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Game Updates [09/10/17]

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Hello Members of the Near-Reality community,

I am so happy to be finally posting an update thread for you all. Cups has been working extremely hard on a lot of things since his arrival last week and has so far archived all of the below which is now live on the server! Please note, he has also been working on a lot of other background stuff such as investigating how we can totally revamp the combat system and boost Pking.

- Ruby Bolts (e) effect now works as intended - though I didn't modify the chance to hit (currently sitting at 20%, where OSRS is 6% vs Mobs and 11% vs Players).

- Statius Warhammer's special attack now properly lowers the defense of monsters.

- Moderator+ can view the id of an item by examining it. (Extremely useful for refunds, especially pets!)

- Degraded Zuriel's Staff now works properly (correct attack interface and item bonuses)

- Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic, Cerberus, Vet'ion and Nomad added to the Boss Kill Log, and monster examine packet has been modified to support NPC ids that previous overflowed the signed short value.

- Hardcore Ironman accounts now follow the same rules from items on death as everybody else (all untradables are kept, + items depending on skull status, prayer, etc)

- Granite Maul special attack has been adjusted, hopefully works a bit better now but will need player feedback on test server

- "PJing" has been reintroduced to the game. Player 1 can attack Player 2 if Player 2 has not received any damage within 7 seconds.

- ::thread command added - allows users to open threads by supplying the thread id

- Cooking actions no longer continues when cooking food on a fire that has burned out.

- Dragonfire Shield / Dragon Kiteshield no longer randomly discharge the dragon breath effect, but instead can be operated while equipped. This has a 2 minute cooldown, and does not require charging from dragons.

- Dragon Bolts (e) and Dragonfire Shield special effects are now properly affected by dragonfire reduction (Antidragon Shield / Antifire Potion / Protect from Magic, providing 1/3 damage reduction each)

- Primal Rapier accuracy has been adjusted to match that of it's Chaotic counterpart.

- Pets can no longer be taken with a player into an FFA event.

- Fixed a bug with items dropped on death that resulted in a possible dupe
- Adjusted dragonfire damage reduction - added support for the "Black Slayer Helmet", and damage is now reduced by 50% for each protection method used, unless the damage is from a strong dragon (KBD, Metal), in which case the player can protect from 2/3 the damage at most.

- Added support for the "Slayer Reward Shop" interface that didn't seem to make it in game, as well as implemented the rewards (10 Points = 10K Exp, 300 Points = double slayer experience).

- Adjusted protection value of Serpentine Helmet to 10m.

- Adjusted protection value of Staff of Light from 1m -> 900k.

- Dragon Claws have had their special attack adjusted slightly, so they now match that of OSRS.

- Disabled high score saving on the test server

- Equipping items no longer resets the combat state (should make item switching a bit smoother)

- Amulet of Glory and Combat Bracelets can now also be operated to display the teleportation menu, rather than requiring it to be in the player's inventory.

- Ardougne Lever in the wilderness can no longer be used from the opposite side of the wall.

- Teleporting with jewelry is now only restricted in the wilderness.

- Watermelon seeds added to Master Gardener Shop

- Cash tickets now cost 5% their value, but sell for the same price. I.e 100m ticket costs 105m.

- Waydar now awards you with your coins if you land on 55 or 80 in their respective game types.

- Rare store has been re-loaded with White Halloween Mask (1,500 Fragments), Ninja Monkey Gree Gree (5,000 Fragments) and Ornate Katana (7,000 Fragments)

- Cerberus Boot stats have been increased to the below making them the best in slot boots.


Degradable items!

Please pay close attention to the below update and help to make sure that all friends and other players are aware!

  • Degradable items are now always kept on death if they are in the player's inventory, and are always lost of death if they are in the player's equipment.

I'm sure that some of you will agree that the wilderness as it stands isn't anywhere near as busy as it should be, we have decided to make this change in the hope that it will not stop people from using Deg gear but will defer people from camping it at all times and also add a chance for the person who kills someone in Deg to actually get themselves a nice reward for doing so!


I would like to apologize to you all for the length of time on this one as it wasn't released in September as previously promised but the below have now been added to the game! Cups is currently revamping the slayer rewards interface and will include how to learn the ability to craft these items so you cannot get them right away but they are ready to go and will be released ASAP. When they are released current king black dragon heads will be wiped from the game in order for you all to go and collect them new, these will be untradeable however the slayer helms will be tradeable, meaning that slayer should become a top money maker ingame.

- Added the crafting and effects of the coloured slayer helmets.
  - Black Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased melee damage, and acts as an antifire shield.
  - Green Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased ranged damage.
  - Red Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased magic damage, and provides infinite blood runes


This also of course means that Abyssal sire will soon be in the works as we need to release his head for the red slayer helm! We will hopefully have an announcement about this for you coming soon.

Thanks all for your patience and loyalties to the game, we appreciate you all! :)


Near-Reality Management Team

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hellz yeah, very nice work.

and here is a link to the cerb item stat updates for those who are interested.  I have all on there except the range boots.(pegasian boots)


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Woooo Update hypeeeeee! 

Why change the dfs/d kite special from random to operated? The rng aspect of it was nice for pvm. Speaking of pvm, thank you thank you, for the wildy bosses receiving the KC(mostly nomad). Also i can read but let me get this right, If i wear deg vestas and get attacked and then take it off to have it in my inventory. I don't lose that? Only if kept equipped i'll lose it? Was the pathing in Wildy lever fixed as well? Last I checked you couldn't slash or pass the webbed off area. 

Sumona slayer store - doesn't show slayer points anymore. 

Webbed off area past the lever is still un-passable. 


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Thanks for the hard work man.  Looking forward to seeing what else you'll be putting out in the future.

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