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Found 48 results

  1. New Developer, new suggestions

    Hi all, @K4rn4ge @chaflie some suggestions I would like to see: 1: Withdraw "x" amount saves so we do not have to type "x" again. 2: IDK if this is possible, but when in fullscreen, the bank window is very small, idk how to fix. 3: Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild.
  2. Buying All Pins Nrgp

    Buying all pins nrgp cash - pm me ig or through PM
  3. LDI Yell timer

    I think i'm speaking for most of the server when I say the no yell timer for ldi's is getting pretty annoying. I think a 10 second timer would be fair. Keep in mind the RDI timer is 30 seconds. Thoughts?
  4. Suggestions

    Hey I hope someone finds some time to look at this. It would be nice to see this additions: (i) Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild. (ii) Fixing Telekinetic spell (iii) "withraw x amount from bank" would be nice and usefull.
  5. Hello Current NR Team!

    First and foremost hello everyone! I want to say thank you all for the hard work you guys do to keep this server up! My irl friend and I used to play this game back in the day and the moment it went down for months if not years that is was down for we were very sad. In the end we both ended up stopping looking for new servers to play on. I did find one server but it ended up becoming a bad one with a corrupt owner using donations for false and illegal things. After all of that I still ended up coming back here and am I sure glad you guys ended up bringing it back! I will most likely be a future donator and hopefully even friend! Keep up the great work and no matter what choices you guys make I will always be back here even if reality does take me to do things like work and proceed with my life. Also shoutout to Hippo for the tour and free d boots! Really appreciate it man! P.S. This link is just a little throwback and also proof of how NR was 7 years ago when I was playing this and also discovered such an amazing RSPS! (Not too sure if the link was inserting so I'm putting it in here as well)
  6. Get-Task Option

    Can we have Get-task option on Mazchana as it has on Kuradal It would be a great quality of life for people who grind out slayer and I don't think it'll be hard to implement ~tyty any feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated

    I know I should have made a bigger thread about this showing my disappointment with everyone who was involved in such acts, but I've decided I'm going to keep this post short. I'm not the one who has to conclude anything out of this and take any measures, but I think everyone needs to know what has been done and who did it. I'll leave all the documented proof I've gathered throughout the past few weeks explaining all the exploits and exposing players who were involved. (Contains 38 images, so I had to upload them to Imgur) Link:
  8. Twisted Bow Speed

    Hello, Zander and I have tested this using the combat Dummy the speed on Twisted Bow is slightly Slower than Godbow. Just a thought maybe make it the same speed? With this Speed Buff I think that it would make TBow perfect imo. What do you think? Suppose to be the best in slot right? haha The recent buff on the Tbow was really good btw!
  9. Raid Idea

    so making actual raids would be a pain in the dickhole. so i suggest a minigame with a raids feel such as this. first room- all gwd bosses at the same time to fight second room- jad nomad etc.. then in between rooms put in a random monster that drops herb seeds and secondarys and vials. just a random thing like a ghost or something. kill stuff to get the supplies for more overloads and brews. move on. continue this with a few more rooms. then at the end. if its easy maybe add in the real raid final boss. or some new boss. then get your loot. will be something completely new for bored people too dump a assload of time into. potential rewards. upgrade to current good weapons such as maybe like imbuing currently strong equipment. like a lava with +15str etc. along with a few new best in slots. such as. eternal fire gloves. maybe has stats of barrows gloves but gives a 5% total damage increase no matter what you are using. ring of prosperity. gives effects of berserker ring,archers,and seers plus effects of ring of wealth. a scroll which when used gives u a one time enchantment to a slayer helm which combines it with a serp helm. gives the slayer helm effects but also adds the venom. new dagger with stats like the dds. but with a stupid high speed. like faster than knives. new necklace that combines effects of all the zenyte ones. trifecta amulet. a chestpiece that has stats slightly weaker to the nex sets but provides infinite prayer points. (doesnt work in wildy) make all the new stuff very rare. like 1 in 512 etc. so you really have to grind. but add other boss loot to the table as regular rewards. like all the new items are 1/1000 but like 1/250 you can get a lime 1/150 godbow 1/200 ags so even when your going dry on new op stuff. you are recieving cool things from other bosses so it doesnt feel like time wasted. what makes nr great is that there is different things than in normal rs. like dkite lime thok all of these things. but its been that way a long time. put in some new stuff to spice shit up. in nr the same things have been on top for a very long time. i think we need new stuff to get stronger. and even if coding new items is a pain in the cock hole. then make a new reward thats a whip. make a new whip thats gold and has higher stats than a lime. new stuff for people to hunt and try to get. btw i fully expect all of these changes to be implemented. i spent 20 minutes of my life on this post. thats 20 minutes i could have been on pornhub.
  10. drop tables

