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Default Skilling Guide(s) - Saturday 29th July, 2017, 17:54


   And welcome back to YET ANOTHER information filled guide. As always, thank you so much for the support and love you show on all of my guides, you really encourage me to keep making them. Same as the rest of my guides, I will be breaking this guide up using the spoiler command to try and minimize space along with adding a bit of feasibility when navigating. Luckily, most of the Skilling on this server doesn't have a whole lot to it. There are a couple guides that are going to be a bit more in depth than others, simply on the basis that there are more opportunities and options to use when leveling.

Disclaimer: This guide will tell you the QUICKEST way to achieve level 99 in each individual skill. It will NOT take into account which method is the cheapest or most cost-efficient in terms of return.

   The guides that are going to be included here were determined by the amount of content involved. The more complex guides including more content will be done separately.


   Lastly, the format of the guides are as follows: Level range; Quantity needed; Experience Given per quantity of (1).

Without further ado, the Skills that are going to be covered in this guide are as follows: 



All of the trees required for this guide can be found in Seers Village, or by clicking the "Woodcutting" option on the second page of the Skilling Teleports.

   Level 1-27; 1 Log; 10,598xp 78acbffee7cc900b345c455cebfc127b.png

   Level 27-35; 1 Oak Log; 13,582xp a01a11e75f1a5137d2074b1048ea42d7.png

   Level 35-47; 3 Willow Logs; 18,402xp a7e013fe2a042c2a48b62517633e75b0.png

   Level 47-60; 9 Maple Logs; 23,010xp 295d5b969f176a9d08700a71cabf8d3f.png

   Level 60-75; 38 Yew Logs; 24,408xp 7ba97c65c04ab2c1757a166ee9667413.png

   Level 75-99; 447 Magic Logs; 26,468xp 7ab239442234bf94c414e5c0417ba392.png





You can do Firemaking just about anywhere you can light a fire.  

   Level 1-28; 1 Log; 11,962xp 78acbffee7cc900b345c455cebfc127b.png

   Level 28-40; 1 Oak Log; 17,080xp a01a11e75f1a5137d2074b1048ea42d7.png

   Level 40-45; 1 Willow Log; 23,060xp a7e013fe2a042c2a48b62517633e75b0.png

   Level 45-60; 9 Maple Logs; 25,172xp 295d5b969f176a9d08700a71cabf8d3f.png

   Level 60-75; 32 Yew Logs; 28,884xp 7ba97c65c04ab2c1757a166ee9667413.png

   Level 75-99; 313 Magic Logs; 39,082xp 7ab239442234bf94c414e5c0417ba392.png





Fletching can be done anywhere, but I do recommend standing at a bank stall for easy inventory resets.

   Level 1-5; 2 Arrow Shafts; 232xp 7f414029d1adab802eaa04d1b23cc438.png

   Level 5-10; 1 Shortbow (u); 724xp 1821ad433c51b2d44bb1d245f624426e.png

   Level 10-21; 4 Longbow (u); 1,086xp 437ac82f67d1113b9830596fec599d24.png

   Level 21-26; 2 Oak Shortbow (u); 1,956xp e82771f098a16a2ba44e5df5359866b7.png

   Level 26-35; 6 Oak Longbow (u); 2,536xp ce4e00a42ab9508fc6b0e69c6f858b10.png

   Level 35-40; 3 Willow Shortbow (u); 4,276xp b5b14ebdcbf0d2bbee42a71f8dfe4af8.png

   Level 40-50; 15 Willow Longbow (u); 4,494xp bd3e7c1a4d2d6300e988c0389f338690.png

   Level 50-55; 10 Maple Shortbow (u); 6,596xp d321936ad692c658315bf72f6c666f6d.png

   Level 55-65; 40 Maple Longbow (u); 7,104xp 798180f048d1e95bc2006dd555d11f7e.png

   Level 65-70; 27 Yew Shortbow (u); 10,730xp f40ae62e9e2ddb758154e4409abf0c36.png

   Level 70-80; 104 Yew Longbow (u); 11,962xp e20773699881ee85efacc15de2b7a585.png

   Level 80-85; 83 Magic Shortbow (u); 15,442xp 0c487eac26d97f95a15adfdc970d756a.png

   Level 85-99; 591 Magic Longbow (u); 16,530xp 2f485e36c2afd8134d62b9923c4d7aed.png

Note: If you want to buy/spin bow strings to make strung bows, you can cut these quantities APPROXIMATELY in half.





Fishing can be done in the Fishing Guild located on the first page of the Skilling teleports.

