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Found 33 results

  1. PVP Drops

    Will there be the old pvp drop system? With limes, deg vesta, rapier etc? What Version was that?
  2. A Player's Perspective

    My 2c - from a player point of view. I'm nobody important, just someone who enjoys playing the game and wants to see it flourish. I'm not here to attack anyone, but simply leave an honest feedback where I think improvements can be made. After learning about the reset today, I can't say I'm surprised by this decision. It has been obvious to me this was going to happen sooner or later. There were several key issues: 1) Economy - drop tables were TOO generous. Specifically, the Wildy bosses, World Boss, and Gano. Consistently people were getting max gear items. This makes the game too easy. I'm happy Torn addressed this problem and planning to solve it. Solution: Review all the drop tables, PKP shops, PVM shop, bounty hunter shop, etc, and revamp them - decrease drop rate of certain items or reallocate high end gear toward harder bosses. There should be a reasonable balance - the game shouldn't be too hard or too easy. 2) Information/knowledge - most of the articles on nrwiki are outdated and/or not comprehensive enough. We need accurate, high quality guides that people are proud of making. They need to be updated on a regular basis, after each and every update. When new players join a game, they will naturally have questions on different aspects of the game such as skilling, pk, pvm, money making, mini-games, etc. There should be sufficient basic guides for them on wiki and forum for them to access. 3) Promotions - server is severely lacking in advertisement. I made a search on YouTube earlier today and only a few videos came up within the past 6 months. Social media is vitally important to bring new players to the game and NR should actively promote the server. If you have a good product, you should promote it or other people won't know it exists. Solution: a) Start a Social Media Team in NR - their core objective should be promoting the server on an active basis b) Start an NR promotional campaign leading up to relaunch - this is an opportunity for a fresh start and we should start strong c) Invest in advertisements for relaunch and after relaunch d) Provide incentives to volunteer YouTubers e) Discord - a. disable chat in #general and change it to #drops, no reason to keep a drop channel open for comments b. make separate #reward for !reward, it's clustering up #general-chat c. host discord events d. Social Media Team should actively try to bring people into Discord e. Nitro Boost campaign the discord f) Forum - get more people involved on the forum. Create a community feel. g) Restructure ::vote system to encourage people to vote more (free advertisement) 4) Development geared toward community feedback - we need strict timeline and transparency on what is being developed and deadlines met. Development should be geared toward community feedback with open discussions of the pros and cons of future content. - also please solve that cache client issue before the relaunch. It has been driving people crazy. 5) Enforcing Rules - I have witnessed on numerous occasions where players were being blatant racist, discriminatory, and making harmful hate speech toward others. However, no actions or limited action were taken against them. They were muted and unmuted immediately after. When new players join this game and they see continuous toxic chat it will prevent them from coming back again. You don't know who will be offended online, it's best to keep NR a clean, friendly place. Rules should be enforced fairly for everyone, regardless if they are new or experienced players. There should be no favoritism if NR is to be a competitive, growing server. Enforce the rules. No exceptions. Now we got the negative things out of the way, I also want to emphasize on the positive aspects of this server: 1) Staff - from my personal experience, every staff I've encountered so far are mature, knowledgeable, and professional. They truly care about the game. Staff are spread evenly throughout different timezones and this helps a lot. 2) Server is stable - server is up most of the time. 3) Content is enjoyable - after many years of development, NR has tons of feature and content other servers don't have. Final comment: NR has a promising future if every aspect of the game is high quality. For a car to run smoothly it needs to be a well oiled machine with a strong engine and all the parts have to work properly. This concept is the same for any organization, including Near Reality. I wish you all the best with the relaunch and making NR an enjoyable experience again.
  3. Shooting Star Guide

