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  1. Ranged & Melee DPS Calculator

    Really nice made! Just for feedback: There's currently one items bonus to add-in. For the DHL u'll also get a bonus to dragons, for swift/goliath gloves u get an additional hit every X seconds with around 10% damage from the full hit. Maybe add a second row for that. Further it looks cool! Maybe future ideas to implement it in the cliënt somehow? #Microdegen4president
  2. look at this guy

    Feedback; Get gut
  3. 100 Post count

  4. Firemaking pet change

  5. Weekend Events

    Good for not canceling them. Hope it'll be running smooth soon!
  6. Jason Bourne World Boss

    Gimme some of that stuff
  7. Game Updates 13.0.28 | 26 March 2020

    Welp that's a huge update Fml, gotta work the next few days; goodluck on maxing everyone!
  8. Change Larran's key elite challenge to less

    The only people that choose to keep it this way is staff. I think that clearly states that "average" players, known as "the community", would like to see this different. I'd like to ask the developers to consider to change this task. Since most players don't like/agree the current task, there must be wrong something right? Anyways; thanks for replys and let's hope this will get taken into further discussion in management EDIT: The reason I mentioned staff as another kind of player, is that I don't believe staff will actually accomplish this elite task. Staff isn't allowed to fight back in wildy and I (almost) never saw them do wildy slayer because of fhis. It's the theoretical (staff) versus practical (others) experience. Might be wrong; would like to hear why then of course! No hard feelings and sorry if it feels like an attack to anyone, I didn't mean to do that.
  9. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    Yeeeeeeeeeeet this is nice
  10. The current task is to open 50 larran's chests. I currently have been doing 100 slayer tasks since the update and got 9 keys so far.... Does that mean people have to do approx 550 slayer tasks to finish this challenge? I've been spending like 20+ hours on this already and that means it's gonna take 100+ hours. Just thinking out loud, if it doesn't get changed, also ok
  11. Near Reality = Illuminati?

    The eye of the darkness, well known as "Nex" Dear community, I have reason to believe Near Reality can predict the future and might be responsible for COVID-19 I'll explain my theory. So Near Reality announced Nex at the 7th of december..... And Nex is giving out a virus to different people coming near..... Which makes people cough.... Coincidence? There's more.... So Near Reality was aware of spreading out a virus that makes people cough before the actual pandemic? Tell me about your thoughts!
  12. Community Manager Update

  13. Weekend Events [3/27-3/29]

    Gratz on CM and I think u'll do great. Missed the weekend events, really something to look forward to. Go Flint
  14. PRAYER!

    The point was to give pkers more chance to smite; I'd say: Make prayer drain back to normal and give smite more damage to prayers

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