   Level 1-15; 3 Shrimp; 840xp 5a492ebc7c16c6745bdfbf2a064f719c.png

   Level 15-35; 24 Shrimp; 840xp 5a492ebc7c16c6745bdfbf2a064f719c.png

   Level 15-35; 13 Anchovy; 1,594xp 7c9a1ac88aeeea622f4f947a46079189.png

   Level 35-40; 2 Tuna; 7,336xp 523884a5191cc5abdf82b76d5976c4e4.png

   Level 40-50; 9 Tuna; 7,336xp 523884a5191cc5abdf82b76d5976c4e4.png

   Level 40-50; 8 Lobster; 8,642xp a89cd59c21eaf694efe59071b67d8568.png

   Level 50-62; 33 Tuna; 7,336xp 523884a5191cc5abdf82b76d5976c4e4.png

   Level 50-62; 16 Swordfish; 14,790xp b1926e68dc25aebce9dd7a0c877eb426.png

   Level 62-76; 51 Monkfish; 20,256xp 36c18b2558abf2498dfbeffc02ad7825.png

   Level 76-99; 471 Sharks; 24,786xp 8ed29fb015d26c1aaa904eeb4fcb482c.png





Cooking is most easily accomplished in Catherby. This is the shortest run distance from bank booth to range.

   Level 1-32; 5 Shrimp; 3,334xp d4678068efd1856da3fec00993aed3c9.png

   Level 1-32; 4 Anchovy; 4,320xp 1550348e53528ba46ab532789ba6aa91.png

   Level 32-41; 2 Tuna; 12,614xp 810a1ba25c8354b99599ad4b39e54e49.png

   Level 32-45; 4 Tuna; 12,614xp 810a1ba25c8354b99599ad4b39e54e49.png

   Level 41-45; 2 Lobster; 18,878xp cfbc6a005cea44f6ee3bca0d4dd01f19.png

   Level 41-62; 14 Lobster; 18,878xp cfbc6a005cea44f6ee3bca0d4dd01f19.png

   Level 45-62; 8 Swordfish; 33,640xp afc5f1896f9891db3d4dfc9d5484b1cf.png

   Level 62-80; 43 Monkfish; 38,802xp fc13e4e18ff0e0d81b25b69444269688.png

   Level 80-99; 211 Shark; 52,548xp fa0ba17a037df546310fda118f78e189.png





The Thieving stalls are located outside of Edgeville bank, along the northern wall. I will also be breaking this section up and including both the Non-Donator and the Donator Island stalls. For quick turnaround at the Non-Donator stalls, sell collected items to Martin Thwait, who is standing right next to the scimitar stall.


   Level 1-37; 2 Bananas; 14,790xp ddecc78741653f9e0237bb2e4822d72c.png

   Level 37-60; 14 Rings; 17,776xp 74ad1da55e6ddbf1fe46a4e6cf817265.png

   Level 60-65; 9 Hammers; 21,372xp e59669cfc40dc58a9b947b0b80242dc7.png

   Level 65-80; 66 Magic Staff; 23,170xp 59262551fdb91b5edf23b98e6e5d7d82.png

   Level 80-99; 313 Scimitars; 26,776xp 294509631776f52c406a0610a16ebf2c.png


   Level 1-38; 2 "Cake"; 15,950xp


   Level 38-60; 13 "Silk"; 18,850xp


   Level 60-65; 8 "Fur"; 21,750xp


   Level 65-80; 53 "Silver"; 29,000xp


   Level 80-99; 254 "Gem"; 43,500xp

Note: The item being stolen is in quotations under the donator section because those stalls give cash stacks, not actual items.





Runecrafting can be done by acquiring the respective Talisman's and accessing the correlating altar. These calculations will be shown on a (1) inventory basis, simply because it is almost wasteful to not grab a full inventory of Pure Essence. "Doubling" is also not included in this guide on the basis that it does not increase xp received.

   Level 1-27; (1) Air Rune; 9,744xp 3f6c9978a6a9f60aef0ac2a9de779e46.png

   Level 27-40; (1) Cosmic Rune; 28,420xp 3bbb2104d5c355f8f2d9f8a28b7e49a3.png

   Level 40-46; (1) Chaos Rune; 36,540xp 082ae9e35e1c14ab8a79e95b94f3dc67.png

   Level 46-54; (2) Nature Rune; 41,412xp ca6f9a8094275470e9d614e34ba648f6.png

   Level 54-66; (6) Law Rune; 57,814xp a32a654dc880e9638df19862af00b76b.png

   Level 66-75; (10) Death Rune; 77,708xp ed570481fd8cbdcf5e142a3ebbb485f4.png

   Level 75-99; (105) Blood Rune; 112,868xp f4aded5255aa5b8aa1ce119b7dad4bad.png





Mining can be accessed through the Skilling teleports on the first page. I want to also make sure it gets stated that this section specifically follows the "fastest" notation from before. The time it takes to mine the ore itself plays more of a role than the amount of xp an ore gives.

