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  1. Welcome Chaflie!

    okay ty for ur input
  2. Hey ya planker. Check messages. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. New emote/Change old emote

  4. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    No, same restrictions as ::bank command. So no wildy, ffa arena and in combat.
  5. Ultimate Item Crafting Recipes

    Ultimate Slayer Helm Black Slayer + Green Slayer + Red Slayer + Turquoise Slayer + Eternal Gem + E-Kit + Crafting Ability Ultimate Ring Berserker Ring (kod) + Warrior Ring (kod) + Seers Ring (kod) + Archers Ring (kod) + Tyrannical Ring + Ring of the Gods + Treasonous Ring + Ring of Wealth (i) + E-Kit + Golden Feather Ultimate Gloves Swift Gloves + Goliath Gloves + Spellcaster Gloves + Golden Needle + E-Kit And might as well add Zaryte Bow Armadyl Godbow + Zamorak Godbow + Bandos Godbow + Saradomin Godbow + Twisted Bow + E-Kit + Magic String
  6. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Here are today's updates; -Updated droptables for Vet'ion, Callisto, Venenatis, Corp Beast, King Black Dragon and Tormented Demons -Reduced speed of Zaryte Bow in wilderness -Reduced Lime, Lime* and Lava speeds in wilderness to match Abyssal Whip -Updated gear for NH, Dharok, Damned and Max FFAs -Made all FFAs change prayer book to normal on start -Added an indication on FFA start that Piety, Augury & Rigour work in FFAs -Made Golden Feather drop announce globally from Phoenix -Added a Ticket Merchant and Banker near the teleport spot at ::duel -Changed ::ldi1 to ::ldi and swapped the teleport locations of ::ldi1 and ::ldi2 (::ldi now teleports you west of Avatars) -Added magic, crystal and blood key chests at ::ldi2 with rare frag shop NPC -Added a bank chest in PVM Arena lobby for gearing -Demonic Gorilla damage/stats corrected -Added global announcement for clout upon crafting any ultimate item -Added item to make fun of Crucio lol -Added ::pb (to change prayerbook) and ::sb (to change spellbook) for ldi+ This week's primary focus was QOL updates in preparation for content being released next weekend.
  7. Need to claim my rdi please pm back

  8. Staff VS Server

    aight we gl roo
  9. admin+ in the wilderness

  10. Sneak Peek: Slash Bash

    A catalyst for other changes coming next update.
  11. Staff Update | 03/04/2019

    no crucio
  12. Staff Update | 03/04/2019

    Hi, Three promotions today; Spank has been promoted to Moderator Ticket has been promoted to Moderator 1800downed has been promoted to Moderator They're aight. -Slim, etc.
  13. Staff Update 3-2-2019

    Smh espire
  14. @Slim Shaco

  15. The new 4 Jad's mini game.

    my bad woox
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