    Remove the all construction related rare drops from all the tables.
  11. Graphics Fixes

    I know this may not be a priority to many people as other content related updates seem to be the focus of developers at the time, but I think it would go a long way if some of the graphics bugs were fixed. I am not entirely aware of all the bugs related to graphics, but a couple of the major ones I have noticed seem to come from equipping the Max Cape with certain armor sets like Pernix and Elite Void. When wearing the Max Cape with Pernix, the torso of the character becomes transparent. Also, certain necklaces do not appear on the character when equipped. The necklaces that I have noticed this issue with consist of the Blood Necklace and the Amulet of Ranging. The last issue I have noticed is that when wearing certain hats like the Bobble hat (or whatever the green one with red on it is called I am not positive of its name) the head of the character disappears. When wearing a Perinx Cowl the head of the character becomes bald and looks different, and the hat does not look correct. I don't know anything about programming so I am not sure how difficult these issues are to correct, but I would greatly appreciate it if my character looked how he should with all of my different armors and weapons equipped. I'm sure I haven't listed all the issues, but these are a few that were most apparent to me. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  12. buy d pin

    im giving 2.7b coins and bandos tasset
  13. RE: Tekton

    I voted for No against bringing Tekton to safe zone but I think something else needs to be done at least, hear me out. What needs to happen is a proper fucking fix to Tekton. Because its incredibly buggy and annoying to kill even with a 2-3 man team. Hes in 40+ deep wildy, its multi, High HP, skulls you on attack so you cant even bring risk, hits constant 20-30s through protect melee prayer(even through 400+ def gear iv tested),** he bugs his furnace fireball shit phase way too frequently which elongates every potential kill, and very often Tekton either does back to back fireball phases or you get 1 yes 1 hit then bugs back to his fireball stage and does more B2B fireball animation which makes you a sitting duck in 40+ multi wildy..Something has to be done unless he was intentionally programmed to perform the way it currently stands. I just want to hear your opinons and thoughts so please leave them!

