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  1. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Am I too good to join???1?1??
  2. wtf is this

    The tb timer is still ticking when you log out.
  3. Cache Direct Download

    There have been a lot of cache issues recently with people unable to install the game properly. I uploaded my cache along with my client for you guys to directly download them. Let me know if there are still issues . *Make sure you follow the readme file
  4. drop tables

    Using Mito's example. They are discrete outcomes when you kill a monster, you either get it or you don't. To get the pet on any given kill is a 0.05% chance while the leaf is a 0.25% chance. So you either get or don't get the leaf, and get or don't get the pet, as well as everything else on the drop table. Think about how often double drops occur. A double drop would involve you hitting both of the likelihoods of the drops, so the 0.05% for the pet and the 0.25% for the leaf making it a 0.0125% chance to get both. This is why double drops are possible, although very unlikely, you can earn every thing on the drop table in one kill due to the discrete probabilities that drop rates follow.
  5. Near Reality Rules

    Removed rule 33 regarding ragging & changed pin abuse rule from 34 to 33.
  6. Kushmandro or whatever her name was

    Tbh, had it coming. Biggest mouth on this game, nice job.
  7. The Time Has Come

    Quitting cause carpal tunnel, 1-0.
  8. NBA Season

    Off- topic, but this was fucking dirty last night. Also, I'd give them like 1-2 years before they're properly contending, Luka is looking good but you gotta anticipate the Dirk retirement.
  9. NBA Season

    Some bold ass predictions my guy, some of which I'd like to see. Idk about the heat or the mavs making it that far and you def sleeping on Raptors.
  10. NBA Season

    Yeah, live just north of Toronto. And that Raptors win over Celtics
  11. NBA Season

    Raptors, but I'm a general NBA fan. Don't like the Warriors tho lmao
  12. NBA Season

    We know how the west is gonna go with Houston becoming worse this season, but a first round Pelicans Vs. Warriors would be competitive (1st v 8th). Lakers are definitely making Playoffs tho, unsure about how the standings will look with a lot of the young competitive teams like Denver, Utah and, Portland possibly filling the 4-8th seeds. Also hope that Demar prospers on the Spurs under Pop's coaching. East predictions are; 1. Raptors 2. Celtics (As good as their starting lineup is, Raptors bench is still the best in the league) 3. Bucks (Don't sleep on Giannis) 4. Sixers (Ben Simmons and Fultz are brick) 5-8. Wizards, Hornets, Pacers and Heat in whatever order (Wizards have been trying over and over essentially with the same team every year, it's not gonna work) Cavs could possibly still be a playoff team edging out the Heat or Hornets but we've all seen them without Lebron, however, we can see a lone star Kevin Love once again. Raptors losing to Warriors in finals 4-0 or 4-1 after a game 6-7 win over Celtics in the ECF. Warriors beating either OKC or Houston in the WCF, although I would wanna see the Lakers there. Leave your season predictions below Warriors fans catch a ::ipban
  13. A long.. Long.. Time ago

    Welcome sir, hope to see you in game.
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