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  1. 600

    Eh get good. Still got a ways to go to beat me and jb. though once I leave for good it'll be ez i guess
  2. Just because we don't respond to the info reports doesnt mean we haven't dealt with them. I believe the only open info report is the void, and that's something we have to wait on Atomicint for to verify or fix. As for the wiki, Logic has taken over as the Wiki Manager which is what my position was
  3. Grats. I'm gonna try to hit 700 before I leave for good
  4. Let's hope you keep these promises Will. Looking forward to seeing these updates!
  5. @s00per l00t I have 16 in stock and gonna be buying more here soon, but from what it seems like he only needs a few
  6. LOL gf suicidal. Now do yourself a favor, don't ever go back to ::duel
  7. Pm me
  8. Mithril did do a 1k video of them. But not bad, I'd take the torva or black (g) / dragon (or) any day of the week!
  9. Hello Near-Reality Unfortunately the time for my resignation has come. I am going to be stepping down as a Moderator, and be returning as a regular player for a few days. Some of you may wonder why? As many of you have probably noticed, I haven't been ingame as much as I used to be, but that is only a minor reason for me stepping down. Unfortunately, I've have several issues within the staff team, which has caused no desire to play the server, let alone be a moderator for it. I'm not going to name these reasons or problems with the team, so don't even ask me. Some of you will probably be happy to hear this news, which doesn't bother me none. But within the next few days, or next week or 2 I will be making moves to leave the server for good. Being staff was the only thing that kept me on Near-Reality, and the only thing that made me login to both forums and ingame on a daily basis. I hope all of you the best, and hope the staff team the best and hope that they can get a strong team again. So this will be my last official thread as a staff member. Sincerely, Zackary Former Moderator Near-Reality Wiki Manager
  10. Grz bud Insane luck that I wish I had
  11. Make a thread under the "Help Topic --> Donation Support" and be sure to include your receipts and what server it was donated on (CR, .com, .net, .org etc) Will close this thread though so no others comment
  12. @Sexxy They're commonly dropped from slayer tasks, so we can't make the loot super high. You just got bad.luck I suppose But wouldnt be a bad idea to have a seperate slayer box only obtainable by slayer points with better loot
  13. I'm just gonna comment on the staff team portion. On a server of 150+ players online 24/7 with peaks of 300+, 4 ss would be amazing. But a server with peak times of 100, and lows of 30-40, creating a team this size would be horrid. Let's plot this out Devs would remain the same Would still have one manager (Jbaikie) and no CM as its not needed in this scenario You would REQUIRE 2 advisors simply for the size of the team At least 4 admins About 8 moderators And 12-15 server support. Reason I say these numbers, to have 4+ ss on at all times. You'd need the 2 advisors to handle a team of this size alone. 4 admins to help manage lower staff and deal with issues mods are unable to 8 mods to help support the ss, and to also have online at all times to enforce punishments 12-15 ss to have 4+ on at all times. To have a team this size would be ridiculous for the amount of players we have. The title of a staff member would end up being a joke and would not be serious. Maybe tomorrow i'll read the rest when it's not midnight but that's my 2 cents for the staff portion.
  14. @Soulcist Fancy seeing you here But welcome to NR stinf. Be sure to let staff know if i need any assistance!
  15. Just remember, staff won't mm this trade, and the only nrgp currency you're able to use is dpins. You cant trade nrgp directly (cash or items)
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