    What is Shooting Star? Shooting star is one of the best AFK-able money making methods in the game. You mine the Crashed Star to collect "stardust" which you can trade to Star Sprite at ::home for juicy loots. The Crashed Star has random spawn intervals, usually 30 min - 2 hours. Type ::star for location and spawn time of the star. Star lands in a random location. Shooting star location hint (::star) will show the direction of the star from the closest city, such as "Northeast of Varrock" or "South of Lumbridge". Shooting star drops strange boxes, which contain a random item including but not limited to God Halos, colored Infinity Robes, Colored Staff of Light, and Pking Gear. First Person to Mine Crashed Star will receive a strange box. Stardust is untradable, but can be traded to shop for tradable items. Strange boxes will be randomly dropped on floor as you mine so be sure to check in once in a while. You can only mine 400 stardusts per rock, sometimes you can mine more (403-405). Crashed Star will disappear after a certain amount of time so be sure to get there quickly. The Star Shop has OP fashionscape gear that you can purchase. Command ::star Requirements Lvl 60-90 mining minimum, different stages have different requirements A mining pickaxe (Rune Pickaxe, Dragon Pickaxe, Primal Pickaxe) Star Sprite Shop Ornate Katana Hand Fan Primal Hatchet Primal Pickaxe Black, Addy, Rune Canes Top Hat Afros Voting Hats Flippers Mudskipper Hat Uncut Onyx (achievements) Gnome Scarf Camo Top, Bottom, Hat Ringmaster Set Vyrewatch Set Prince Tunic and Leggins Princess Blouse and Skirt Frog Mask Zombie Shirt and Trousers Antique Lamp Crystal Key Strange box STAR LOCATIONS - type ::star "Southwest of Edgeville" "South of Draynor" "North of Lumbridge" FAQs: What loot can I get from Strange Box? Some of the loot rewards include, but not limited to: 40 ship tickets, cooked karambwan, zammy brews, amulet of fury, colored infinity robes, all barrow sets, dragon pickaxe, halos, staff of light, 5M gp. If you have received other loots from the box, please comment below and I will add them. How can I maximize my time at Shooting Star? A lot of players like to bring an alt character to mine the rock, since it's afkable. Alternatively, you can play on your main and bring an alt here to grind the star. It's 100% afkable so decent money on the side. Just Netflix and Mine . How many Stardust can I mine per hour? For reference, this is my inventory after 30 minutes afking and picking up Strange Boxes: Currently, you can purchase an Antique Lamp for 190 Stardusts and Strange Boxes for 100 Stardusts. If you have 2 accounts, you can maximize your profit even more. There are other high end items in the store like Ornate Katana, Hand Fan, and tons of cosmetics that are very valuable in-game. This is one of the best afk money making methods in the game that a lot of people don't know about. Personally, I find it enjoyable to find the star, mine them with other players, and get surprise Strange Box drop occasionally. What If I can't find the Star? If you can't find the star after typing ::star and reading the hints, you should try to ask Trade CC or PM a Staff member for assistance finding the Star. Credits: Goth Remco Pedrofroes Garb Hoax Torn67 Mistereman22 Ballsack All who worked on the Shooting Star Project Thanks for reading. This guide was challenging to make because there was not a lot of information available. I appreciate all the players and Staff who helped me make this guide so everyone can benefit. If there is any information you would like me to add or change, please comment below! *Currently looking for ::star location with screenshot since some places are difficult to find with given hint. Please reply to this topic with 1) ::star hint 2) screenshot of the location. I will credit you for your contribution. Thank you.
  4. Slayer Helmet Guide