    Vork has been slain. In its broken difficulty stage at the moment
  15. rs coin Merry almost-Christmas, everyone! And now a message from our sponsors the man himself: Mod Osborne: Welcome to news post lite™. Many of us are taking time off to go back to our families, get jolly on mulled wine and play RuneScape Mobile prototypes under the table during Christmas dinner. This means that, until the first update on 8th January, things are going to be looking a little thin update-wise. But don't worry! There's plenty coming in the new year, and we’ll be showcasing much of it in the Year Ahead video on the 5th of January. We’ll be covering RuneScape Mobile, Mining and Smithing, Bank Rework and a few surprises. Most of all, I wanted to call out an incredible achievement. You may not be aware but, this year, you helped to raise over £200,000 rs07 gold for our chosen mental health charities (MIND, Prince’s Trust and YMCA). You have made a real difference in raising awareness and supplying help to those who need it. Thank you so much for being so generous! We would also like to thank you for the support you’ve shown us this year. It’s been a rollercoaster - shifting from Expansions to Unfinished Business - and 2018 is driven by our dogged determination to repay your loyalty. The best way to do that is by making the updates you want, and to an undoubted quality. More about that in the Year Ahead. While the next couple of weeks will see us going silent (night), it won’t be quiet ingame. Take advantage of Winter Weekends, the festive aura, the Advent Calendar, LootScape (guaranteed drops this week) and Premier Club, for which we have a few updates below. There's also Mod PurPur's Advent-ure Calendar, the Community Events team's Twelve Days of PvM, and the Winter Sweepstake, which could see you win a Razer Blade Pro! In the meantime, if you’re missing updates from us, may our professionals recommend such coping mechanisms as: playing RuneScape, building snowmen (for those lucky enough to have snow) and spending time with loved ones and/or cats (the neighbourhood stray counts). Bought Premier Club? Here are two highlights from this week's patch notes that might be applicable to you: Gold Premier Club members now have access to both the two-handed Hellion Blade and the off-hand Hellion Blade override. Ironmen can now access the Premier Club Vault with their own drop table. The new year bears all kinds of excitement. But for now, it's time to enjoy the festive season. Carol singing, anyone?
  16. Player's You Need to Know in Near-Reality: Part 2 (Probably Will Make Another If I Feel Like It) Slim Shaco: - Obsessed with a man who can't hold down his mom's spaghetti and a champion in League of Legends that is for filthy neck-beards, Slim Shaco is a need-to-know player in Near-Reality. Currently living in one of the greatest years of puberty, Slim Shaco balances his Moderator duties in Near-Reality while attending his freshman year of high school. I give Slim Shaco a lot of credit. This is a hard life to balance. During the day, Slim Shaco is forced to cover his 1 inch wonder at the sight of a female shoulder and still try to be one of the cool kids. Since the elementary school is also connected to the high school, Slim can always find a seat at lunch time with Ironboy Kurb to take part in the daily glue eating. Upon finishing this education-filled day, Slim Shaco chooses to walk home from school to avoid the long bus ride with Rev Juna. Rev Juna was no ordinary seventh year senior at Incest High School. With the mental capacity to outsmart a rock, Rev Juna crumples up paper on the bus and throws it at Slim Shaco for the entire bus ride. What makes it all worse is that he always writes "retard" on the inside of the paper with his usual signature, "I wasn't ragging - Rev Juna." Thankfully for the community, Slim Shaco can come home to us on Near-Reality for the later half of the day and punish the Rev Juna "retard" spam with one hour jail times. This is indeed one of the most challenging times in puberty for Slim Shaco. No matter how he handles his moderator duties in Near-Reality, the Incest High School Yearbook will always read, "Slim Shaco, the only guy to fart so hard in gym class that he shits his pants. Keep wearing diapers man." #feelsdiapersman Igod: - It is very hard to find a creative username in Near-Reality these days. Instead, many players are forced to name themselves after something they find interesting. Being the creative player he was, Igod combined the "I" from the iCarly fan fiction he reads and the word "god" to emphasize that he is a "god" of iCarly fan fiction (he is the only person who reads iCarly fan fiction). When he's