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  1. My Official Goodbye

    As a lot of you know, I stepped down from the staff team as a Moderator come beginning of December. This was due to a lot of reasons, but there's a resignation thread if you really want to know why if you don't already. I told many players, I would not stay on this server, let alone play this server if I wasn't a staff member. And this is true. I told everyone I'd be gone within 2 weeks of my resignation but sadly, it's taken me longer than expected. But as of today, I'm officially cashed out. I have no nrgp left, and I have only 1 pin left which I'm going to savior in the very, very, rare chance that I return. I know most of you don't care or don't know me, but there's a good bit who do remember me or who did get close to me when I was a staff member. I've had many good memories on NR, and I have to personally thank Jbaikie for letting me be apart of his staff team. It was an amazing experience, and hopefully I can take what I learned here to a new server. So that being said, this is my official goodbye, and last post ever on the NR forums. I might check back in a few days as I'm owed a sig from 'wtf 69' but after that I'm gone for good, and thankfully leaving on good terms. I've been asked 2 questions which I'll answer now... First one being, will I return? Answer is, probably not. I've already moved onto a different server (won't say what as I'm not here to advertise nor is that what this post is for) and a new name/life. I've officially retired Zackary as retired staff, and left it at that. 2nd question, will you be staff again? Not likely for NR again, but for a new server definitely. If I was asked by Logic or Stefan to come back at a future date, I may of considered it, but due to having differences with the owner, Jacmob, I have no intention of coming back, let alone as a staff member. If he was to miraculously change, or was a kind of silent owner/not heavily involved or revolved around the server, than, only than, would I consider it. But I'm not that special for Logic to bring me back, he already has an amazing staff team That wraps up this thread. Logic, gl with NR and wish you the best of luck with your team. Goodbye Near-Reality -Zackary Retired Staff, Veteran
  2. Dpin Price

    Supply and demand Sadly, the server has more donations than it does players Therefor we have a plethora of pins, and not enough players We probably have 3 pins per active non-donor player (not counting alts) Therefor, without a lot of new players, a lot of pins are still in the eco, with very few being xlaimed. At this point we have an easy 200+ pins in eco, with pins being bought daily via the store, ans very few being claimed. That being said, it's a smarter move to buy osgp for so and die and anything else than to make actual donations, but sadly osgp donations dont count towards rdi.
  3. s> 5 dpins 4m ea your fee

    Selling 5 di pins, 4m each, your fee. Need em gone today boys, help me leave this server for once and for all!
  4. Selling pins 4.5m ea

    Update: 5 left, 4m each, your fee. First come first serve (I'm offline for the night so not til tomorrow/friday)
  5. Hacked

    Meuw, it was something that happened long ago. There are posts about it But staff always tell people to secure your account with 2fa and bank pin. Even if u didnt want to use 2fa, whats ur excuse for not having a bank pin? and you don't need your phone number for 2fa. Just a google acct and an app on ur phone, that's it. Keep making excuses bud, you're not gonna get any items back from your hack. sorry
  6. Selling pins 4.5m ea

    selling Di pins 4.5m 07gp each, your fee pm me ingame, or comment below 19 in stock
  7. Hacked

    You won't get items back, it wasn't the staff or server's problem. A few months ago our database was leaked when Tomii Scarvak (supposedly him) hacked our server and the whole big deal we had. We enforce 2fa and bank pins because DB's are leaked all the time, so if you're using an old password, chances are they had it from our previous DB, or you used the same password from a DIFFERENT server who had their db leaked. Considering you were the only one, it was an issue on your side, and because the staff have made it clear, no 2fa no bank pin = no refund, you won't be given one at all, end of discussion unfortunately. Sorry for your loss mate
  8. @@evan +giveaway

    Lit af :kappa:
  9. Selling + buying dpins

    Buying 4 dpins 4.5b each, cash Selling 15 dpins 4.5m each, your fee pm me ingame, comment below, or send me a forums pm -Zackary Ex-Moderator
  10. Guess I'm back...

    Well then
  11. @@evan +giveaway

    Looks cool, would love a sig made for a different name I use aha So let's see... 30
  12. Di Pins

    What price are you selling them for
  13. @Evan

    Me and Evan have had some bad blood between us in the past, but he's definitely improved as a Mod both before he resigned, and when he was brought back to the team as a SS. So props to you Evan
  14. Di Pins

    Update, I have 45b (42b cash and odium) to buy pins with, and 14 to sell
  15. First Ingame

    What is it? @1hitncya Nice sig