    What is a Slayer Helmet? A Slayer Helmet is an item worn on the head slot. It is an extremely powerful headgear that everyone commonly uses to PVM, Slay, and PK. How can I obtain a Slayer Helmet? You can obtain a Slayer Helmet from the slayer points store for 600 points by talking to Mazchna at ::home or ::die You can also obtain Slayer Helmet and Full Slayer Helmet from Slayer Box and Wilderness Slayer Box, respectively Slash Bash on ::LDI drops Full Slayer Helmet What types of Slayer Helmets are available and how to make them? Full Slayer Helmet = Hexcrest + Focus Sight + Regular Slayer Helm Black Slayer Helmet = KBD Heads + Full Slayer Helm Green Slayer Helmet = KQ Head + Full Slayer Helm Turquoise Slayer Helmet = Vorkath's Head + Full Slayer Helm Red Slayer Helmet = Abyssal Head + Full Slayer Helm Ultimate Slayer Helmet = Eternal Gem + The Enhancement Kit + The Red, Black, Green, and Turquoise Slayer helmets. You do NOT need crafting abilities to make USH, just the ingredients. You will also need to purchase crafting abilities from slayer master to make each colored helmet: Can I purchase Slayer Helm Ingredients? You can purchase Hexcrest, Focus Sight, and Regular Slay Helm with slayer points. You can purchase KBD Head, KQ Head, Vorkath's Head, Abyssal Head, and Eternal Gem with wilderness slayer points from "Old Man Ral". Abilities of Each Slayer Helmet Regular Slayer Helm - provides a 15% damage and accuracy bonus (for melee only) Full Slayer Helm - Same bonuses as regular slayer helm but it also works for ranged and magic + 2% chance to double hit Black Slayer Helmet (melee) - Same bonuses as FSH, but also provides 5% increased melee damage + antifire shield effect Green Slayer Helmet (ranged) - Same bonuses as FSH, but also provides 5% increased range damage + coats ammo with poison + poison immunity *Note* It does not remove poison, it just negates any poison damage that would be taken while the helm is equipped Turquoise Slayer Helmet (Defense) - OP defensive bonuses Red Slayer Helmet - Same bonuses as FSH, but also provides 5% increased magic damage + unlimited blood runes Ultimate Slayer Helmet - While equipped, antifire, antipoison, antivenom, 7% chance to double ANY hit. The hit doubling effect will NOT work in PvP. Credits: Slim Shaco Torn67 Developers N1tts Everyone who worked on the slayer project Thank you for reading. I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any suggestion or comment feel free to leave a reply.
  5. Pest Control Guide

    What is Pest Control? Pest Control is a fun minigame with the objective of defending the Void Knight from a horde of monsters. You can cooperate with teammates to destroy portals which monsters spawn from. You will be awarded points for a successful game which you can spend on Void Amour and their upgrade. How do I get to Pest Control? Spell book -> Minigame Teleport -> Pest Control Requirements No level requirements Must have at least 3-25 players to start a game. You can also start with 1 player, but it will take a few minutes for the game to allow you to start. You must inflict at least 100 damage per game to earn points How to Play Pest Control? The objective of the game is to destroy portals and protect the Void Knight There are four portals: Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple You can use mage, range, or melee to destroy any portal You must inflict at least 100 damage per game to receive Pest Control points You get 10-25 points per game, it varies What can I get from Pest Control Shop? Void Melee Helm/Range/Mage Helm - 200 Pts each Void Knight Top - 250 pts Void Knight Body - 250 pts Void Knight Gloves - 150 pts Void Knight Deflector - 350 pts (useless, no point buying) Enchant Void Top - 125 pts Enchant Void Bottom - 125 pts *Wearing a full Void Set: Helmet, Body, Legs, and Gloves will give you extra accuracy and damage bonus **Wearing a full enchanted set (Elite Void) will yield even more boosted accuracy and damage bonus FAQs: I died in the wilderness and lost my void set, can I get it back? You can purchase it back from the "Death" npc in lumbridge, ::die, or other places for 15 Million GP Can I obtain Void Armour other than Pest Control? You can purchase void armour with PK points at ::home How come I don't gain any points from Pest Control? You need at least 100 damage per game to quality for void points How many points are awarded per game? Typically 10-25 points, but it varies each game What is so special about Void Armour? Full set of void will give you boosted damage and accuracy. You can buy them back from "Death" NPC. They are useful for wilderness slayer, pvm, and PK. Any tips or advice? Get a team together, 4-6 people will make the game go really fast and you will get your armour quicker Use a strong spec weapon like AGS/Claws/Zbow/Gmaul to inflict massive damage on portals, you get full health and spec after each game Plan ahead. For example, there are 4 portals, so if you have 4 people each person can target a specific portal and finish the game faster. Credits: Chopper RSPS Alslam2 End Horizon Delta782 Torn67 BrokenRealm All who contributed to PC minigame If you have any tips or tricks for PC, please leave a comment or suggestion below. Thanks!
  6. E-Premium Donator Guide