not watching Freddy stick his USB into Carly's USB port, Igod can be found in the wilderness bitching with Rev Juna and Billpotato. Most of their conversations start with Billpotato arguing how complex his name is. The ability to combine the name Bill and potato was no ordinary feat. The conversations don't typically last long because Igod's mom will walk in and see the iCarly fan fiction on Igod's second monitor. Although Igod's mom is into some freaky shit (based on our experiences in bed), the iCarly fan fiction was just too grotesque for her eyes to bare. As punishment, Igod's mom makes Igod feel what iCarly feels in these erotic fan fictions, a phat USB cable into his poop chute. These days, Igod's mom's efforts to punish Igod for his creepy addiction aren't seeing the success rate they use to. Instead, Igod has welcomed Billpotato and Rev Juna to the world of iCarly fan fiction where they role play their favorite relationships in iCarly. It is well known that one of Igod's favorite relationships is Mrs. Benson and Gibby. Since Rev Juna is the only one who has the body composition to play Gibby, Igod and Billpotato take turns role playing as Mrs. Benson. By no means do I condone this behavior between the three, but I have definitely been enlightened to the world of iCarly fan fiction and will attempt to be more open minded to those that read it. P.S. "Me and Igod's mom will be trying some Ms. Briggs and Freddie role play later this week. I'll keep you all posted!"
  17. Near-Reality's Most Offensive Player Names: Billcosby (Bill Cosby): - Starting off this list is none other than the player "Billcosby." For myself as a 90's kid and being alive in the year 2018, there is a deep appreciation for "Billcosby's" name choice. Bill Cosby has been entertaining children from "The Cosby Show" and "Little Bill," all the way to 2018 where his phat slam dunks on the ladies have come to light. Unfortunately for much of the 10 year old player base, understanding the peak of Bill Cosby's success with his ingenious "roofie" mixtures is hard. Although the criminal justice system has put away my childhood hero, his legacy lives on in "Billcosby" and his threats to "roofie" any player who beats him in a stake. Spooke (Spook): - Although I consider "Spooke" to be a pal of mine in-game, his name has still led him to this list of most offensive player names in Near-Reality. "Spooke's" in-game username challenges the current struggle in American society to move past history's darkest period of discrimination. You guessed it, the Cold War. The discriminatory word "spook" is used to describe a spy and where else had there been more spies than during the Cold War. It is unclear as to the reasoning for "Spooke's" in-game username. Popular thought has led us to believe that his name stems from his deep hatred for the private investigator who never found his fifty-year-old glue collection. Any private investigator would have concluded that it was none other than Ironboy Kurb and his booger eating friends who share an acquired taste for fifty-year-old glue. However, the private investigator got distracted privately investigating his mother's queef quarters instead. My hope is that one day "Spooke" will look past this unfortunate moment in his life and not discriminate against all spies because most of them are just kindhearted people who know how to satisfy his mother right. Rev Juna (Revenants): - Writing this portion of the thread hurts me the most with "Rev Juna" being one of the most friendly and non-toxic people I know, but a true writer cannot be blinded by bias. "Rev Juna's" name may be the most offensive in-game username since Porn67 (Torn67). As a play on words, Juna has claimed that he himself is a revenant due to the abbreviation "rev." We all love revenants; they have a chance to drop great gear and numerous trade-ins for large amounts of ship tickets. Sadly, Rev Juna has ruined the revenants' good name through various rule violations. Two of the most notable ones being, "don't spam retard in the chat" and "don't spam retard in the chat because you are 'ragging' someone." As a community in the wilderness, the revenants are displeased. In order to counteract "Rev Juna's" despicable ways, the revenants have come out of "deep wildy" and onto the Edgeville wilderness borderline where they patiently wait for the moment to "rag Rev Juna" and his mother in bed. In the future, the community is in hope that a name change will be issued to "Rev Juna" for his actions against the revenant community. Until then, me and the revenants will continue to ruin his dad's gaming experience by "ragging" his mother in bed. #revjunanamechange
  18. buying 1 dpin

