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  1. Game Updates | 01/19/2019

    Hello Near-Reality, Just a short one for you guys today; -Corrected Royal Seed Pod to work as intended (now teleports from 21-30 wilderness) -Fixed the bug which allowed drop trading Royal Seed Pod -Removed Hope Devourer and Bulwark Beast from the slayer rotation -Fixed the spec altar to work for ::di+ -Fixed the spellbook altar on ::die and ::di -Prayer drain update is now properly implemented on live server from past update -Slim
  2. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    Wildy Slayer Box (6200) 1/100 Drop Rate on any given Wildy Slayer NPC kill on task · 500 Magic Logs (noted) [1/10] {1514} · Super Mystery Box [1/20] {6198} · Legendary Mystery Box [1/25] {15501} · Coins 25m [1/1] {995} · Coins 75m [1/5] · Coins 275m [1/10] · Coins 750m [1/25] · FULL slayer helm [1/40] {15492} · 500 saradomin brews [1/25] {6688} · 2000 rocktails [1/20] {15273} · Vesta chainskirt [1/20] {13893} · Vesta chainbody [1/20 {13887} · Infernal cape [1/300] {51295} · Eternal gem [1/30] {51270} · Imbued cape (s/z/g) [1/100] {51791} {51795} {51793} · Runite ore 250 (noted) [1/10] {452} · Coal 1000 (noted) [1/10] {454} · Mahogany planks 500 (noted) [1/10] {8783} · Ancient statuette [1/15] {14876}
  3. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Hello Near Reality, Here are the updates for today; Bug Fixes/Small Changes -Disabled using ::lms, ::ffa and ::pvmarena in the wilderness -Reduced the new player trade timer to 10 minutes from 60 -Fixed a bug with resetting wildy slayer tasks not working -Capped Ruby Bolts at 100 damage and disabled in PVP -Fixed the “Battle Royale has opened” typo when LMS starts -Fixed the global killstreak announcement typo -Fixed the Clan Box to work -Fixed Gano Beast kill not counting for the achievement diary -Reduced Green Dragon attack range so they can no longer hit from 5-6 tiles away Big Changes -Added Royal Seed Pod teleporting device to PKP store for 50k pkp, kept on death, 50m buyback & untradeable -Increased the prayer drain rates. Was too friendly whilst PKing and PVMing and is simply not a factor with regards to +1s in the wilderness. -Added Wilderness Slayer Box -1/100 drop rate with a unique drop table I will post in separate thread -Two New NPCs -Bulwark Beast, drops Promethium armour set pieces -Hope Devourer, drops Primal armour set pieces -Kill logs are added as well, both deal melee damage -Ganodermic Beast Changes -Three new locations, “South of Chaos Temple,” “Fountain of Rune” and “Bandit Camp” -Reduced hitpoints to 30000 -Added a killcount in the kill log -Cleaned up the bottom/more common drops on the table further enhancing the table as a whole -New killstreak PKP reward mechanism -Similar to how the shutdowns work, you will now receive a bonus of x50 your killstreak PKP per kill -Starting at 10, you receive normal+(50*killstreak) PKP -For example, 12 killstreak at Edge 280+(12*50)= 880 PKP, 600 is the bonus -Capped at 50 killstreak making the max bonus 2500 PKP -Donator Island Changes ::Di Changes -Added spec restore altar -Replaced ancient altar with altar of the occult -Added shop assistant and Jatix -Moved the nurse and banker to more convenient locations -Added Dagganoth Trio, Nezikcheneds, Ancient Wyverns and Borks ::Die Changes -Moved the Anvils and Furnace to closer to the rune ores to make a little skilling area with a banker -Replaced the ancients altar with altar of the occult, removed lunar altar -Removed prayer altar, moved the nurse closer to spec restore altar -Added a bonfire near the teleport for firemaking -Added Ticket Merchant, Old Man Ral, Morgan Le Faye and Zamorak Mage near the teleport spot -Replaced Mithril Dragons with Bulwark Beast -Added Scorpia and Nomad instead of the Elves and a second Penance Queen ::Die2 Changes -Moved the teleport spot -Added another Rammernaut, Glacors and Jungle Strykewyrms ::Rdi Changes -Replaced Barrelchest and Nezikcheneds with Hope Devourer and Bulwark Beast ::Rdi2 Changes -West room changed completely to Strykewyrms -North room changed completely to Corp, Nomad and Icefiends -South room changed to x3 Kalphite Queen in multi I would like to thank everyone who helped test this update as well as @Juan for working as long as he did today. -Slim
  4. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    NH TOURNAMENT – Jan 18, 2019 BRACKET Will be posted in advance if we get enough early applicants. First come first serve basis! RULES 1. Each round will be BEST OF THREE. A teleport and or run will count as a loss but a death will ELIMINATE you regardless of score. 2. If you d/c, there will be no rematches unless it is a server issue. 3. Do NOT turn this into a flame war. 4. No camping melee prayer just to avoid being specced, etc. We can tell if you’re slow with your prayer switches or you’re intentionally camping a prayer. 5. You must display at least some form of effort in your fight. This means no camping ranged/melee to essentially rag your opponent out of the tournament. 6. ONLY regular prayer book allowed. 7. If you are participating, obey orders. For example, when I request that you line up, stay in the line. Anyone purposely leaving the line, etc. to attack other players will be kicked immediately. 8. No attacking spectators. Spectators must have no gear or equipment. 