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  1. Enchanted Gem
  2. Gl. I'm hoping we get some actual clans back into NR. Tired of seeing littlw scaredy cat clans who only multi pvm'ers lol. Gl mah dudes
  3. Honestly, if we keep deg how it is with no bonus, why would I spend 8b for deg set kf vesta vs 1b or 2b for reg vesta set if theyre same exact stats and both lost on death? Just sayin
  4. Tarr
  5. I mean, idk. I feel like this could be abused for the simple fact that people can just use multiple accts (2 players using 2 accts) to get faster drops if we did it based off dps (which is highly inaccurate on a game like this). I like the idea of min. Amount of damage, and for it to be only 3. I'd personally like to see the min dmg at 30% of nex's total health, which would be around 800 dmg or so
  6. Runecrafting
  7. I like the random spec personally, and mine's mainly for pvm. Kind of annoying having to spec ur dkite every 2 mins unless we added a dfs/dkite timer...
  8. I'm sure we could implement a way, but the pin codes would be a pain to code as each pin has a different random code.
  9. I've spoken with Jase about this. The problem is, it's your story vs his. If you feel you've been wrongly sanctioned, make an appeal, and if you feel Jase was abusive then you can follow the 'report a staffmember procedures'. This thread was the incorrect and most childish way to do this. And especially considering you've been a problem to half of the staff team here lately. I'm going to close this thread as it's not needed and if u feel this strong about Jase, then you need to do what I said above. Otherwise, drop this topic. We, as staff, have a job to do, wether people like it or not. In the end, we're not here to make best friends with the entire server. Our job, which varies by role, is to support, maintain, and moderate the server to ensure it's a fun environment for all members, whether they be the richiest staker, or the newest member. //Closed Zackary Near Reality Staff Team
  10. If you wanted one on the United States i'd be interested... But I don't know much about the Industrial Revolution in Britain as we didn't learn much about it in World History... Sorry
  11. Good drop!!! Revs are always good starter cash, just don't risk anything you aren't willing to lose
  12. Grz. I have no patience for clue scrolls so good job bud!
  13. Definitely love this idea. Though I do agree, 10% is low, but 50% is very high as well. I think 25% would be safe, and would make it worthwhile. May I add in, that these tasks should only be able to be completed in the wilderness in order to receive the bonus, and not on *cough cough* RDI *cough cough* or any other donor islands. Would make people go more to wilderness for those tasks than di, die/die2, or rdi.
  14. Bye lump Will miss abusing the gnome child. Was a pleasure to work with you on this staff team. Maybe you'll come back in the near future
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