    im buying dpin for osrs-gp. contact me ingame B L A C K
  19. Ring of Wealth's Hidden Drop Rate: As many already know, the Ring of Wealth in Near-Reality gives a 15% drop rate increase to any player who wields it. Not having the damn thing would be as stupid as forgetting to bring bananas to your dad's gorilla aquarium. Unfortunately for most up and cumming gamers like myself, obtaining one is rather difficult at first. Near-Reality players are given two options to obtain a Ring of Wealth: steal their mother's credit card and donate to the server (which is very risky since much of the player base has already done this for Fortnite), or obtain 200 slayer points and purchase it in game. Sumona (Slayer NPC) makes slayer points seem easy to obtain at first. Some of your beginning tasks may include fire giants or submitting report tickets for Rev Juna's "retard" spam. Whichever task you may get, 200 slayer points is 200 slayer points. After taking the heat for stealing your mom's credit card for the fifth time, you finally have your Ring of Wealth. A real life account of the Ring of Wealth's power is noted below. "The Ring of Wealth Works in Mysterious Ways" - Donzella: After slipping the Ring of Wealth onto my shaft for the first time, my life changed completely. For starters, my mom started flaming me less for stealing her credit card to subscribe to Ninja on It seemed like a mere fluke. Maybe she was just in a good mood from the fat "succ" she gave that Eskimo last night. The following day I decided to operate the Ring of Wealth stationed on my skin flute. There was no way that the ring of wealth had this much power. To my surprise, it actually did. I managed to go 20 kills dry at Dharok without getting a single drop. This wasn't even the best part! At elementary school that day, Iron Kurb and his band of booger eaters offered me some paste from the school supply room. Being acknowledged by the biggest hipsters in school for the first time was crazy! I thought to myself, "the Ring of Wealth really does work in mysterious ways..." Unfortunately, the fun ran out that Monday night when my bedtime approached at 7:30 p.m. My mother walked up to me and said, "You can stay up an extra half hour tonight if you take out the trash." Just like any other 10 year old would of responded, I said yes. It was darker than usual outside, and the breeze cumming from the wind tickled my jellybeans in a way that almost made me nut. I approached the trash can and was confronted by the neighbors cat, "Karen from Accounting." Karen had always been pretty friendly, but tonight was different. Upon reaching for the trash can, Karen pounced onto my pork sword and clawed the Ring of Wealth right off. I was left in tears. Not only had I lost my Ring of Wealth that night, but my favorite pair of Power Rangers underwear was destroyed. The Ring of Wealth truly does work in mysterious ways. #feelsunderwearman
  20. The Need-To-Know Players of Near-Reality (to be expanded): 1. Iron Kurb: - The first person to find their way onto this prestigious list of need-to-know players in Near Reality is none other than Ironboy Kurb. Just like Kirby's general body composition, Iron Kurb is well known in the community for his flaccid and pink baloney pony. Having the most flaccid and pink baloney pony in Near-Reality, Ironboy Kurb runs the schoolyard with his mischievous gang of ten years olds (Iron Kurb's CC) who desperately hide from the school aids on the playground while they attempt to eat their own boogers. With a diet that consists solely of boogers and paste, Ironboy Kurb has worked his way up the ladder in Near-Reality. Although these heights may never have seemed achievable for your typical ten year old, Ironboy Kurb broke the limits on a warm Monday evening when he asked his mother to stay up one hour later than his curfew at 8:30 p.m. Many of us may ask, "how can he keep the motivation to be #1 Ironboy on the Near-Reality server?" The answer is simple. I'm smashing his mother in the middle of the night so she is distracted for an extra three hours every day. Puberty can be outgrown, but my drive to attack his mother's pink fortress cannot. Keep up the good work Ironboy! 2. Witek - Although not as notable as Iron Kurb, Witek was able to straggle his way onto this exclusive thread. For most, Witek's name isn't that popular. You may see him tickling the banker's gonads in Edgeville on occasion, or even typing in trade clan chat to make the argument that traps aren't gay. Whatever may be the case, you can most definitely find Witek feeling his way into your asshole in the Wilderness. At the age of thirty, Witek gets his kicks from only two things: telling children Santa Claus doesn't exist, and "pk'ing" people during their slayer task. Achieving the highest kill streak in Near-Reality with 89 kills in a row, Witek made it to the top of the leader boards while also deceiving Ironboy Kurb's CC into believing that by placing a condom on your head, no one will bully you at elementary school. All and all I find Witek to be a relatively decent guy. Lying to children about condoms and revealing that Santa Claus is no more than your local pedophile working at the shopping mall, Witek is a man of outstanding character. #feelsvirginman 3. Rev Juna - Have you ever heard of any pokemon who only knew one move and it's TM 06, "Toxic?" If Rev Juna had to identify with any pokemon, this would be the one. Rev Juna isn't much of a go-getter in life. Rather than finishing the Lego Millennium Falcon that his mother bought for him fifteen years ago, Rev Juna saw eating the pieces to be much easier. By eating said pieces, Rev Juna completely broke the laws of physics and had his