    This is an updated comprehensive guide of Expansion Premium Donator. Included are the benefits, various shops, and npcs on Expansion Premium Donator Islands 1 & 2. Please note E-Premium is subject to change as more updates are implemented. What is E-Premium Donator? Expansion Premium is a great way to support the server and reap all the benefits this rank has to offer. Expansion Premium is the second donator rank above premium. Expansion Premium has all the benefits of Premium How to get E-Premium Rank? You will need to become a Premium donator by redeeming a DI PIN before you can upgrade to Expansion Premium You will first need to purchase a ::die pin Type ::donate in-game Purchase "Expansion PIN ::die" from the NR Store: Buy E-Premium Pin from players with NRGP or OSRS You will then need to redeem a ::die PIN What are the benefits? Receive Expansion Premium rank and title in-game and forum Access to Expansion Premium donator islands ::die and ::die2 10% drop rate on both islands, caps at 40% with row, row (i), or ultimate ring, and dri pin Access to private altars, nurse (heal and restore stats), bank booths Access to skilling areas (woodcut, mining, smithing, fishing, etc) Access to a wide variety of private bosses and NPCs Access to virtually every shop in the game at ::die These islands are an essential for skilling and pvming What are the commands? ::die and ::die2 Donator Island Expansion and Shops on ::DIE Skilling Areas Magic trees Anvil and Furnace Rune, Addy, Mithril, Coal ores Rocktail Fishing Spot ::DIE NPCs Scorpia and Plane-Freezer Bulwark Beast (great cash farm) Penance Queen Nomads Nezikchened ::DIE2 NPCs Bank and altars Luminescent Icefiend Frost Dragon Ice Strykewyrm Balance Elemental Rammernaut Unholy Cursebearer Ice Queen Barrelchest Desert Strykewyrm Jungle Strykewyrm CREDITS: Imma Kill U Posinlord Torn67 1800downed Everyone who worked diligently on DIE islands Thank you for reading. I hope it was helpful. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.
  7. Premium Donator Guide

    This is an updated comprehensive guide of Premium Donator. Included are the benefits, various shops, and npcs on Premium Donator Island. Please note Premium is subject to change as more updates are implemented. What is Premium Donator? Premium is a great way to support the server and reap all the benefits this rank has to offer. Premium is the base donator rank. How to get Premium Rank? Type ::donate in-game Purchase "Premium PIN ::di" from the NR Store: Buy Premium Pin from players with NRGP or OSRS You will then need to redeem a ::DI PIN What are the benefits? Receive Premium rank and title in-game and forum Access to Donator Island ::di and ::di2 On the island there is a 5% drop rate increase, capping at 35% with row, row (i), or ultimate ring, and drop rate increase pin (dri) Banker and bank chest throughout the island Nurse to Restore HP and stats Access to Donor Shop Access to Skilling areas (thieving, mining, etc) Access to private Bosses and NPCs (excellent for slayer and PVM) What are the commands? ::DI and ::DI2 Donator Island and Shop Skilling Areas Donator Island NPCs Green, blue, red, black, iron, and steel dragons All barrow brothers Dagganoths (Supreme, Rex, Prime) Dark Beasts Tormented Demons Borks Kalphite Queen (Stage 2, melee phase) King black Dragons Nomad Abyssal Demons Dust Devils Nezikchened Nychryael, crawling hand, dark beast Ancient Wyvern Credits: Imma Kill U Torn67 Posinlord 1800downed Everyone who worked diligently on the Donator Island Thank you for reading. I hope it was helpful. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.
  8. Voting Guide

    What is Voting and Why Should I Vote? Voting is an excellent way to make money in Near Reality and help support the server. Voting on these advertisement sites helps NR gain exposure to create a more active player base, which will maximize your gaming experience. Best of all it will only take you 2-3 minutes. How to Vote? 1. In-game type ::vote OR on the main forum click on "Vote" 2. There will be several sites you can vote on 3. Click on the vote sites and confirm your vote, you may have to solve CAPATCHA verification 4. You will receive ONE point per vote 5. Dashboard on the right side of the page will show your total vote points available Vote Rewards Purchasing Vote Item Click on "Purchase the item" and confirm your selection. Claim your vote Type ::claimvote In-game to claim your reward FAQs: How often Can I vote? You can vote once every 12 hrs. Do I get anything other than vote rewards? You will receive 3 hrs of doublexp and pkp! This is great for skillers and pkers. Credits: Xtr3mb3rgy Torn67 1800downed twenty eight the reaper People who contributed to the voting project Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.
  9. FFA Event Guide