9. “Slim Shaco” CC when tournament begins GEAR 1. The gear is capped at BARROWS (all barrows items except the weapons) with MAX CAPE being the best cape which you will be allowed to use. 2. The 6 brew cap is strict, however, the amount of karambwans, etc you bring are all up to you. 3. THERE IS A MINIMUM REQ OF 3 SWITCHES; NO LESS. 4. You are allowed to bring double hides, unholy book, etc to add your own variation to gear, but you will be checked before you begin each fight. 5. Here is where you have the most control. You are allowed a +1 of your choice without altering the cape switch. You will not be allowed to use a lime/lava/godbow/maul/ely/P2h/nex armours/gano/pvp armours but any other WEAPON/STAFF/AMULET is fine IF it is approved must have your choice approved before the fight). This is not restricted to you swapping out your melee weapon as, if you'd wish, for example, you could use an AGS instead of the claws. The claws are in place as an example where as there would typically be a DDS in that slot. PM ME IN ADVANCE IF YOU WANT TO CONFIRM YOUR CHOICE! 6. We will be somewhat flexible with gear choice but there will be NO arguments. 7. No recoil ring allowed in this tournament. 8. Rune Pouch not mandatory but highly recommended. Will not be provided 9. These items below do not count as +1s but also risks that YOU choose to take. You will NOT be refunded what you risk in the tournament and it is up to you to check your items kept on death. Example: CCB protects over AGS. Here are some examples of gear setups that will be allowed; AGS +1 Claws +1 Torture +1 WHEN/WHERE Jan 18, 2019, 3 PM ET Start I will teleport participants and spectators to a private Edgeville. Please be there on time. PRIZES First: 100B Cash Second: 50B Cash Third: 25B Cash All participants will receive a mystery box set. Application (You can show up the day of as well): In-Game User: Feedback on Rules:
  5. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    Winners: 1st: Eso 2nd: Oi Ali 3rd: Dildoswaggin
  6. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    Hello Near-Reality, These are the additions/changes for today's update; -Removed snow and holiday decorations from Edgeville -Removed the holiday's login message -Added Cannonballs for the Dwarf Cannon to Toby for 2 PKP each -Made some changes to better the Clan Box for future administration use -Added a chest to south side of LMS map for late game bloody key use. -Ava's Assembler buffed to best in slot ranged bonus/strength (on par with Assembler Comp Cape) -Fixed an issue with Overload and Antifire timer overlays not showing at PvM Arena -Replaced Fury Sharks with Anglerfish as the best food in game. Heals 25 and up to 122 hitpoints (PM Torn, Pag and I if you have Fury Sharks that need to be swapped for Angler) -Replaced Fury Shark in ship ticket store with noted Anglerfish for 2 ship tickets each -Abyssal Head in Wildy Slayer Shop now functions to make Red Slayer Helmet -Can no longer kill the Security Guard at Edgeville with magic spells -Buffed normal Staff of the Dead to +23 magic, +2 over SOL to better reflect rarity -Slightly buffed daily task rewards for new players. Added a mystery box and changed to 25m coins -Added Salmon fishing spot at fishing guild for the achievement -Justiciar buffed to best in slot defense bonus and given a strength bonus to match regular Vesta's -New Staff of Light model purchasable in PKP shop And for the bigger changes -Increased the cost and bonus PKP for the Well at Edgeville to 500m and x2.5 global boost with x3 boost for the donator -Major changes to killstreak shutdowns and PKP rewards listed below (aimed to solve the issue of seeing players on large killstreaks with only a 200 pkp bounty); 1) Killing a player with a killstreak now gives regular PKP earned + 100 times their killstreak as a total PKP reward. For example, if Luckybamf is on a 13 killstreak and I kill him at Edgeville, I will be rewarded 280+(13*100)=1580 PKP. This will take into account my killstreak, pkp bonuses, etc. The example assumes I am on a 0 killstreak with no bonuses active. 2) This bonus is capped at a 50 killstreak. Meaning, shutting down someone on a, for example, 57 killstreak will reward you only a bonus of 50*100= 5000 PKP. 3) Once a player passes a 15 killstreak, their calculated PKP bounty is announced globally for every kill. For example, if Luckybamf is on a 16 killstreak and kills Crucio, the global announcement would read "Luckybamf is currently on a 17 killstreak, kill them for 1700 PKP!" This also takes into account the 50 killstreak, meaning a yell would read, "Slim Shaco is currently on a 57 killstreak, kill them for 5000 PKP!" -Major Gano changes; 1) Increased hitpoints to 35k, decreased defense stats by 25% and removed skull upon attacking 2) Added Justiciar, Ancestral, Kodai, Scythe, Ghostly PHat, Imbued Capes, Infernal Cape & Sagittarian to drop table 3) Sagittarian is now best in slot for ranged 4) Gano now gives loot to 10 players 5) A minimum of 1500 damage must be dealt for a chance at loot -Ten new Comp Capes added into the game; 1) Made by combining the cape/item in their names with Completionist Cape from Mac 2) Fire, Sara, Zammy, Guthix and Accumulator Comp capes have no stat differences from regular comp cape 3) Infernal Comp Cape adds +1 bonuses all across, +2 strength 4) Imbued Comp Cape adds +5 magic bonus and damage along with +2 prayer over regular comp 5) Assembler Comp Cape adds +5 ranged bonus with a +7 ranged strength boost over regular comp 6) Increased Comp Cape price to 250m 7) YOU CAN NOT DETACH THE CAPE, COMBINE AT YOUR OWN RISK! -Top PKers in Quest Tab is now in beta testing
  7. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    Starting in 11 hours, last chance to join.
  8. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

