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  1. Cleaned's cleaners

  2. Void Magic Defence

    Bump cause this shit relevant right about now piss off

    Wouldn't mind it being added, but lets be real, who doesn't use sanfew serums? They'll be countered like 90% of the time.
  4. NPC Boxing

    I believe this rule needs to be reassessed simply because it is not enforced at all. I am literally the only person that has ever been punished by this rule for doing it at ::DIE, NOT EVEN THE WILDERNESS. Just a stupid rule in general considering that many people would rather be jailed for a small period as opposed to lose whatever amount they were risking. NPC boxing is a part of the OSRS wilderness and should also be either allowed on NR or be enforced much more than it is now. Current rule: 30. NPC boxing "Boxing" (attacking a monster with no weapon) an NPC as a means to stop others from attacking said monster is not tolerated. If you are found doing this you will be jailed temporarily. Multiple reports will lead to a temporary ban in extreme cases
  5. Wish you all the best

    I put you on 88glam tho.
  6. Sols, DFS, B whips, etc.

    Spirit shields - 25m ea Blessed spirit shields - 50m ea DFS - 50m ea Fury - 40m ea Staff of light - 40m ea Mage's books - 5m ea Bandos godswords - 75m ea Barrows whip - 35m ea hmu n shit
  7. Happy new years

    Happy new years to everyone even to those who dont like me, wish you the best irl this year
  8. Dh ffa

    Every other person hides or runs around as if they cant find a fight. Stop fucking saying you cant find a fight when everyone else actually playing fair can clearly see a fight for you. Insta kick anyone who says they cant find a fight when there is clearly someone for them to attack, no warnings. Also, I couldn't give less of a shit for in game currency, I'm not saying it for losing, I mean you all just ruin these events now.
  9. Staff Bash

    When you switch from melee or range to a staff it auto retaliates whether auto retaliate is on or not https://gyazo.com/74c1c23eb7da89843405ef74473ca199
  10. Void Magic Defence

    You literally splash like 15 times in a row on that shit... Lower that magic defence, it's unreal, can't freeze it in damn near max mage. Don't even blame this on the current accuracy, it was like this before the update as well; void and arcane, no need to even pray mage, and good fucking luck to the other person catching a freeze. I'm not saying it shouldn't be high, but like come the fuck on, draw the line. Look at this: Void + ranged/ melee helm (155 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/03eaac69eb8ae138bd946423f9c2af48 Void + mage helm (149 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/8696ed2cdc3f4b30ed95a95aaaa9b1fb Ahrims (the most basic) (58 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/85b0739e3ad9e84dd38eb8414658ac12 Zuriels (67 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/07250284c282f309124b97c0b791d7b6 Virtus (71 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/aeecf0ed31e5d5f09eeecf3e9ec05823 Gano (the best fucking magic armour) (90 magic defense) https://gyazo.com/c6d1e7fd7dfa8bde650a79918b7a1059
  11. Resource Area

    While trying to enter the resource area the hellhounds would agro me and remove the dialogue/ payment screen to enter. So I tried going through quickly and spam clicked the payment confirmation of $5m which resulted in me being charged for each click of the button. Nothing big but should be addressed; https://gyazo.com/a257de9095ea65a7c48417ff9fc00a8e (Look at the chatbox)
  12. Scorpia

    The caves on the outside don't work at all so I used ring to teleport in and this happened. I could only attack it but couldn't move until I died.
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