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Found 29 results

  1. New Developer, new suggestions

    Hi all, @K4rn4ge @chaflie some suggestions I would like to see: 1: Withdraw "x" amount saves so we do not have to type "x" again. 2: IDK if this is possible, but when in fullscreen, the bank window is very small, idk how to fix. 3: Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild.
  2. Buying All Pins Nrgp

    Buying all pins nrgp cash - pm me ig or through PM
  3. Suggestions

    Hey I hope someone finds some time to look at this. It would be nice to see this additions: (i) Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild. (ii) Fixing Telekinetic spell (iii) "withraw x amount from bank" would be nice and usefull.
  4. #Luredbydoicarehappy2019

    Lets start the new years right.
  5. Hello Current NR Team!

    First and foremost hello everyone! I want to say thank you all for the hard work you guys do to keep this server up! My irl friend and I used to play this game back in the day and the moment it went down for months if not years that is was down for we were very sad. In the end we both ended up stopping looking for new servers to play on. I did find one server but it ended up becoming a bad one with a corrupt owner using donations for false and illegal things. After all of that I still ended up coming back here and am I sure glad you guys ended up bringing it back! I will most likely be a future donator and hopefully even friend! Keep up the great work and no matter what choices you guys make I will always be back here even if reality does take me to do things like work and proceed with my life. Also shoutout to Hippo for the tour and free d boots! Really appreciate it man! P.S. This link is just a little throwback and also proof of how NR was 7 years ago when I was playing this and also discovered such an amazing RSPS! (Not too sure if the link was inserting so I'm putting it in here as well)
  6. Selling 4 D Pins NRGP

    Shoot me an offer! PM me ingame or leave a post on this thread
  7. Selling bulk 20+ di pins for 07

    Title says it all. Pm here or in game.
  8. I hear your now whining you Dc'd now, before or after we fought? Because you clearly were Nh'ing and talking shit about my switches. You got bodied by a Dfs + Dds combo nice try Joel. Btw, how'd your 100b rage stake go
  9. E-KIT Color

    Iv noticed that when you upgrade an item it stands out and looks very unique but when you equip the weapon/Armour the enhanced coloring goes back to standard dye. I think pieces enhanced should stick out vibrantly like how they are in your inventory to all, this way others can distinguish who and what items you have that are enhanced without having to trade and would look pretty damn cool P.S. Iv added images of what exactly im talking about for those who have yet to enhance any items
  10. drop tables

    Remove the all construction related rare drops from all the tables.
  11. [REQ] Designer Rank

    Hey, FENDI here requesting the designer rank! I have been on N-R on and off for a long while. All of the Userbars on this forum are designed by myself as well as multiple elements on the Wikipedia page such as the logo and various other elements. As a designer I would continuously host SOTW competitions, provide graphic services for the server such as for held events like Blood-lust; Wikipedia pages; Advertisement purposes and general media. Provide tutorials as well as support for all community members inquiring and wanting to learn about design! Thanks!
  12. wilderness activity

    The wilderness activity at the moment makes me sad honestly, as there is maybe 1-2 pvmers in wild and no actual pkers around without the "multi lure". This post is only meant to try and increase people pking. The main excuse i have seen people say was, "I dont pk", or "i dont know how to pk", honestly, learn as it is part of the game. I would honestly be happy if everyone made an alt to go pk in ghostly robes at edge. Just something to adress on the forums, as the people that enjoy pking in game have not started a topic on it yet. Let me know your opinions on why or why not you pk, as I am trying to boost the numbers in the wildy
  13. RE: Tekton

    I voted for No against bringing Tekton to safe zone but I think something else needs to be done at least, hear me out. What needs to happen is a proper fucking fix to Tekton. Because its incredibly buggy and annoying to kill even with a 2-3 man team. Hes in 40+ deep wildy, its multi, High HP, skulls you on attack so you cant even bring risk, hits constant 20-30s through protect melee prayer(even through 400+ def gear iv tested),** he bugs his furnace fireball shit phase way too frequently which elongates every potential kill, and very often Tekton either does back to back fireball phases or you get 1 yes 1 hit then bugs back to his fireball stage and does more B2B fireball animation which makes you a sitting duck in 40+ multi wildy..Something has to be done unless he was intentionally programmed to perform the way it currently stands. I just want to hear your opinons and thoughts so please leave them!

    Vork has been slain. In its broken difficulty stage at the moment
  15. rs coin Merry almost-Christmas, everyone! And now a message from our sponsors the man himself: Mod Osborne: Welcome to news post lite™. Many of us are taking time off to go back to our families, get jolly on mulled wine and play RuneScape Mobile prototypes under the table during Christmas dinner. This means that, until the first update on 8th January, things are going to be looking a little thin update-wise. But don't worry! There's plenty coming in the new year, and we’ll be showcasing much of it in the Year Ahead video on the 5th of January. We’ll be covering RuneScape Mobile, Mining and Smithing, Bank Rework and a few surprises. Most of all, I wanted to call out an incredible achievement. You may not be aware but, this year, you helped to raise over £200,000 rs07 gold for our chosen mental health charities (MIND, Prince’s Trust and YMCA). You have made a real difference in raising awareness and supplying help to those who need it. Thank you so much for being so generous! We would also like to thank you for the support you’ve shown us this year. It’s been a rollercoaster - shifting from Expansions to Unfinished Business - and 2018 is driven by our dogged determination to repay your loyalty. The best way to do that is by making the updates you want, and to an undoubted quality. More about that in the Year Ahead. While the next couple of weeks will see us going silent (night), it won’t be quiet ingame. Take advantage of Winter Weekends, the festive aura, the Advent Calendar, LootScape (guaranteed drops this week) and Premier Club, for which we have a few updates below. There's also Mod PurPur's Advent-ure Calendar, the Community Events team's Twelve Days of PvM, and the Winter Sweepstake, which could see you win a Razer Blade Pro! In the meantime, if you’re missing updates from us, may our professionals recommend such coping mechanisms as: playing RuneScape, building snowmen (for those lucky enough to have snow) and spending time with loved ones and/or cats (the neighbourhood stray counts). Bought Premier Club? Here are two highlights from this week's patch notes that might be applicable to you: Gold Premier Club members now have access to both the two-handed Hellion Blade and the off-hand Hellion Blade override. Ironmen can now access the Premier Club Vault with their own drop table. The new year bears all kinds of excitement. But for now, it's time to enjoy the festive season. Carol singing, anyone?
  16. First Day Back :)

    First day back on NR check out this bank loot
  17. fix the have have trend that's devasting the server

  19. needing help with di refund

    i had di access when i was playing in 2016 just want too see if anyone can help me with refund i have proof of purchase. @3t3rn4lrift
  20. RS3 Acc lvl 129

    Hello Near reality! I have a cb lvl 129 account with full torva and very high skills. Account has 12m cash around there and full torva account has so much on it. Willing to sell for the right price get a Middle man whatever it is i know its worth a very good amount. Any staff or developer i am wiling to trade for server support or more. Contact me here or ingame! Thanks!
  21. Lime whip was nerfed

    Lime whip was nerfed from +106 str/attack bonus, to +95 Below is the Imgur with the proof, I've been asking around if it was ever nerfed and I've been told no by everyone I know i'm not crazy, I've played on the server for 4 years, never seen it at +95 Edit: Not a rant, just making sure I wasn't wrong about the nerf since I've kept being told otherwise. Lime whip is still VERY OP and STILL VERY WORTH HAVING!
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