   Level 1-23; 1 Tin/Copper (ea); 6,292xp (ea) 0df13aef21e1e8705d8461e3f60962e1.png eba2f49d9fe1c14a97dc8153f57830e6.png

   Level 29-35; 1 Iron; 9,946xp 2a961fa955d5b6f4644ace143025fc85.png

   Level 35-43; 2 Coal; 14,006xp 8d04add8f8010b8b6dea0012d31e4b4e.png

   Level 43-99; 698 Gold; 18,594xp 08160cde4fe472c19587ac9a3bbe22c1.png





Smithing should be done in the same area as Mining. I will only be giving xp guides for creating the bars. Smithing the actual bars is a slower method, therefore I will not touch on it.

   Level 1-16; 2 Bronze Bars; 1,450xp 3b7907f16d3bde8e0b93ad8247915b21.png

   Level 16-30; 4 Iron Bars; 2,900xp 1b6ef60b9864e8c53a08e31ddc86c48d.png

   Level 30-42; 3 Steel Bars(1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal); 10,874xp 6b707fe90c325862b648bd962697ff1e.png

   Level 42-99; 1194 Gold Bars; 10,874xp ef9e7da6bbfc1bae6fc32ba4513ae746.png





Hunter can be started by using its respective teleport in the Skilling teleports on page two. The fastest method to maxing out this skill is a combination of both Implings and Chinchompas. I will be breaking this guide up into two seperate parts.

Implings: Located at the Puro Puro Hunter teleport. Requires a butterfly net and empy jars to catch.

   Level 1-38; 2 Baby Implings; 16,172xp 90f3e3934542cfb28d5e6fc407ceb03d.png

   Level 38-43; 1 Earth Impling; 20,136xp 8cd1cee3eec67cd9f4d7a3ca56d95fcd.png

   Level 43-51; 3 Ess' Implings; 20,910xp e6caec08a62bc93a17f9cf800e410380.png

   Level 51-58; 5 Eclectric Implings; 22,910xp ee34f4a1ae0457a880c9395b41a390e7.png

   Level 58-60; 2 Nature Implings; 24,220xp 096ac95b9f028e61efdcfef8077fa8d4.png

Chinchompas: Located at the Karamja Hunter teleport: Requires level 60 and Box traps to catch.

   Level 60-63; 3 Grey Chinchompas; 38,340xp 271849906532d3e8257faee9ea867c74.png

   Level 63-99; 245 Red Chinchompas; 51,620xp 867c19da15696094acf2c36ac765f98a.png

   That will conclude this multiguide. I want to shoot a HUUUUGE thank you out to my good friend "Broke Boi" for helping me gather the information needed to complete this. Without his help this guide would have taken days to complete just solely by gathering the information required. 

   I will be releasing more guides on the remaining skills hopefully here in the near future. I will also go more in depth on those guides since there is a lot more to them. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

Love Always,




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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 18:08

Espeon had something similar to this, but all his guides got deleted somehow, which is quite unfortunate. 


Thanks for this, I'm sure it'll help new players, as well as players who are getting into skilling. I personally completely forgot how decent smelting gold ore is for Smithing XP, so this already helped me. :P 

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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 20:17

Good job on this bud. We appreciate you! 

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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 20:47

Thanks for the s/o, I enjoyed helping you with this guide and look forward to making more together in future.

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Default Sunday 30th July, 2017, 02:41

Nice guide man , very detailed without adding useless information.

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Default Sunday 30th July, 2017, 05:42

I will be adding the Crafting section back to this guide the end of today.

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Default Monday 31st July, 2017, 02:07

I had all my guides removed by request by a certain staff member who shouldn't be named at this moment seeing as he recently got his rank.


Nice to see how little effort was put into these :)

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Default Monday 31st July, 2017, 04:40




Not to mention, your guides xp rates & items to obtain were out of whack, don't talk about effort.

Edited by Broke Boi

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Default Monday 31st July, 2017, 07:58

@Espeon Are you referring to how this guide's links do not take you anywhere anymore? ----->

I actually created this guide BECAUSE your links no longer work. If the links in the guide you created had worked I never would've spent time making this, but that wasn't the case.

I will admit I used the format you used, and if you really ask that I do, I will credit you for that. Broke Boi is correct however that the quantities required for specific levels were off on your guides.

Edited by Mamas

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