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  1. Ironman Starter Guide

    Could even use your main if you have a max gear main (or even a high geared main)
  2. pvm and weapon stats

    Dharok seems fine Nomad needs damage All strikes Lumin icefiends Dbow is where it should be in terms of pvm Whips are alright, might need a slight buff to accuracy or max hit
  3. Server downtime information - 5/21

    Thx for the update
  4. Selling pins for 07!

    Hm ea?
  5. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    Do the new npc's actually attack you? or is that a permanent thing now for PvM?
  6. Ironman highscores

    Thinking skilling, as it doesn't differentiate accounts nor does it show who's an iron or HCIM. But I do remember drax's remake having bossing hiscores and such, which I thought was an amazing idea
  7. Ironman highscores

    Don't think this server ever had them?
  8. Divinate

    To my knowledge, that shield isnt even coded yet (or isn't in our item db) and I'd guess the same with the anti-panties (no clue wth they are)
  9. New slayer helmet?

    I like it, and I do think it should be untradeable to prevent regular colored fsh's dropping in price, and definitely do think it should be combining heads instead of the helms. Unfortunately the heads are dropping insanely easily right now making the heads worthless in the shop if we were at add them
  10. Add a PJ timer or Remove Ragging rule

    I do think it's an incredibly short timer. Even PK-only servers have longer pj timers, and that's saying something. And for the "clans" that want to complain that longer pj timers will make kills harder, or whatever ya'll are saying... Thats why they have multi-wilderness

    Aww just now read this. Glad to see what you wanted still didnt happen, and I honestly don't care how much you donated. It still doesn't give you the right to be a complete arrogant asshole. The fact that you think you should get special treatment because you donated so much is honestly sickening. While yes RD's are the primary ones bringing in the $$$ flow, the community is filled with more non-RD than it is RD. Without regular players and di/die donors, you wouldnt have a community, or a server to do have fun on. And before you say the server is only online because of RD donations, it doesnt take much to keep a server online, sorry.
  12. Add Blood Necklace healing effect

    Before I left it had the healing effect, but FSH's also had their effects too, which we just had to recent re-add? Seems weird to me
  13. these need fixing.

    Regarding #4, download the gamepack? It's been posted on forums daily and it's a suprise you haven't at least saw something about it yet. As far as #1, never had that problem. #2 I agree with the dragon gloves, theyre kept on death so that's an easy fix, but given that max cape is really good cape that you can't lose, 25m isnt much. I think buying it back 10 times is still cheaper than buying a decent cape that you don't get back on death... But I do think we should have #3, this was something I liked, especially for skilling
  14. Losing a 25b stake to a 1?

    Ripperoni's Sadly that's how staking is LOL Rng baby
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