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  1. 2019 NBA Champions

  2. 2019 NBA Champions

    what pc lolol
  3. 2019 NBA Champions

    then don’t fucking comment idiots
  4. To begin, a lot of information here is a reiteration of the rules revolving player scamming mentioned in the official rules thread at: General Hosting/ Gambling guidelines to follow Here at Near-Reality we follow the flower game rules listed on Sythe at: This link describes how the games should be run and the guidelines of what we follow on our server regarding flower games aside from a slight difference in flower poker rules. The more common dispute resolutions are listed along with the difference between Near-Reality gambling rules and Sythe’s guidelines. H/C- RYB Flowers = Host Win, Black/White Flowers = Replant **FP- Black/ White Flowers = REPLANT (**This is the only aspect that differs from Sythe with regards to FP**) ** Understand that you are hosting a gambling game, you will not always win. Overreaction to losses, flaming the gambler, staff or others for your losses will result in corresponding sanctions as listed in the official rule thread. Gambling is at your own risk, this also applies to the gambler. As the host, always collect the pot before rolling or planting any plants to avoid confusion. If host loses, pay out the agreed upon pot. If host wins, keep items received from the gambler. Do not host if you can not afford or an incapable of paying out winnings. This will be classified as scamming and appropriate sanctions will be taken against the host in this scenario. Do not stray from agreed upon stakes/ pot. Regardless of item value in the economy, if a pot is agreed upon ALWAYS payout said amount, not an alternative. Example: Host and gambler agree upon a H/C flower game with a Blowpipe (host) at stake against 10B cash (gambler). If host loses and deems it more convenient to himself to pay out 10B cash rather than the agreed upon Blowpipe item, the gambler has the right to report for scamming with appropriate proof (screenshots with timestamps). Additionally, when a host is advertising, for example, Blowpipe for 10B cash H/C. The pot is both combined, nothing more. Meaning, the host pays out his Blowpipe on a loss, not his Blowpipe+his 10B cash and the gambler's 10B cash. This thread classifies under the same agreement as listed on the official rules. They are subject to change if needed and should always be followed. If any rules are broken or not followed, please report the host at:, or PM an available staff member in-game. As the host, you are not invincible. Repeated sanctions/ complaints of a host will eventually result in retraction of dicing/hosting privileges WITHOUT a refund for credits.
  5. Developer cape

    Infernal Comp is already such a strong cape and will remain the best.
  6. Happy Star Wars Day

  7. [PVP] NEW Bounty Hunter!

    lol no
  8. Planned Maintenance | Monday, April 15th

    Bump. Currently down due to this.
  9. Mithril's Resignation

    gta gang
  10. [PVP] Meet Spots!

  11. Hey there

    you aren’t donzella
  12. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    50 killstreak, kill someone and just off the bonus you have 2.5k pkp. Prices are too cheap but I like the effort, could be a compromise.
  13. Staff Update | 04/08/2019

    Hi, Catwick12 has been promoted to Moderator Jellyman226 has been promoted to Moderator Sandballoon has been promoted to Moderator theguy12345 has been promoted to Moderator imma kill u has been promoted to Administrator You are doing good job. And lol, luckybamf has been promoted to Advisor , wtf.
  14. Game Updates | 4/5/2019

    Updated log. Forgot to mention Trident/Sang Staff changes.
  15. PvM Poll

    mbox ffa 24/7 yes no
  16. Alpha Chads - New Clan.

    Thanks for owner
  17. PvP Poll

    gl anyone edge
  18. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    Wildy Slayer Box (6200) 1/100 Drop Rate on any given Wildy Slayer NPC kill on task · 500 Magic Logs (noted) [1/10] {1514} · Super Mystery Box [1/20] {6198} · Legendary Mystery Box [1/25] {15501} · Coins 25m [1/1] {995} · Coins 75m [1/5] · Coins 275m [1/10] · Coins 750m [1/25] · FULL slayer helm [1/40] {15492} · 500 saradomin brews [1/25] {6688} · 2000 rocktails [1/20] {15273} · Vesta chainskirt [1/20] {13893} · Vesta chainbody [1/20 {13887} · Infernal cape [1/300] {51295} · Eternal gem [1/30] {51270} · Imbued cape (s/z/g) [1/100] {51791} {51795} {51793} · Runite ore 250 (noted) [1/10] {452} · Coal 1000 (noted) [1/10] {454} · Mahogany planks 500 (noted) [1/10] {8783} · Ancient statuette [1/15] {14876}
  19. Ultimate Item Crafting Recipes

    Ultimate Slayer Helm Black Slayer + Green Slayer + Red Slayer + Turquoise Slayer + Eternal Gem + E-Kit + Crafting Ability Ultimate Ring Berserker Ring (kod) + Warrior Ring (kod) + Seers Ring (kod) + Archers Ring (kod) + Tyrannical Ring + Ring of the Gods + Treasonous Ring + Ring of Wealth (i) + E-Kit + Golden Feather Ultimate Gloves Swift Gloves + Goliath Gloves + Spellcaster Gloves + Golden Needle + E-Kit And might as well add Zaryte Bow Armadyl Godbow + Zamorak Godbow + Bandos Godbow + Saradomin Godbow + Twisted Bow + E-Kit + Magic String
  20. Welcome Chaflie!

    okay ty for ur input
  21. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Here are today's updates; -Updated droptables for Vet'ion, Callisto, Venenatis, Corp Beast, King Black Dragon and Tormented Demons -Reduced speed of Zaryte Bow in wilderness -Reduced Lime, Lime* and Lava speeds in wilderness to match Abyssal Whip -Updated gear for NH, Dharok, Damned and Max FFAs -Made all FFAs change prayer book to normal on start -Added an indication on FFA start that Piety, Augury & Rigour work in FFAs -Made Golden Feather drop announce globally from Phoenix -Added a Ticket Merchant and Banker near the teleport spot at ::duel -Changed ::ldi1 to ::ldi and swapped the teleport locations of ::ldi1 and ::ldi2 (::ldi now teleports you west of Avatars) -Added magic, crystal and blood key chests at ::ldi2 with rare frag shop NPC -Added a bank chest in PVM Arena lobby for gearing -Demonic Gorilla damage/stats corrected -Added global announcement for clout upon crafting any ultimate item -Added item to make fun of Crucio lol -Added ::pb (to change prayerbook) and ::sb (to change spellbook) for ldi+ This week's primary focus was QOL updates in preparation for content being released next weekend.
  22. New emote/Change old emote

  23. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    No, same restrictions as ::bank command. So no wildy, ffa arena and in combat.
  24. Staff VS Server

    aight we gl roo
  25. Sneak Peek: Slash Bash

    A catalyst for other changes coming next update.

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