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Beginners Money-Making Guide!

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Default Beginners Money-Making Guide! - Monday 5th June, 2017, 20:38

Hello and welcome to my beginners money making guide! This guide is to show how all players can earn some quick money daily!




Requirements: None

Time taken (minutes): 5

Reproducible: Once every 12 hours



Step 1: Type ::vote into your chatbox and press enter.




Step 2: Your web browser will open up, and you will be directed to our forums voting page! To vote, you need to click on all the links, shown in the red box.




Step 3: Once you have voted on all the sites, it will look like the picture below. We want to select the mystery box, so click that then click continue at the bottom of the page, and confirm it.




Step 4: Type ::claimvote in game, and you will receive your mystery box!




Step 5: Now we want to sell our mystery box! Mystery boxes go for 20-30m each! Join the trade clan chat, and also teleport to ::trade to sell it.








Requirements: Varies

Time taken (minutes): Varies

Reproducible: Once every 24 hours




Step 1: Go to your quest tab, and scroll down to view your daily task. These tasks can vary from boss killing, to skilling.





Step 2: Complete your task. Tasks don't take very long. If you have a hard task, and need assistance for it, PM a staff member; we can arrange a PvM event to help you with your task! You will get messages in your chatbox as you progress.




Step 3: Once your task is completed, you will receive a message in your chatbox like below



Councillor Halgrive is located in Edgeville bank - he will give you your reward. Most of the time, you will receive a lamp (or you will recieve a dragonskin lamp, which is untrade-able)




Step 5: Sell the lamp. Just like in the voting method, join the trade cc and go to ::trade. Lamps can go for around 30-40m!





Requirements: 75 Woodcutting





Step 1: Go to your spellbook, click on skilling teleports, click more options, then click woodcutting.


Then click "Teleport: High-level Woodcutting"


Note: If you're not 75 Woodcutting, you can click the Low-Level Woodcutting teleport and train there. You can buy all hatchets except dragon at the general store at ::home.




Step 2: Cut the magic trees! There are loads of people here, so you will have loads of people to talk to!




Step 3: Sell them to the general store at ::home! He will buy them for 28k each!





More to come...

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Default Monday 5th June, 2017, 21:38

Thank you for this :) Will help out a lot of new players!

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Default Monday 5th June, 2017, 21:56

Great for the new players, will re-direct them here :)

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Default Tuesday 6th June, 2017, 08:30

Nice guide bud, will definitely benefit new players :D

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