  9. Gano drop

  10. Thanks for the HP Event!

    Nice loot, sad I wasn't able to spectate this event, heard it was a good one.
  11. Wilderness Bosses Guide

    Callisto Notes -Simple boss, just safespot -Tele Greater Demons, run south-east around the lava and you're there. (Or check wildy map) -Bring glory to teleport out running south -This is in multi, so be careful with the risk you bring Venenatis Notes -Simple boss, just safespot -Bring glory to tele out right away -East dragons tele, run north west near the multi line (Or check wildy map) -This is in singles below level 30 so you can risk if you'd like, but it is up to you -Stand where I stood, hit the boss, and run back there. Once Venny stops moving you can hit it and you will be safe Kraken Notes -Castle dragons tele, run north and east outside the bandit camp, north of the rev caves entrance (Or check wildy map) -Bring glory to tele out right away -It is in multi so risk carefully -MAKE SURE YOU AGRO ONE POOL AT A TIME -Fairly simple boss Scorpia Notes -Greater demons teleport and run through new gate to Scorpia pit. You can also use the Edge lever to get there or use the wildy map. -You can see me trying both ranged and mage pray, but he hits through both of them. From the video alone I felt that magic protect was the best option -You can also melee the boss but then Scorpia can melee you, so you could use Soulsplit to help negate the damage -This is in multi so bring a limited risk -I brought a Staff of Light to tank incase someone shows up with a team considering I am in deep wildy -A slightly harder wilderness boss -Bring a slash web to get out of wildy when you're done or a glory to bank through the obelisk near Rogues Castle Vet'tion Notes -The hardest wilderness boss (my opinion) -Graveyard drags teleport run north east (Use wildy map) -Follow the beginning of the video really closely. You can see me checking where I can see and not see the boss which is very important cause this is essentially the safespot (if Vet'tion can not see you, he can not damage you.) Then just follow the mechanics I use to kill the boss. -Kill the dogs when they spawn or else you can not finish the boss -The video does not show me killing the second phase but it follows the same mechanics -Boss is in multi so be careful risking -Bring a glory to teleport out just south of the boss -Please learn this for ::pvmarena...
  12. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    Closed. Update pushed.
  13. Lets talk about dh