    What are Free-for-all events? These are Staff Hosted events where winning players are rewarded with juicy prizes. They are all 1v1 format which allows every individual an equal opportunity to win! How can I join? ::FFA Requirements? No requirements! All stats are preset and gears will automatically be in your inventory What types of FFA are available? 1. Mbox - Mystery boxes to open which contain weapons 2. Dh - Dharok set, whip, claws, food, pots 3. No Honor - Mage/melee/range tribrid gear 4. Max Gear - Full torva, Thok, Ags 5. F2P - Range pure gear with R2h combo 6. Damned - Dharok/Karil's Also prayers (piety, rigour and augury) can be used in all types except Mbox and F2p. Credits: Xtr3mb3rgy Spank Brokenrealm Extaziiis N1tts
  10. PVM Arena Guide

    What is PVM Arena? This is one of the best money making methods in the game where you can cooperate with other players to kill almost every boss in the game. These bosses have the full drop table of NR and include many high end items like Cerberus Boots, Sagittarian Armour, virtually anything you can think of! You also receive points which you can trade the Ringmaster at edge for juicy items. How to get there ::PVMARENA STORE: LOBBY: You can use the bank, chaos altar, and mage swap table at the lobby ::pvmarena INSIDE PVMARENA: Almost every boss in the game is located here, including GWD Bosses, Venanatis, Callisto, Jad, Cerberus, Revanants, and many more. They all have the full drop table. JUICY LOOTS!!! Make sure to pray MAGE at all time GEAR: Mage gear to heal is an absolute MUST with blood barrage in order to survive as long as possible Helmet: FSH < BSH < RSH < USH Armour: Ahrim's < GANO < Virtus < Virtus* < Ancestral < Ancestral* Shield: Mage's book < Malediction ward < Arcane SS (best mage shield) OR Elysian (so you can tank damage) Boots: Mage boots < Ragefire < Eternal Boots Staff: Mage's wand < Chaotic Staff < Cele Staff < Toxic Staff of the Dead < Kodai Wand < Kodai Wand* Gloves: Barrows < Spellcasters < Ultimate Gloves Ring: Ring of Wealth or Seers < Ultimate Ring Cape: Godcape < Infernal/Dcape < Imbued Godcape or Completionist Cape Amulet: Fury < Occult (best mage) or Blood Necklace (highly recommended for heal) Invent Setup: TIPS AND TRICKS: 1. Bring antifire, sanfew, overload, brews 2. When cerberus flings fireballs at you, run a couple spaces 3. Use blood barrage and blood necklace to heal 4. Bring ring of wealth or ultimate ring for bank LOOTS 5. Best Mage amour you can afford, more damage = better chance of getting the loot 6. You MUST pray mage at all time. 7. When Jad spawns, KO him ASAP 8. Augury prayer for more magic defense and attack bonus 9. Target NPCs in a clump to get more heals 10. If you're using blood barrage you dont have to run from cerberus' fire, what you do need to pay attention for is the dark energy core that spawns from corp beast 11. BSH is permanent antifire making it greatly superior to FSH since there are KBDs in this minigame 12. 4-5 Anglers as combo food, 3-4 sanfews instead of 2 assuming your looking to finish the arena 13. Use Fish + Karambwan combo to tank when low hp Credits to those who helped me make this guide: Spank Traviss32 Hoax Digi22 Torn67 Reputation If you have more tips and tricks, or something I missed or you want added. Please leave a comment below so everyone can benefit from the information!
  11. Max Gear Guide