body assemble the entire Millennium Falcon via shitting. "Powerful he has become, the dark side I sense in you Rev Juna" - Yoda. Of course, Yoda wasn't the only one who noticed Rev Juna's dark side. Just as he broke the laws of physics, Rev Juna is also known for breaking two rules in Near-Reality: 1. Do not "Rag" 2. Don't spam "Retard" in the chat. Rev Juna suffers from severe damage to the brain which reduced his vocabulary to one unlucky word, "Retard." Did "Retard" want to be chosen as the only word in Rev Juna's vocabulary, of course not, but unfortunately for "Retard," it was. Not speaking very often until losing a high risk fight, the spam begins. Even though it comes across as your typical day-to-day toxic spam, Rev Juna's excessive use of the word "Retard" has actually caused the word itself to be engraved into every single pixel on his 12-inch monitor. This had been a difficult obstacle for Rev Juna at one point in his life because it prevented him from uploading his "ragging" montages onto Myspace which received a single like from his mother in hopes that it would help him with his vocabulary impediment. In light of this obstacle that appeared on his monitor, Rev Juna defied his mother's words and crossed his eyes in order to obtain 20/20 vision through each pixel of "Retard" on his Dell Dimension monitor. Rev Juna's case is a special one, but at least he made the list of need-to-know players on Near Reality.
  21. Iron Kurb's Notorious Ironman CC: - Taken from a live meetup of Iron Kurb's Ironman CC, this photo displays the infamous members of Near-Reality's biggest, and only, ironman clan. Iron Kurb's Ironman CC is approximately twenty players strong when Iron Kurb and his flock of fifth graders log in after there long day at elementary school. For many players, finding more than two of them online at the same time is rare due to their beta EU time-zones. Iron Kurb has seen great success with his toxic kiddies as being the second biggest clan in Near Reality. Rarely ever in his own clan chat, Iron Kurb is most commonly found in the trade clan chat using his autotyper to spam the statement, "Join Iron Kurb's Ironman CC, Best Ironman Clan on Near-Reality!" Refusing to address the stupidity of this statement with Rev Juna's classic "Retard" spam, I spend most of the days sitting back and watching the staff give Kurb the fattest of "succs" for his continuously growing clan. Aside from the generous knob schlobs from the staff, Iron Kurb's crew can be identified in the chat logs by their repeated drops due to their 99.98% drop rate, making the game slightly harder than if you were Corn67, Porn67 (Torn67). If I had to give one sentence to sum up Iron Kurb's Iroman Clan it would be, "Iron Kurb's Ironboy Clan, The Only Ironboy Clan Where Hitting Puberty Isn't Required!" Congrats on the success my children. #feelspubertyman
  22. Near Reality Staff Evaluation: Torn67: - Torn67, or as most of the player base knows him, Corn67, is the luckiest staff member of Near-Reality. Some may even say he is a leprechaun, but that's just because of his height irl. Using his ring of wealth which he adjusted to give him a 99.99% drop rate increase (which isn't cheating by the way because he has a .01% chance of not getting a drop), Corn67 is most likely going to be filling the chat logs with drops to negate the "retard" spam from Rev Juna. While Corn67 may seem golden on the outside, his kernals are rock hard like my cock for his mother. Luckybamf: - Luckybamf is the most curious staff member out there. He will solve almost any crime, like discovering "botters." With the help of the mystery gang (usually "ironmen" that hate their lives and can judge a bot based on Trade Clan chat), Luckybamf uses his mystical staff powers to "tp" legitimate players away from cutting magic logs when he really needs to "tp" himself away from his own computer so that he can leave his mother's basement. Its all in a days work for Lucky "Shaggy" bamf, but one wrong touch on his hot dog and he'll yell "ZOINKS!" Imma kill u: - Imma kill u as a staff member is always true to the rules, except when his opinions come in the way. For instance, rules say you can't "rag," Imma kill u says, "In my opinion it shouldn't be against the rules," so he permits it. Unfortunately for him, I "ragged" his mother in bed and although it ruins his dad's game play experience, I don't think it should be against the rules. Therefore it is okay. #feelsdadman
  23. Birds Nest

    Birds nest you receive from woodcutting are completely useless. I haven't seen anyone pick them up or talk about getting anything good. so lets make them worth picking up. There are 3 types of nests: Seeds, Eggs, and Rings. Birds Nest(Seeds) : I suggest we change the seeds you receive to herb seeds that you can actually use. Wouldn't be super useful but better then getting a acorn seed that has zero uses. Birds nest (Eggs) : This one is pretty easy to make better. The nest when opening has a chance to give the player the woodcutting pet maybe 1/2000 or something similar. and if we want some big RNG a 1/100,000 for any pet drop at random. Birds Nest (Rings) : For this last one just put some chances at the Daganoth Rings, Possible another way for Ring of Wealth's, and maybe a Tyrannical ring?

    Voting is the #1 thing to bring traffic to a server. With at least half the server unable to vote, this server is hemorrhaging players. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make voting your #1 priority. FIX IT NOW!
  25. Ineed My Donation Credits Refunded,

    @Mod Jacmob Pleas Refund Me My Points My Friend. ThanksYou Been Waiting, Along time,
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