez kid
  13. Vote store

    no, planker suggestion -1
  14. Poll 28/03/2018

    was very ez

    So we posting pvm kill pics in 2018
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