    BEST RANGE GEAR COMPONENTS: Sagittarian Body Sagittarian Chaps Completionist Cape (ava's assembler + Vork head + Cape - not shown on pic) Pegasian boots Necklace of Anguish Zaryte Bow Ultimate Ring Ultimate Slayer Helmet Ultimate Gloves BEST MELEE GEAR COMPONENTS: Torva Platebody* Torva Platelegs* Primordial Boots Completionist Cape (not shown in pic) Thok* Dragon Kiteshield* Amulet of Torture Ultimate Slayer Helmet Ultimate Ring Ultimate Gloves BEST MAGE Gear Components Ancestral Robe Top* Ancestral Robe Bottom* Kodai Wand* Arcane Spirit Shield Eternal Boots Occult Necklace Completionist Cape (not shown) Ultimate Ring (Best ring "overall") RING OF FIRE (+12 mage / +3 magic dmg) = Best Ring for Mage alone Ultimate Slayer Helmet Ultimate Gloves Credits: Hippo422 Spank
  12. ***CLIENT FIX***

    Hi, Ticket helped me with the client, heres the solution. 1. Delete all nr clients. 2. download the legacy client. 3. start the JAR file. 4. Go to C:USERS > name > near reality. 5. DELTE EVERYTHING. 6. download this. 7. extract the zip, copy all the files inside of it. 8. paste everything inside of C:USERS > NAME > NEAR REALITY. 9. launch jar client. 10. Play NR again Should look like this in the folder.
  13. New Developer, new suggestions

    Hi all, @K4rn4ge @chaflie some suggestions I would like to see: 1: Withdraw "x" amount saves so we do not have to type "x" again. 2: IDK if this is possible, but when in fullscreen, the bank window is very small, idk how to fix. 3: Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild.
  14. Buying All Pins Nrgp

    Buying all pins nrgp cash - pm me ig or through PM
  15. LDI Yell timer

    I think i'm speaking for most of the server when I say the no yell timer for ldi's is getting pretty annoying. I think a 10 second timer would be fair. Keep in mind the RDI timer is 30 seconds. Thoughts?
  16. Suggestions

    Hey I hope someone finds some time to look at this. It would be nice to see this additions: (i) Armadyl Strike Spell ( arma runes could be droped by wildy boss) --> incentive to go to wild. (ii) Fixing Telekinetic spell (iii) "withraw x amount from bank" would be nice and usefull.
  17. Hello Current NR Team!

    First and foremost hello everyone! I want to say thank you all for the hard work you guys do to keep this server up! My irl friend and I used to play this game back in the day and the moment it went down for months if not years that is was down for we were very sad. In the end we both ended up stopping looking for new servers to play on. I did find one server but it ended up becoming a bad one with a corrupt owner using donations for false and illegal things. After all of that I still ended up coming back here and am I sure glad you guys ended up bringing it back! I will most likely be a future donator and hopefully even friend! Keep up the great work and no matter what choices you guys make I will always be back here even if reality does take me to do things like work and proceed with my life. Also shoutout to Hippo for the tour and free d boots! Really appreciate it man! P.S. This link is just a little throwback and also proof of how NR was 7 years ago when I was playing this and also discovered such an amazing RSPS! (Not too sure if the link was inserting so I'm putting it in here as well)
  18. Get-Task Option

    Can we have Get-task option on Mazchana as it has on Kuradal It would be a great quality of life for people who grind out slayer and I don't think it'll be hard to implement ~tyty any feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated

    I know I should have made a bigger thread about this showing my disappointment with everyone who was involved in such acts, but I've decided I'm going to keep this post short. I'm not the one who has to conclude anything out of this and take any measures, but I think everyone needs to know what has been done and who did it. I'll leave all the documented proof I've gathered throughout the past few weeks explaining all the exploits and exposing players who were involved. (Contains 38 images, so I had to upload them to Imgur) Link:
  20. Twisted Bow Speed