    No, I have never been a part of any multi clan lol. I played Drax's NR, but was never a part of any clan as I prefered Edge pking then. This NR I've only pked with friends and a singles clan which no longer plays.
  14. Lets talk about dh

    I don't think I've ever ran from you or your mates, but that is aside from the point. Let's see what others have to say.
  15. Lets talk about dh

    I am pretty sure dh does not hit 60 at 99 hp.
  16. Lets get rid of Xmas stuff

    It is already removed, just not worth a full update to push it to live game. Waiting on getting some actual content/bug fixes to be completed for the full restoration of regular Edgeville.
  17. Farewell

    Congrats man, hope to see you around.
  18. #Luredbydoicarehappy2019

    lmao tell doicare he is a khotey ki aulad
  19. Voting Issue

    Back up.
  20. Voting Issue

    Please ignore this issue when voting on GamingTopList (first website). This is not an issue from our end and is something we do not have control over. We will update you, if needed, about anything regarding this site and whether or not it will be re-enabled. In the meantime, we apologize for only the 6 vote point gain. -Slim
  21. Player Dying Video

  22. Saradomin Blessed Sword

    The point is not to make every weapon considered "op."
  23. Game Updates | 12/14/2018

    Hello everyone, Got some good ones for you guys today; -Changed the ::di teleport spot to be closer to the bank/nurse -Added a ::di2 teleport deeper into the cave for convenience -Added NPC "Ana" in Edgeville bank to help redirect players to the account voting page -Added Legendary Mystery Box to the drop table -Fixed Dwarf Remains in the staff shop at ::si -Added some Christmas-themed decorations at Edgeville with piles of snow for snowballs (::Snow to toggle snow) -Decreased Enhanced Thok's Sword value to match regular Thok's Sword -Nerfed Rune Crossbow accuracy -Buffed Abyssal Dagger accuracy and special attack accuracy -Buffed Heavy Ballista accuracy, ranged strength and special attack accuracy -Slightly increased Korasi's Sword special attack accuracy and implemented experience drops for the special attack -Slightly increased accuracy of Dragon Throwing Axe special attack -Increased Vesta's Longsword and Statius's Warhammer protect value to 2M -New Ship Ticket store in Edgeville bank to better reflect the current economy and hopefully attract more players to the rev caves -Buffed (deg) PvP items by +10% of their regular counterparts and adopted a regular protection system for each item (Used to be guaranteed loss if equipped and KoD if in player inventory) -Vesta's Longsword (deg) protect value increased to 2,000,001 -Added Avernic Defender as new best in slot defender and to provide greater accuracy than DKite Enhanced And, of course! -Added Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction, more details below -Located South of the resource area and East of the Mage Arena -Relocated Balance Elementals to the west of the agility course -Can only be attacked using melee and skulls you upon first attack -Added to the wildy slayer rotation -Drops blood keys, (deg) PvP armours/weapons and Avernic Defender I want to thank the entire staff team and our two beta testers @Zander & @Bear for the work they've put in for this update. And of course @Juan for his cooperation and quick work with me to deliver these updates for our community! We are open to suggestions for next update and hope you guys enjoy what we have this week. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! (And good luck to those writing exams!)
  24. Free Spankings!

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