    Hello, Zander and I have tested this using the combat Dummy the speed on Twisted Bow is slightly Slower than Godbow. Just a thought maybe make it the same speed? With this Speed Buff I think that it would make TBow perfect imo. What do you think? Suppose to be the best in slot right? haha The recent buff on the Tbow was really good btw!
  21. Raid Idea

    so making actual raids would be a pain in the dickhole. so i suggest a minigame with a raids feel such as this. first room- all gwd bosses at the same time to fight second room- jad nomad etc.. then in between rooms put in a random monster that drops herb seeds and secondarys and vials. just a random thing like a ghost or something. kill stuff to get the supplies for more overloads and brews. move on. continue this with a few more rooms. then at the end. if its easy maybe add in the real raid final boss. or some new boss. then get your loot. will be something completely new for bored people too dump a assload of time into. potential rewards. upgrade to current good weapons such as maybe like imbuing currently strong equipment. like a lava with +15str etc. along with a few new best in slots. such as. eternal fire gloves. maybe has stats of barrows gloves but gives a 5% total damage increase no matter what you are using. ring of prosperity. gives effects of berserker ring,archers,and seers plus effects of ring of wealth. a scroll which when used gives u a one time enchantment to a slayer helm which combines it with a serp helm. gives the slayer helm effects but also adds the venom. new dagger with stats like the dds. but with a stupid high speed. like faster than knives. new necklace that combines effects of all the zenyte ones. trifecta amulet. a chestpiece that has stats slightly weaker to the nex sets but provides infinite prayer points. (doesnt work in wildy) make all the new stuff very rare. like 1 in 512 etc. so you really have to grind. but add other boss loot to the table as regular rewards. like all the new items are 1/1000 but like 1/250 you can get a lime 1/150 godbow 1/200 ags so even when your going dry on new op stuff. you are recieving cool things from other bosses so it doesnt feel like time wasted. what makes nr great is that there is different things than in normal rs. like dkite lime thok all of these things. but its been that way a long time. put in some new stuff to spice shit up. in nr the same things have been on top for a very long time. i think we need new stuff to get stronger. and even if coding new items is a pain in the cock hole. then make a new reward thats a whip. make a new whip thats gold and has higher stats than a lime. new stuff for people to hunt and try to get. btw i fully expect all of these changes to be implemented. i spent 20 minutes of my life on this post. thats 20 minutes i could have been on pornhub.
  22. drop tables

    Remove the all construction related rare drops from all the tables.

    Vork has been slain. In its broken difficulty stage at the moment
  24. rs coin Merry almost-Christmas, everyone! And now a message from our sponsors the man himself: Mod Osborne: Welcome to news post lite™. Many of us are taking time off to go back to our families, get jolly on mulled wine and play RuneScape Mobile prototypes under the table during Christmas dinner. This means that, until the first update on 8th January, things are going to be looking a little thin update-wise. But don't worry! There's plenty coming in the new year, and we’ll be showcasing much of it in the Year Ahead video on the 5th of January. We’ll be covering RuneScape Mobile, Mining and Smithing, Bank Rework and a few surprises. Most of all, I wanted to call out an incredible achievement. You may not be aware but, this year, you helped to raise over £200,000 rs07 gold for our chosen mental health charities (MIND, Prince’s Trust and YMCA). You have made a real difference in raising awareness and supplying help to those who need it. Thank you so much for being so generous! We would also like to thank you for the support you’ve shown us this year. It’s been a rollercoaster - shifting from Expansions to Unfinished Business - and 2018 is driven by our dogged determination to repay your loyalty. The best way to do that is by making the updates you want, and to an undoubted quality. More about that in the Year Ahead. While the next couple of weeks will see us going silent (night), it won’t be quiet ingame. Take advantage of Winter Weekends, the festive aura, the Advent Calendar, LootScape (guaranteed drops this week) and Premier Club, for which we have a few updates below. There's also Mod PurPur's Advent-ure Calendar, the Community Events team's Twelve Days of PvM, and the Winter Sweepstake, which could see you win a Razer Blade Pro! In the meantime, if you’re missing updates from us, may our professionals recommend such coping mechanisms as: playing RuneScape, building snowmen (for those lucky enough to have snow) and spending time with loved ones and/or cats (the neighbourhood stray counts). Bought Premier Club? Here are two highlights from this week's patch notes that might be applicable to you: Gold Premier Club members now have access to both the two-handed Hellion Blade and the off-hand Hellion Blade override. Ironmen can now access the Premier Club Vault with their own drop table. The new year bears all kinds of excitement. But for now, it's time to enjoy the festive season. Carol singing, anyone?
  25. buying 1 dpin

    im buying dpin for osrs-gp. contact me ingame B L A C K

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